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Gov't Mule 12/31/03
Beacon Theatre, New York, NY
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Entered by Paul Matzerath
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Source Summary recorded by Gary Comley, Portland, ME source: [FOB/ROC clamped to loge balcony] Neumann KM-150> Apogee MiniMe (16b/48kHz)> Sony PCM-M1 lineage: Sony PCM-M1> Midiman C03 (coax>optical)> PowerMac G5. Tracked/fades added/resampled in Peak 4.01. Converted to FLAC using MacFLAC. SBE's fixed with shntool. 
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Gov't Mule
2003-12-31 [WEDNESDAY]
Beacon Theater, New York, NY

recorded by Gary Comley, Portland, ME

source: [FOB/ROC clamped to loge balcony] Neumann KM-150> Apogee MiniMe (16b/48kHz)> Sony PCM-M1
lineage: Sony PCM-M1> Midiman C03 (coax>optical)> PowerMac G5.  Tracked/fades added/resampled in Peak 4.01.  Converted to FLAC using MacFLAC.  SBE's fixed with shntool.

Spin Doctors opened

[set one]
01 Game Face
02 Empty Pages
03 Thelonius Beck
04 She Said, She Said
05 Tomorrow Never Knows
06 Lay Your Burden Down
07 Mother Earth
08 World Gone Wild
09 Fallen Down (w/ countdown)

01 Sympathy for the Devil
- w/ Jimmy Vivino on shaker and backing vocals
02 I'm Bad, I'm Nationwide
03 For What It's Worth
- w/ Jimmy Vivino on keyboard and backing vocals
[set two]
04 Drivin' Rain
05 Mr. Big
06 I Think You Know What I Mean
07 Lay of the Sunflower
08 Ain't Superstitious
- w/ Jimmy Vivino on guitar and backing vocals

01 Smokestack Lightning
- w/ Eric Schenkman (of the Spin Doctors) on guitar
02 Matt
03 Devil Likes It Slow
04 Far Away
05 Young Man Blues/Good Morning Little Schoolgirl
06 Wish You Were Here
Show Checksums
gm2003-12-31d3t01fixed.flac: c8ade6661a58464acb89926fc66ad605
gm2003-12-31d1t04fixed.flac: 431fe0079a6c708d65090ead7534fc0c
gm2003-12-31d1t06fixed.flac: 175ec736da7c748ea49c659258a32a5c
gm2003-12-31d1t08fixed.flac: af99497b364147584c757ea3d36187e9
gm2003-12-31d1t02fixed.flac: 6b4d8e9afb3f0050321147665481a877
gm2003-12-31d2t07fixed.flac: fd48289938ed095b7391b3a75482db7e
gm2003-12-31d3t02fixed.flac: 1440f47e5a54de0e6421a1f275baf7df
gm2003-12-31d3t03fixed.flac: e8cc0d4d663deec70b571c6b879144e5
gm2003-12-31d2t02fixed.flac: 4657dfe8e60c41a29106943e4134933e
gm2003-12-31d1t01fixed.flac: 9c54600891d03f7219bf51dacc4653a5
gm2003-12-31d1t09fixed.flac: c4bffe9ad8325b447e59a950636f7051
gm2003-12-31d3t04fixed.flac: bcc112b3a23c6fa98b8b8dccf173debd
gm2003-12-31d2t05fixed.flac: 8e3ee8f0f2444b91fc0e09f8f402d2ab
gm2003-12-31d2t03fixed.flac: a211e069c25cb42ce73d60f6973eceba
gm2003-12-31d1t07fixed.flac: 0cbb166e52584c38a80208ca57660ef1
gm2003-12-31d1t05fixed.flac: 630fc5aa7f0241c8f2b6a2d6f40759b7
gm2003-12-31d2t04fixed.flac: ab111f7afa45ac964e2f1f6ce64d6603
gm2003-12-31d2t06fixed.flac: 9bfbc78077dc3fbbe98d8e0bbb65d48e
gm2003-12-31d2t08fixed.flac: 97836b1f76c817118e00280dee727c11
gm2003-12-31d2t01fixed.flac: 935d638693b886c63c1effc3725d53e6
gm2003-12-31d1t03fixed.flac: 802c9d91b035324cb39ec95c6d81961b
gm2003-12-31d3t05fixed.flac: 00d3f71ebb63cceb6925b27cbf41ea02
gm2003-12-31d3t06fixed.flac: bd03ad693a7af9124295becd514cd61c

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01/25/2004 hans this seed sounds great- highly recommended!
01/26/2004 Chris L. Agreed - this show and recording kicks ass.