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Ween 08/22/02
Whiskey Bar, Hoboken, NJ
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Entered by Greg Yurkovic
Checksums shn
Disc Counts 1 / 1
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Source Summary Schoeps MK41>VMS>SBM1> DAP1 
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Claude Aid

Schoeps MK41>VMS>SBM1> DAP1

1. Instant Death - Kinky City
2. Instant Death - Can't Fill The Void
3. Instant Death - Hammer To The Skull
4. Instant Death - Can't Get It Together
5. Instant Death - Across The USA
6. Instant Death - The Enabler
7. Ween - You Fucked Up
8. Ween - Common Bitch
9. Ween - Cover It With Gas And Set It On Fire
10. Ween - Seconds
11. Ween - ICPMFOI
12. Ween - Ode To Rene
13. Ween - Papa Zit
14. Ween - LMLYP
15. Sound Of Urchin - Warrior Chant/Miami Vice
16. Sound Of Urchin - Don't Slander Me > Millipede/Who'll Stop The Beggar
17. Sound Of Urchin - Zen Magic Marker
18. Sound Of Urchin - Green Green Gold
19. Sound Of Urchin - Quiz Show Spy
Show Checksums
45d9e709ff529073e52ddb1b813dee50 *2002-08-22_Track19.shn
57e663abe63eed670ae177bc3367acc7 *2002-08-22_Track02.shn
5257f3cc54ed2c08957e4ac97903bfc9 *2002-08-22_Track03.shn
bee903223561d2bf9e60130e08102d77 *2002-08-22_Track04.shn
7ae1ade2c22730eda8e69e3d2240f3a9 *2002-08-22_Track05.shn
780aeedb465d66236c830e678a0fc95b *2002-08-22_Track06.shn
0b5faa1ad0771fe5774d499c791ec348 *2002-08-22_Track07.shn
6598eeb2609655d2651f61cedff7e7b4 *2002-08-22_Track08.shn
bb6b125f9641d65be744013d6fa028d5 *2002-08-22_Track09.shn
c2aacc3462a15d355fae83458cc21334 *2002-08-22_Track10.shn
6e9adb9332739a48b736573caf2bd0f3 *2002-08-22_Track11.shn
ccc70a58c7b6d80f6c6ccb75a4cf0bac *2002-08-22_Track12.shn
879e1134649e586410bce7b9ae65a85b *2002-08-22_Track13.shn
2b418fb86e0ad510a6827c20c52af268 *2002-08-22_Track14.shn
5512894010bfe47b2ffb62402f046dac *2002-08-22_Track15.shn
04cf8f133415ddfbc3f7ec7dbcb96dd8 *2002-08-22_Track16.shn
b2dd96259c6793e0fa77ef8d460988df *2002-08-22_Track17.shn
0cc278bc9040add7013a970a48b01880 *2002-08-22_Track18.shn
37551e337cd4e2c8b556a4758a7bdfd5 *2002-08-22_Track01.shn

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