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Grateful Dead 06/21/69
Fillmore East (Late), New York, NY
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Entered by dr.unclear
Checksums shn-md5 , st5
Disc Counts 1 / 2
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Source Summary late show; BDMC(Bear's) > Dick's C > DAT > CDR; via Frank Bove, stemming from MerryPrankster tree; note d2t2 is labeled as "fixed" 
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Grateful Dead
June 21, 1969b * Late Show
Fillmore East
New York, NY

SBDMC(Bear's)=>Dick's C=>DAT=>CDR

Disk 1 (34:56)
1  Old, Old House
2  Sittin On Top Of The World
3  King Bee
4  Dire Wolf
5  Mama Tried
6  High Time
7  Dupree's Diamond Blues
Disk 2 (55:20)
1  "Yellow Dog Story"
2  Dark//Star ->
3  St Stephen ->
4  The Eleven ->
5  Lovelight

from MerryPranksterTree #4 - Many thanks to Tom Banjo & JH

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f3ee062ca011f2a12c149f143734b07c *gd69-06-21bd1t04.shn
66ba72dcbe2042f60764de04e2fc7eff *gd69-06-21bd1t02.shn
ab1e39dadcb528c08fbbc788b2462d32 *gd69-06-21bd1t03.shn
2c5a06d81bf16ddb02732b45c765b1c5 *gd69-06-21bd1t01.shn
f14de355c5500fa741454c1d0fe1921f *gd69-06-21bd1t05.shn
678884b2f3debbeb954fd3b34de69ccb *gd69-06-21bd1t06.shn
dc0d2acef164b1c4977a776fdf1678bb *gd69-06-21bd1t07.shn
5587ae236527b684779ab3a4b21a2346 *gd69-06-21bd2t03.shn
ad1b5e394ec6fc982bc0266f0d7456fc *gd69-06-21bd2t01.shn
af97642e23fe1d8a1d98044e694cee07 *gd69-06-21bd2t04.shn
9971a210593d114d04441f2fa8f2af35 *gd69-06-21bd2t05.shn
479aa4d9f2fb6da459b8a83b6964c93e *gd69-06-21bd2t02-fixed.shn
17c53787a23e48707c94c80e525212f9 [shntool] gd69-06-21bd1t01.shn
80c6e7d4c869d66e9ab44c38383c82f9 [shntool] gd69-06-21bd1t02.shn
963ccdcbad54767e8c08d2dfe2f50871 [shntool] gd69-06-21bd1t03.shn
f9d371dc0b52e3a30150341840a2e803 [shntool] gd69-06-21bd1t04.shn
5e0fcd1b35789b5cb497bc52cf9eb5c8 [shntool] gd69-06-21bd1t05.shn
dd8816100b75c71d037a1ad5b5216361 [shntool] gd69-06-21bd1t06.shn
4e28dd2ac6e755b9191e7be20923a79a [shntool] gd69-06-21bd1t07.shn
2e4a6240073192bfa0782506531b64d3 [shntool] gd69-06-21bd2t01.shn
6fed66b67e5856258432ef52a7196437 [shntool] gd69-06-21bd2t02-fixed.shn
d215ae8d4166269a10145067edc8a093 [shntool] gd69-06-21bd2t03.shn
e91b5225c84569f0314c32a522060e20 [shntool] gd69-06-21bd2t04.shn
956cc27c5d96da1031b3a8e5d5510b90 [shntool] gd69-06-21bd2t05.shn

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Other Sources (comments)
early and late; Early Show:... (0)
Date User Comment
02/01/2001 Dave Mckenny The first song is not "Green Green Grass of Home", very similar mopey pedal steel country Bob number. The best guess on a song title is "His Head is Bound Up in Memories"
02/01/2001 Diana Hamilton OK, the info file here is back to how it originally was, after having changed it for a short while at Anon's behest. :)
04/18/2001 Gary d1 t1 is actually called "old, old house". I think it was written by stuart hamblin. Peter Rowan covered this song on an early 80's sugar hill release. "Peter Rowan and The Red Hot Pickers" or something like that.
06/18/2007 charlie miller This sounds slow.
12/23/2008 Wharfrat73 updated set list