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Derek Trucks Band 10/28/03
123 Pleasant St., Morgantown, WV
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Entered by Rus K
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Disc Counts 1 / 2
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Source Summary AKG c1000s> MP2> D8  
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Derek Trucks Band
123 Pleasant St.
Morgantown, W.Va.

Source: AKG c1000s > MP2 > D8

Disc 1
1. Intro
2. Preachin' Blues
3. To Know You Is To Love You
4. Leavin' Trunk
5. Rastaman Chant
6. For My Brother
7. Ain't That Lovin' You?
8. Egg 15

Disc 2
1. Everything Is Everything
2. Feel So Bad
3. Gonna Move
4. Band intros
5. Evil Clown
6. Pedro
7. Joyful Noise
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c0dc0ca17c332d35d5d044e9292a07b6 *dtb2003-10-28-d2t6.shn
9954a7eef3c3332c698bcb6fddadb52b *dtb2003-10-28-d2t7.shn
09dcd281d795f8d91ea78ae6d4f94b64 *dtb2003-10-28-d1t1.shn
faf0b755cbf9b64eb9512ca9183ffd36 *dtb2003-10-28-d1t2.shn
1188d5f6273cb92288383f0ad0b9dfb9 *dtb2003-10-28-d1t3.shn
2d319292c839dfb09590175d426def92 *dtb2003-10-28-d1t4.shn
a2bb28fbb4e4c9927d56be23a1e70b2d *dtb2003-10-28-d1t5.shn
bd59e3ba8838d9cb72028e186aad0278 *dtb2003-10-28-d1t6.shn
e24b4e8cd8ebe2fc5a421938a1505fb8 *dtb2003-10-28-d1t7.shn
6787d2bc5dccadc812c22a4645af1b84 *dtb2003-10-28-d1t8.shn
e15f888a2b2b6ad162532716fd002564 *dtb2003-10-28-d2t1.shn
896f09ebadb4ebdf32afd4e6ae14c48a *dtb2003-10-28-d2t2.shn
daf2aa96073778dc0a7c0e8fdbfb2ba9 *dtb2003-10-28-d2t3.shn
de46950bb9db574f9beb2e18311dbb68 *dtb2003-10-28-d2t4.shn
bae73cf67bb9162b9db19e85319f5e27 *dtb2003-10-28-d2t5.shn

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