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Ween 09/20/03
Stubb's, Austin, TX
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Entered by Greg Yurkovic
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Source Summary AKG414(card.)->PSP2->AD2K->M1>line out>NJB3>1394 FireWire>CDWave (WAV splitter)>MKW Audio Compression Tool 
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Austin, Texas
Stubb's Ampitheater

This is the sound for a video that will be completed soon. It will be a two camera digital mixed video. Enjoy.

Source: AKG414(card.)->PSP2->AD2K->M1>line out>NJB3
Taper: ROIO420 ([email protected])
Location: Dead center, FOB

Conversion: Nomad JB3>1394 FireWire>CDWave (WAV splitter)>MKW Audio Compression Tool

******DO NOT ALTER THESE FILES IN ANY WAY!!!  ie - NO MP3! NO SALE!***********

01) Ice Castles
02) The Golden Eel
03) Baby Bitch
04) Piss Up A Rope
05) Happy Colored Marbles
06) Take Me Away
07) Wavin' My Dick In The Wind
08) Even If You Don't
09) Voodoo Lady
10) Albino Sunburned Girl
11) Bananas And Blow
12) Roses Are Free
13) Awesome Sound/The Argus
14) The Mollusk
15) Touch My Tooter
16) You Fucked Up
17) I'll Be Your Johnny On The Spot
18) Doctor Rock
19) Zoloft
20) Buckingham Green
21) Spinal Meningitis Got Me Down
22) Captain
23) Old Man (Neil  Young tease)
24) Tried And True
25) She Fucks Me
26) Ocean Man
27) Pandy Fackler
28) Someday
29) The H.I.V. Song
30) Booze Me Up And Get Me High
31) Fat Lenny

MANY THANKS TO Miles for his help & to LSDizm from DC Hub for the setlist.
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4e931281e5f61fc4e544caeebeae776d *ween2003-09-2001.shn
0f7fbf1ac50ffd6c249ee952aa93593c *ween2003-09-2002.shn
0b9bbb9a4230d92e99fea69b9a55552a *ween2003-09-2003.shn
980612fca1aa57e18119c5758d436656 *ween2003-09-2004.shn
6389a36076fd2e13949e6f929d8ba0b8 *ween2003-09-2005.shn
ca146f5f6e20c7513e722ceb098733a8 *ween2003-09-2006.shn
381913c96f74c155b0108e0d7feae030 *ween2003-09-2007.shn
ff90f45fd412a41fb731d3358a19e53e *ween2003-09-2008.shn
1c9a55a9495924c49278de3052865dd9 *ween2003-09-2009.shn
9214ce149894d6247790ddeedb47a687 *ween2003-09-2010.shn
defff8094cfa25876bd8b1e124530bb4 *ween2003-09-2011.shn
46ec7a52e2456dd2b052a340e3f076fe *ween2003-09-2012.shn
b820ba79c271bb2e8f056810db8afe7d *ween2003-09-2013.shn
ce430484dd865917ab42c33c74979278 *ween2003-09-2014.shn
56301c0d8085374f3b64d3f6fab541e0 *ween2003-09-2015.shn
a67e1e9281cb570bd32bbefebfef459e *ween2003-09-2016.shn
9ec10f853f8217c5787c1fa5ae18bab4 *ween2003-09-2017.shn
78437901c65f3fcc4758070781beec2a *ween2003-09-2018.shn
1d352f69bee67ad8cc915afc5158c225 *ween2003-09-2019.shn
ff8dd30362fb4a7e187e663245e9d637 *ween2003-09-2020.shn
e8fb704a890543957e2381d8eeae5aa8 *ween2003-09-2021.shn
0c40d32cf2d8b40bf30718da21b5d95f *ween2003-09-2022.shn
2aa50d7848504cd1f20c3bb2ced7b28c *ween2003-09-2023.shn
1cca43a5250cc74d9a5e4ceef07ec4a6 *ween2003-09-2024.shn
da711865a4e344c4fe621ce0208ab41e *ween2003-09-2025.shn
3d435ab7ace8982c574125e1819c106b *ween2003-09-2026.shn
be0b3e2c19d21ffb78dbbc8f6863693a *ween2003-09-2027.shn
44bc13e32a904fbdfc23e137d222cddf *ween2003-09-2028.shn
66bd3900352d89e12bdb8124886a6c8f *ween2003-09-2029.shn
8e618060cd2eecc4f120b4f5a2f16b9d *ween2003-09-2030.shn
4ee1d7b6282847150b244c2f4c9cbaea *ween2003-09-2031.shn

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07/22/2005 CS Miller Very low levels on this recording.