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Grateful Dead 11/07/69
Fillmore Auditorium, San Francisco, CA
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Source # 21762 Other Sources
Entered by dr.unclear
Checksums shn-md5 , st5
Disc Counts 2 / 2
Media Size
Date Circulated
Date Added
Source Summary Stated lineage: MR > DAT > CD > EAC > CDWAV > Cool Edit Pro Noise Filter > SHN > CDR (Except for * which is MR > DAT > CD) (Deadlists lists a probable cassette generation) sbe fixed 2004-01-18 with shntool same as with sbe fixed.  
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Grateful Dead
Fillmore Auditorium
San Francisco, CA

Stated lineage:  
MR > DAT > CD > EAC > CDWAV > Cool Edit Pro Noise Filter > SHN > CDR (Except for * which is MR > DAT > CD)
(Deadlists lists a probable cassette generation)
sbe fixed 2004-01-18 with shntool

Disc 1:
1. /Morning Dew                10:52
2. Hard to Handle* 5:19
3. Casey Jones*     4:30
4. Mama Tried   3:02
5. "There's resonance at
   250 cycles"                  1:04
6. The Star Spangled Banner     1:09
7. The Merry Go Round Broke  
    Down Tuning 0:41
8. Spring Song Tuning 0:28
9. Take Me Out To The  
   Ballgame tuning 0:34
10.Next Time You See Me 4:23
11.Good Lovin' > 1:48
12.Drums >         2:41
13.Jam >         3:29
14.Good Lovin'   2:05
15.China Cat Sunflower > 5:21
16.I Know You Rider 4:07

Total time:                    51:41

Disc 2:
1. Dark Star >                 17:58
2. Uncle John's Jam/> 1:48
3. Dark Star >   5:41
4. Cryptical Envelopment > 1:44
5. Drums >       4:52
6. The Other One > 9:44
7. Turn On Your Lovelight*     25:33

Total time:                    67:23

The following info from Deadlists:

The tape in circulation was edited, probably off 1st generation cassette
copies of the master reels, possibly onto DAT.  There are splices before and
after Mama Tried, Next Time, and Good Lovin, and songs are probably missing
in these gaps.

According to DeadBase IX they played Hard To Handle and Casey Jones after
Morning Dew; Me & My Uncle and Cold Rain & Snow after Mama Tried; and High
Time after Next Time You See Me.

It is impossible to tell from the circulating tape whether this show had one
Dead set or two.  If there were two sets probably Good Lovin concluded the

Known flaws:

On the circulating tape the Uncle John's jam breaks off, cutting back to
Dark Star at 1:45; 20 seconds to 2 minutes of jamming must be lost here.

Missing Me & My Uncle, Cold Rain & Snow and High Time which are listed in

Editing Notes:

This show was originally received by me on CD-R with a presumed lineage of Master Reel >
DAT > CD-R. Deadlists however, lists the show as having a probable cassette generation
prior to the transfer to DAT. (See above).

Like 11.08.69, there was a constant repetitive audible clicking in the left channel
which was quite noticeable during the quiet and low passages throughout the show. I
wanted to clean up the audio as much as possible by reducing or eliminating the clicking
but not at the expense of the quality of the existing audio. Noise reduction was not an
option, as the unanimous experience and opinion of most folks who have tried it indicate
that the resulting artifacts result in worse problems than what's attempted to be
corrected in the first place. I decided to try a noise filtering tool available in Cool
Edit Pro and Cool Edit 2000 which analyses audio samples and actually filters out clicks
and pops under a variety of settings. After experimenting around with a few different
available levels and settings within the program, I was able to apply the filtering tool
to the quiet and low passages on each wave form for the tracks comprising the show and
either eliminate entirely or reduce the loud audible clicking to a barely audible few light
intermittent ticks here and there. I used the filtering very sparingly, as for a majority
of the show, the clicking was not a problem due to the audio remaining at a level which was
loud enough for it not to be heard. I did find though that if the filtering was applied
beyond a certain point or with one too many passes on a specific audio passage, that the
audio would be negatively affected. So basically, this procedure was done carefully and
sparingly without compromising the integrity of the underlying audio. After editing, a
few very light nearly inaudible ticks are present on a few soft passages, but all of the  
initial audible clicking has essentially been eliminated.

Additionally, the track ID's were in error throughout much of the show, so I ran the .wav
files through CD WAV and split the tracks at the appropriate places. This was done prior to
the noise filter edit described above. I burned an audio copy of the show after the track ID
editing was completed but before the noise filtering editing was applied. Accordingly,
if anyone else out there wants to try their hand at this on an unedited copy, I have one
available. Anyway, I'm pleased with the results of the noise filter editing and find the
result to be quite a significant improvement over the original unedited version of this show.

