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Allman Brothers Band 08/26/94
Merriweather Post Pavilion, Columbia, MD
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Source Summary Source: Unknown mics > MAC > C > C > wav > shn
?The What's In This Box? Project (TWIT Box #8 - 1/04) 
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Meriwether Post Pavilion
Baltimore, MD
August 26, 1994

Source: Unknown mics > MAC > C > C > wav > shn

Set 1
Disc 1 (78:44 min)
  1. Intro > Sailing Across the Devil's Sea
  2. Statesboro Blues
  3. Blue Sky
  4. Same Thing *
  5. I Got to Change (My Way of Living) *
  6. Soulshine
  7. Seven Turns
  8. Jessica > Mountain Jam > Jessica

Disc 2 (68:37 min)
  1. No One Left to Run With Anymore
  2. Back Where It All Begins
  3. Elizabeth > Drums > Reed
  4. One Way Out **
  5. Whipping Post

Notes:       ?The What's In This Box? Project
(TWIT Box #8 - 1/04)
SFrosch ([email protected])

* = w/ Duane Betts (guitar)
** = w/ John Popper (harmonica)

Each cassette side (~45 min) was transfered to a 44,100 Hz, 16-bit, stereo wave file (SpinDoctor).  Fade ins/outs were added where the recording was affected by cassette flips (SoundForge).  A small "pop" was manually removed from d2t03 @ 3:35.040 (SoundForge).  My editing removed the diginoise, but caused a very small but noticeable "skip" at this point -- not a biggie, though (IMO)...  Track markers were inserted (CDWav).  Conversion to shn (mkwACT).  Lack of sbe's and overall file quality was verified (shntool).

Thanks to Greg Ellison for the cassettes.  I believe the taper may have been Herbie Wehner (may he rest in peace), but I'm not 100% sure...  

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2f8570cc6a3aa2d8d977df8c80f3c051 *abb 940826 d1t01.shn
2e8b3187d9f72724a4a33b060c359bc5 *abb 940826 d1t02.shn
bf433cdecacd65a45c2417817c32a8da *abb 940826 d1t03.shn
30606b61b859f0f2c425b15ce5925c32 *abb 940826 d1t04.shn
6e81d8b9754925669ab935a3ed8c3907 *abb 940826 d1t05.shn
a234faaa97ab222c145ce5fbd18f9a1f *abb 940826 d1t06.shn
f6b968ca2992f1eb55326f66eb85c73e *abb 940826 d1t07.shn
d6a01af208e1a4a28dc8ce9ac63a98c2 *abb 940826 d1t08.shn
d21166f84429dccd3f2b71768190f894 *abb 940826 d2t01.shn
67626855c68c19944f508c1bd26bf391 *abb 940826 d2t02.shn
d4e8cf301d17c3f110f7a025b534808e *abb 940826 d2t03.shn
936bb8adda2832eedd5ad239bdc39075 *abb 940826 d2t04.shn
2b05d6a4cba9e14c142f62fccb3a7dfe *abb 940826 d2t05.shn

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Recorded By Ron Keyser
Date User Comment
03/05/2004 sport Merriweather Post Pavillion is in Columbia MD.Closer to D.C than Baltimore.