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Ween 11/01/03
Roseland Ballroom, New York, NY
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Entered by Greg Yurkovic
Checksums shn
Disc Counts 2 / 2
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Source Summary schoeps mk4>vms>sbm1>d8 ? ? transfer: tascam da20mkii>wavelab 4.0>cdwave ? ? taped by JKeats & PW 
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roseland ballroom
new york city
schoeps mk4>vms>sbm1>d8
transfer: tascam da20mkii>wavelab 4.0>cdwave
taped by JKeats & PW

1. intro
2. ice castles
3. golden eel
4. baby bitch
5. piss up a rope
6. fancy pants
7. take me away
8. wavin my dick
9. voodoo lady
10. exactly where i'm at
11. mutilated lips
12. happy colored marbles
13. roses are free
14. the argus
15. bananas & blow
16. touch my tooter
17. you fucked up
18. jonny on the spot

19. tried and true*
20. help me scrape the mucus off my brain*
21. birthday boy*
22. buckingham green
23. spinal meningitis
24. zoloft
25. what deaner was talking about
26. the mollusk
27. oceanman
28. freedom of '76
29. pandy fackler
30. big jilm
31. booze me up
32. blarney stone


33. all of my love
34. dr. rock
35. if you could save yourself

* acoustic
Show Checksums
3d736f8d8c297f0cdfc30e9d2fac2613 *ween2003-11-01t35.shn
ffdcff49ca7e553c70a598b435da4c6d *ween2003-11-01t02.shn
904037d369ff88b1f5479d98a795ef7e *ween2003-11-01t03.shn
68ddd8958a459955c78837a7d0464793 *ween2003-11-01t04.shn
5b48e2aa56b12d1b1605e14cfb629b12 *ween2003-11-01t05.shn
84e9608e049f331fde9330ae4e4ddb51 *ween2003-11-01t06.shn
29e1fac757c6cf6d80dd13d028b04ded *ween2003-11-01t07.shn
7e15254b861d5f8d1695c9acd068d2ca *ween2003-11-01t08.shn
b40587fa60c7b83654aec5170a77dfe4 *ween2003-11-01t09.shn
24329f92d8b12012e819bd9ffa65fa2f *ween2003-11-01t10.shn
46ef81ae1c7d6bde4d9c9674a23a2d78 *ween2003-11-01t11.shn
fef37b62c9fd89737d2e7de040c34a37 *ween2003-11-01t12.shn
b8210cab2f2766802dc8a81affa3e9e0 *ween2003-11-01t13.shn
e34f6214c94e40dbede8254273897dd3 *ween2003-11-01t14.shn
20841990c2eebd9a03aab9fda6685df0 *ween2003-11-01t15.shn
b8840a7dcc91fab9d583280d4a228708 *ween2003-11-01t16.shn
f7093160691645358560ca6ed42231c1 *ween2003-11-01t17.shn
e599a2fc2afc0c0e0c2b4bc44c8c2b5f *ween2003-11-01t18.shn
8a0d785b00c10ef3e18ed4f21de85a85 *ween2003-11-01t19.shn
3eb98c56030ebef50ffd3b4c2b10a085 *ween2003-11-01t20.shn
6d47099e51c6decdb7cc41556b4bfa49 *ween2003-11-01t21.shn
ace23c592fdfa368607e2dc291703831 *ween2003-11-01t22.shn
bc177a8d818c3796d32d27489579cdbf *ween2003-11-01t23.shn
898e7456a11f0cf393193d16bc10d9f7 *ween2003-11-01t24.shn
53c5000ef6249a607bfbdfdac273bad8 *ween2003-11-01t25.shn
4de13def228ba926130377c82ad0ebaf *ween2003-11-01t26.shn
e990b11491d3d45d4efb08400b3eb14f *ween2003-11-01t27.shn
0d4f01e96a582c19dfdb9ab3e0b3fbe3 *ween2003-11-01t28.shn
fc2a0320b009268b75e4147f16213e2c *ween2003-11-01t29.shn
6319dfbe416efd60a486c8b8834e11f4 *ween2003-11-01t30.shn
d5b4d5567bb224613a8b85042f0661ac *ween2003-11-01t31.shn
fb1dac7d10a4201db9809aa52f9516a8 *ween2003-11-01t32.shn
5e12c30a7c6e5906a58236fc12f2b1a6 *ween2003-11-01t33.shn
3e8f2624a7d80360af88629ea942e585 *ween2003-11-01t34.shn
fef894e0ae0f30428312732eb15ab5c6 *ween2003-11-01t01.shn

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