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Phish 11/24/90
Capitol Theater, Port Chester, NY
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Entered by Matt Vernon
Checksums shn-md5 , st5
Disc Counts 2 / 2
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Source Summary SBD > D5 (Cass/0); Cass/0 > Sony TC-WE805S > Art DI/O @48kHz (Input gain +~10dB, No "Tube Warmth") > Delta DIO 2496 > WaveLab v4.0c @24bit/48kHz > FLAC > Wavelab (24>16bit,48>44.1kHz) > SHNv3; Taped by John Redmond 
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Capitol Theater
Port Chester, NY

TAPER: John Redmond

SBD MCass (Maxell XLII-S 90 min)> Sony TC-WE805S >
Art DI/O (48Khz, Input gain +~10dB, No "Tube Warmth")>
Delta DIO 2496> WaveLab v4.0c> WAV (@24/48)> FLAC (24-bit, v1.1.0)>
Mastering (see notes)> SHNv3

24bit/48kHz FLAC's > Wavelab 4.01b on REBA > Editing > BBE > L1 UltraMaximizer > L1+ Ultramaximizer > tc electronic Finalizer 96k (resample and dither to 16bit) > Tracking in Wavelab > SHNv3 appended

-the level is adjusted at the SBD 10 seconds into Buried Alive (d1t01) which was not altered.

This show was a dream to work on. Not only was it a super clean recording, the music is VERY hot. The only funky things I think I need to warn you of are the crossfades for the tape flips. This show reminded me the entire time I was working on it the reason why I love the music these four guys are capable of making....This show will blow ya away!

transfer>24bit FLAC files by Weave - [email protected] on 11/3/2003
Mastering, editing and WAV > SHN were performed on REBA by Arty- [email protected] (on 11/2003)

Set 1:
//Buried Alive->
Possum (w/ Manteca teases)
Mike's Song->
I Am Hydrogen->
Weekapaug Groove
The Squirming Coil//*
Oh Kee Pa Ceremony->
Suzy Greenberg
David Bowie

Set 2:
Bouncing Around the Room
The Landlady
Runaway Jim
You Enjoy Myself//
Love You->
Good Times Bad Times **
Big Black Furry Creature From Mars
E: Lawn Boy
The Divided Sky

*-dedicated to Conjunction Junction for being the only other band Trey knows that can play this song....he then also dedicates it to his parents who were in attendance this night.

**-Trey stops Good Times Bad Times in the middle and says "That wasn't meant to be so we'll give you this instead", then they bust into BBFCFM.

NO tracking/editing/alterations performed before archiving to 24-bit FLAC
(except to trim silence from the ends).

