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Ween 05/11/00
Clutch Cargo's, Pontiac, MI
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Entered by Greg Yurkovic
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Disc Counts 2 / 3
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Source Summary Source: mbho603>sound devices mp2>graham patten adc20>sony d8>Soundforge (Turtle Beach Pinnacle Pro)>wav>shn(mkwact) ; A>D & DAT>SHN Transfers by _mrdna_ 
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Clutch Cargo's Pontiac MI  

Recorded by JKeats

Source: mbho603>sound devices mp2>graham patten adc20>sony d8>Soundforge (Turtle Beach Pinnacle Pro)>wav>shn(mkwact)

A>D & DAT>SHN Transfers by _mrdna_

Buckingham Green
Spinal Meningitis
Don't Get 2 Close 2 My Fantasy
Waving My Dick In The Wind
Dr. Rock,
Freedom Of '76
Even If You Don't
Golden Eel
Mutilated Lips
Roses Are Free
Sketches Of Winkle
Fat Lenny
Mister Would You Please Help My Pony?
Voodoo Lady
Back to Basom
Bananas and Blow
HIV Song
Piss Up A Rope
Booze Me Up And Get Me High
Baby Bitch
Mister Richard Smoker
Johnny On The Spot (Deaner on sitar)
Ocean Man (Gener on mandolin)
Puerto Rican Power
You Fucked Up
Buenos Tardes Amigo

::First Encore::

Ice Castles
Stroker Ace
The Blarney Stone

::Second Encore::

Hot For Teacher

::Third Encore::

Purple Rain
I Saw Gener Cryin' In His Sleep
Demon Sweat (Gener on keyboards)
Maybe I'm Amazed (partial)
Band On The Run
Captain Fantasy
Poopship Destroyer

Unfortunately, there is no known recording of the 3rd encore,
save for Kirks master DAT. Vote for this show for the next
live release so we can hear that 3rd encore...!
Show Checksums
112fe0d661a9b21db5e0160ab92178c3 *ween2000-05-11D1track00.shn
3e91627e00ac5052a11560a38ab21811 *ween2000-05-11D1track01.shn
91d6f914d068603fcfd009c0d7cdba6a *ween2000-05-11D1track02.shn
1904d9cff0b50a3954e71dec1d389a37 *ween2000-05-11D1track03.shn
103cdb71ee4a6a984bb49d8851835f91 *ween2000-05-11D1track04.shn
76c530d42fe1996f6a9d49ff6c22b79e *ween2000-05-11D1track05.shn
2276719ad5f89d4c3ea06d2938b1f284 *ween2000-05-11D1track06.shn
db0fc2e83b2fdba8e11d749d2e68f1f6 *ween2000-05-11D1track07.shn
071182b5fa6f1fca980b160ee3ff6899 *ween2000-05-11D1track08.shn
01c5fcd7ea2dfec3674233f2ce6cd215 *ween2000-05-11D1track09.shn
5bf9eed38054dbdd73c33314fe11f365 *ween2000-05-11D1track10.shn
0942fe05896636ec5414af56aa3ebc51 *ween2000-05-11D1track11.shn
ccf019de41cb5fd7c9d55eaad2df6d06 *ween2000-05-11D1track12.shn
3375c893109255ae90b641500264074c *ween2000-05-11D1track13.shn
8e91ec7ed92290bda9b953bc5acacb7a *ween2000-05-11D1track14.shn
7ee0e98ed020c4afe1a5804df8b4d9d1 *ween2000-05-11D1track15.shn
abfeb523f6cbbeea99f621f957693331 *ween2000-05-11D1track16.shn
ae4bb13a115933f0158c0d2deb2e3f32 *ween2000-05-11D2track01.shn
79591e3cba5f67d6860e5de20343d188 *ween2000-05-11D2track02.shn
f0e0bef9e7becd6f970e59634a6e02a1 *ween2000-05-11D2track03.shn
39aac155929242fb1a825258b885153f *ween2000-05-11D2track04.shn
2841e6b34932992376f93715a19b7bf1 *ween2000-05-11D2track05.shn
d4001ef80540342a04420ce0d2886db7 *ween2000-05-11D2track06.shn
980d73b5cc39c0da6f6701edc7605731 *ween2000-05-11D2track07.shn
8706baf1c8f05e2d57230722cd081753 *ween2000-05-11D2track08.shn
cee91e4599e55054ccc1556b1d718a56 *ween2000-05-11D2track09.shn
a1b0fb910fa86da3631eb70abfac8325 *ween2000-05-11D2track10.shn
cd5d1d771bb8702fadcc9f080ea170f2 *ween2000-05-11D2track11.shn
101da505eb9a9e4fd675d37ed10f6370 *ween2000-05-11D2track12.shn
6d57bde3216394778fd50df41b0033b7 *ween2000-05-11D2track13.shn
4023e01ded4f3dce39e602b7a7eefb96 *ween2000-05-11D2track14.shn
3637a1b5385fbdd3a7ba54b315483fdb *ween2000-05-11D2track15.shn
ab986544db049c628ecbc66c5339c77a *ween2000-05-11D2track16.shn
f5c31e0e0b52cdfd45bdd77cf21a3642 *ween2000-05-11D3track01.shn
4fbe5b08de955c58e201e2bf4c8b5058 *ween2000-05-11D3track02.shn

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Date User Comment
03/10/2004 jkeats yo - this source info is not correct. i did not tape this show. as i recall, i got a copy from the taper and he used:

coresounds bianuarals > cs battery box > d8

03/11/2004 twatts What does A>D mean? I thought that meant analog to digital, and that is what the ADC20 does. But as the source is incorrect, it would actually be what the D8 does (convert the incoming CSB analog line-in to digital for recording onto the DAT tape).

Perhaps Mr. DNA meant to say he converted a cassette to dat then transferred the DAT to SHN via (I'm guessing this part is correct) D8>Turtle Beach>SF>WAV>SHN. In this case, having A>D would be appropriate (although it should be noted as Cass(x)>DAT).

Also, I'm not sure, but I think tracking in Soundforge creates Sector Boundary Errors. Shows should be tracked with CDWave or verified and fixed with SHNTOOLs.

Terry Watts