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Phish 12/31/03
American Airlines Arena, Miami, FL
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Entered by Ben Mohr
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Source Summary LivePhish FLAC download; Note: Do NOT trade this recording by any means, including matrix sources! The ffp is merely listed as reference.  
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Official LivePhish Release

American Airlines Arena
Miami, FL

Source: (DSBD) Original Files came as FLAC files.

This info file was created for the purpose of archiving.  These files are not meant for trading!!!

Disc 1
Set 1
1. Wilson*> (0:58)
2. Mike's Song> (8:39)
3. I Am Hydrogen> (2:21)
4. Weekapaug Groove** (12:16)
5. Moma Dance*** (9:38)
6. Guyute (12:02)
7. You Enjoy Myself (26:09)
Total time: 72:08

Disc 2
Set 1 cont..
1. First Tube (7:57)
2. Tube^ (2:00)
Set 2
3. Stash (24:13)
4. Seven Below (10:17)
5. Lawn Boy (3:16)
6. Chalk Dust Torture^^> (7:14)
7. Slave to the Traffic Light> (10:25)
8. Chalk Dust Torture (5:12)
Total time: 70:38

Disc 3
Set 3
1. Jungle Boogie^^^#> (9:39)
2. Auld Lang Syne##> (1:08)
3. Iron Man### (1:26)
4. Runaway Jim (22:14)
5. Simple (6:19)
6. Reba (14:16)
Total time: 55:05

Disc 4
Set 3 cont..
1. I Didn't Know$> (2:35)
2. Feel the Heat$$ (4:57)
3. Run Like an Antelope (13:15)
4. Frankenstein (4:56)
Total time: 25:47

* picked up with the "BLAT BOOM" line, finished from night before
** "Auld Lang Syne" tease/jam, and "Jungle Boogie" vocals
*** "Divided Sky" tease
^ began mid-way through, finishing from night before
^^ "Auld Lang Syne" teases
^^^ first time played, (Kool & The Gang)
# as the clock approached midnight, while the band played Jungle Boogie, a car descended to the stage and a marching band emerged from the car to join Phish for the countdown to 2004
## w/ the Miami Palmetto Sr. High School Marching Panther Band and Bunny dancers from IT
### first time played, instrumental only (Black Sabbath)
$ Fish out front on vacuum, singing "Feel the Heat" through the vacuum
$$ first Feel the Heat (Boogie Nights soundtrack) -- dedicated to the Miami Heat

LP notes:
- Wilson concluded the Wilson from 12/30
- Tube concluded the Tube from 12/30
- first Jungle Boogie (Kool & The Gang)
- as the clock approached midnight, while the band played Jungle Boogie, a car descended to the stage and a marching band emerged from the car to join Phish for the countdown to 2004
- first Iron Man (Black Sabbath) wtih marching band
- first Feel the Heat (Boogie Nights soundtrack) -- dedicated to the Miami Heat

____Courtesy of Phish.net_______
12/31/03 American Airlines Arena - Miami, FL

1: Wilson > Mike's Song > I Am Hydrogen > Weekapaug Groove, Moma Dance, Guyute, You Enjoy Myself, First Tube, Tube
2: Stash, Seven Below, Lawn Boy, Chalkdust Torture > Slave to the Traffic Light > Chalkdust Torture
3: Jungle Boogie > Auld Lang Syne > Iron Man, Runaway Jim, Simple, Reba, I Didn't Know > Feel the Heat, Run Like An Antelope
E: Frankenstein

Pre-Midnight: Set-up included screens behind the stage, flamingoes and palm trees on it, and huge coconut-looking balloons hanging from above. "Wilson" picked up with the "BLAT BOOM" line -- that is, where last night's unfinished version left off. "Weekapaug" had an "Auld Lang Syne" tease/jam, and "Jungle Boogie" vocals. "Moma Dance" had a "Divided Sky" tease. "Tube" began mid-way through, finishing where last night's version left off. "Chalkdust" had "Auld Lang Syne" teases. "Jungle Boogie" is a Kool and the Gang cover, first time played (although it has long been in Pork Tornado's repertoire).
Midnight Gag: As midnight neared during "Jungle Boogie," Fish's drum kit was moved to the side of the stage. A 10'x10'-square platform with a circular rug that had been in the back left of the stage was moved into Fish's usual spot. The rug turned out to be a cover for a hollow center, which lined up with a trap door under the stage. A miniature car, reportedly a Mini Cooper, was lowered to the same spot on the stage. The gutted car was painted light blue, with flames on the front, and was blacklight-sensitive, giving it a phosphorescent glow. A full marching band, replete with cheerleaders (in masks), came out of the car one-by-one (including tuba/sousaphone players!). The band was the Miami Palmetto Sr. High School Marching Panther Band. The marching band also had a mascot in a number 72 jersey, with the name taped over with black tape, wearing a pig (?) mask. Also emerging were costumed dancers similar to [same as?] the sort of demented bunny-women present at the IT Festival this summer. The band members and others were actually walking in from the back center of the stage, up a set of stairs under the stage, and out of the car -- giving the effect that they were all coming from the car itself. With the stage covered with dancers (some even on top of Page's baby grand piano), the marching band drumming and blaring, Fish counted the clock down to midnight. A massive balloon drop followed with "Auld Lang Syne." "Iron Man," a Black Sabbath cover, was performed instrumental
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