This is also the most complete version of this show that I'm aware of as it includes Hard to
Handle, Casey Jones and the COMPLETE uncut Turn On Your Lovelight patched in from an alternate SBD
source, none of which are included in earlier more commonly circulating versions of
Show Checksums
0ffc0366862266d8913f5721b3aa75eb *gd69-11-07d1t01-fixed.shn
2716cc3f820dc68fbeb6ad37b44915f6 *gd69-11-07d1t02-fixed.shn
6a0aa0c3ee87c9713fef22ec462d1624 *gd69-11-07d1t03-fixed.shn
dd93d56c4fc816a0278fbe7f5985b68b *gd69-11-07d1t04-fixed.shn
6eed67150d34e1fb14ad193513835d83 *gd69-11-07d1t05-fixed.shn
62a14fb09c96b240bd80d9d8e08faa15 *gd69-11-07d1t06-fixed.shn
3c6b8299d89ab88197cd91134df96315 *gd69-11-07d1t07-fixed.shn
83e103c1e4fc5587f7c11df3142593b4 *gd69-11-07d1t08-fixed.shn
31a7cb51fa7daa6def8fe09f0251be58 *gd69-11-07d1t09-fixed.shn
844c8f5ca71abdebf65e9a34b97458ab *gd69-11-07d1t10-fixed.shn
23d83a78fd1a525f273d2cfc494f7ae7 *gd69-11-07d1t11-fixed.shn
cf28d08f77bb9aedbb4cf14a6d729223 *gd69-11-07d1t12-fixed.shn
b4370a46e60af8b173fb916581eff36f *gd69-11-07d1t13-fixed.shn
b715964ebe9f9d8005e688b913d205cc *gd69-11-07d1t14-fixed.shn
88244cf473c0560e56315740ab9649d6 *gd69-11-07d1t15-fixed.shn
94526b0f35ad464a78df577f4acbbf28 *gd69-11-07d1t16-fixed.shn
6953cc9b1292a88c0077f6d8b32b74b2 *gd69-11-07d2t01-fixed.shn
790ac44efd52df5a22a9b204108d5d34 *gd69-11-07d2t02-fixed.shn
59c6c5342786c8d5d123b11e8904d072 *gd69-11-07d2t03-fixed.shn
6622955f6705f7069713996cc7a5954b *gd69-11-07d2t04-fixed.shn
282629fa2cc7ef8ad3d53fb8013b14db *gd69-11-07d2t05-fixed.shn
7fac798091c094b79396cb3899870606 *gd69-11-07d2t06-fixed.shn
338b38262aaf24080f973787397061e7 *gd69-11-07d2t07-fixed.shn
5f33edcb94ba6a9e5c002e5ff62cb058 [shntool] gd69-11-07d1t01-fixed.shn
ed1975209a5a837123eba1d05ee17c43 [shntool] gd69-11-07d1t02-fixed.shn
7270688abcbb31e4596f5c4439aae5df [shntool] gd69-11-07d1t03-fixed.shn
c74f9ed28102b82fd62ee597d10ce871 [shntool] gd69-11-07d1t04-fixed.shn
96517c492c4e19bf22b679bf48b02136 [shntool] gd69-11-07d1t05-fixed.shn
b6c9a54857528921956d52ab070d2f99 [shntool] gd69-11-07d1t06-fixed.shn
8eb56659b8e6c7aa9a3baeccbe4c8d5c [shntool] gd69-11-07d1t07-fixed.shn
eb9dbfb461f3e0f2c208c18defa96c2f [shntool] gd69-11-07d1t08-fixed.shn
4c2bd57003e321d9802245e518e0116d [shntool] gd69-11-07d1t09-fixed.shn
6a1e373b84e166e9b57d7972188cd529 [shntool] gd69-11-07d1t10-fixed.shn
371d1e611591a29e18169d6f2a09557c [shntool] gd69-11-07d1t11-fixed.shn
16087dbcc6773c78f272625bbcdf9b1b [shntool] gd69-11-07d1t12-fixed.shn
c1b05037587225bdae4820f85d202291 [shntool] gd69-11-07d1t13-fixed.shn
f1f766cf4119e6050f6ff40b986aa90b [shntool] gd69-11-07d1t14-fixed.shn
fce05ece10478be9e01734767bcd877f [shntool] gd69-11-07d1t15-fixed.shn
1db6665bca5618f009db6dc7a43792f0 [shntool] gd69-11-07d1t16-fixed.shn
09c14880b322f00576eb9df4eb8a688d [shntool] gd69-11-07d2t01-fixed.shn
00cca96f3bdee3d7a93901e6b7353ad3 [shntool] gd69-11-07d2t02-fixed.shn
9cb2609cc1ad13c35631cd391b833a99 [shntool] gd69-11-07d2t03-fixed.shn
7f72182bdc779fa59198503338c6c612 [shntool] gd69-11-07d2t04-fixed.shn
9c778a4090ddc66e9659e542c611aa12 [shntool] gd69-11-07d2t05-fixed.shn
90e2fbeb5dc8fe829c4336113ce974b8 [shntool] gd69-11-07d2t06-fixed.shn
0047dc4d6bf217c4fe5c6c243cb93105 [shntool] gd69-11-07d2t07-fixed.shn

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