Seeded to FurthurNet ( by Marmar
Show Checksums
7b3eac9b6d7d286ef295fb95d0a827b9 *ph90-11-24d1t01.shn
3a497809af9327d058daa6ef7582c6a2 *ph90-11-24d1t02.shn
9abd49c44403db5a8f5c51c9bfbebd8a *ph90-11-24d1t03.shn
4bc0a202cf372a6aa8178f19ac1dea7b *ph90-11-24d1t04.shn
b239a2a152c95c471a0db9e77b411c4a *ph90-11-24d1t05.shn
1267d37c2312d7b2392de2dfd77ffe9e *ph90-11-24d1t06.shn
63da9eb780ffb9dfdb0ff4f412995856 *ph90-11-24d1t07.shn
804503973d79b656f388a1e2755fcf2f *ph90-11-24d1t08.shn
4df98c222a677fad14b4d6d2ad62bd30 *ph90-11-24d1t09.shn
eb52933a7f248fd6c1eb1d7e49198b81 *ph90-11-24d1t10.shn
f9d83b3d647ca5820e02575e23d69494 *ph90-11-24d1t11.shn
7e0716eb0829d9e793ac02ba3f91c8f4 *ph90-11-24d2t01.shn
19344f451ee15054c07d4f87fa79f79b *ph90-11-24d2t02.shn
9e8c6ce1481e2da8ac754d668213f4a0 *ph90-11-24d2t03.shn
826bc3183ffaade34ea16bd6bec89758 *ph90-11-24d2t04.shn
b6975f86c4a078749b94ffdd0db12342 *ph90-11-24d2t05.shn
ce8abb752a7dc99cc98cf5a7db9d445c *ph90-11-24d2t06.shn
2f15383467bb879207192fb5b1df7e4c *ph90-11-24d2t07.shn
1aa868ff39ba4934c856137688f3a96d *ph90-11-24d2t08.shn
12e2778999193bf5bc7e16e63252685f *ph90-11-24d2t09.shn
63c6e662a1993a0faf7a9438bc46674c *ph90-11-24d2t10.shn
06dc873b21a791f3c735c7d4944a9a0f *ph90-11-24d2t11.shn
bf94f049db160228e3a696b325837adf *ph90-11-24d2t12.shn
693ecc5038197438f80abcb391b30df9 [shntool] ph90-11-24d1t01.shn
efabaa62f14d1d52d71cab380915e0f7 [shntool] ph90-11-24d1t02.shn
92119a6eb78b0c09fa68073aa775d17d [shntool] ph90-11-24d1t03.shn
bd809782c7ccbca4c738b3054db5e65a [shntool] ph90-11-24d1t04.shn
5e828a7156b048b8547a56695497e447 [shntool] ph90-11-24d1t05.shn
9639a364627e994eec365665b1d212eb [shntool] ph90-11-24d1t06.shn
80ccff493ea51c7be280b69459f84006 [shntool] ph90-11-24d1t07.shn
1722cbf4e84b76bf00bc00ef0e62f813 [shntool] ph90-11-24d1t08.shn
a6edc39b0e9be3a3f4a9027197af34db [shntool] ph90-11-24d1t09.shn
e1cb44d238093d3301b724e3e04e9997 [shntool] ph90-11-24d1t10.shn
ecca32e2bd3f602ba72861ea9bce5636 [shntool] ph90-11-24d1t11.shn
c5aaf8bd7a7220ba0f7fa3dff565a476 [shntool] ph90-11-24d2t01.shn
854fbf8077660215047339108a704496 [shntool] ph90-11-24d2t02.shn
f27c634f6fadff5f34bb4a7ebb90a9bb [shntool] ph90-11-24d2t03.shn
d71338132c87b16e99aa622d87bf1d6d [shntool] ph90-11-24d2t04.shn
0bce55dcbc37b7163a1552a34b61a2cb [shntool] ph90-11-24d2t05.shn
5271530bc0586f139c2567b0f4400643 [shntool] ph90-11-24d2t06.shn
6b9687da2eb6a586f6bb26c58185ac78 [shntool] ph90-11-24d2t07.shn
91f92ed52ac9ee60cf5a9facf82764fc [shntool] ph90-11-24d2t08.shn
530ab3fedf2041a0d45c9f7ac494e553 [shntool] ph90-11-24d2t09.shn
2a9277f64c5890b883331e0208698765 [shntool] ph90-11-24d2t10.shn
d9b059508db7801196450070042346ac [shntool] ph90-11-24d2t11.shn
a72efe07b1cd0b60bcd4b6f0eaddc97e [shntool] ph90-11-24d2t12.shn

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flac16; SBD > Sony... (0) flac24 48khz TAPER:... (0)
Date User Comment
01/15/2004 Adam O. This was a great show - glad this is finally getting into circulation! Hopefully some other "lost" early '90s shows like 2/24/90 or 10/3/90 are soon unearthed.
01/17/2004 David Not sure why the beginnings of Buried Alive and Llama are cut. I have a low gen cassette SBD acquired back in the day which has these songs complete, including "The Isrealites" P.A. intro for Buried Alive. If someone wants to use my source to seed a patched version of this seed, e-mail me. I was at this show and indeed, it was great. 11/16/90 was even better!
01/17/2004 Weave "Not sure why the beginnings of Buried Alive and Llama are cut"

It is like this on the Master Cassettes. John was late getting the tape going at the start of both sets.
03/06/2004 Weave As part of the Old School Phish Project, I have been scanning the tape covers, ticket stubs (if I have them) and the "Phish Update" newsletters (if I have them).

If you are interested, you can find them here:

Each show has it's own folder. All the shows released so far are out there.
I've also included the MD5s and TXT files.

If you distribute these SHNs, please include these extras.

You can visit this forum for comments made during the transfer/mastering/listening process:
Each show has it's own thread