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Drive-By Truckers 11/26/03
9:30 Club, Washington, DC
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Source # 22005 Other Sources
Entered by Kyle pike
Checksums d1 , d2
Disc Counts 2 / 2
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Source Summary DPA 4022 > Sonosax SX-M2 > Mini-Me (Craig Davis) 
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Drive By Truckers
9:30 Club
Washington D.C.

Source: B&K 4022 > Sononsax >Minime >DAP1(mics on stand in soundbooth)
Recorded By Craig Davis

Transfer: DA-20 -> Audiophile 2496 ->Soundforge 6.0(48->44.1) ->CDWAV->mkwACT->shn
Transfer By Jay Morris([email protected])

Disc One
1.The Living Bubba
2.One Of These Days
3.Deceration Day
4.Hell No I Ain't Happy
5.Sink Hole
6.Marry Me
7.My Sweet Annette
8.Danko & Manuel
9.Lookout Mountain
10.When The Pin Hits The Shell
11.Do It Yourself
13.Sounds Better In A Song
14.Something's Gotta Give

Disc Two:
1.Women Without Whiskey
2.Mrs. Klaus' Kimono
3.Play It All Night Long
4.Where The Devil Don't Stay
5.Dead Drunk And Naked
6.Shut Up & Get On The Plane
7.Eighteen Wheels Of Love
8.Zip City
9.Let There Be Rock
11.Everything You've Got
13.Carl Perkins Cadilac
14.Ronnie and Neil
Show Checksums
3cc1929a93058c00b0d9543f8e010c4b *DBT2003-11-26D101.shn
1411820b6a488beea404174bbb2e5c65 *DBT2003-11-26D102.shn
7fae204a190170cc8e753bebd70fd292 *DBT2003-11-26D103.shn
cdd7f80a5222738ed77b92b055afd4b1 *DBT2003-11-26D104.shn
137236e437050b2b6105d624b4ad47c6 *DBT2003-11-26D105.shn
89b6403d53b789219991aeeb8caeaadd *DBT2003-11-26D106.shn
a4880cf3b47d56d0ac8722c97b88939b *DBT2003-11-26D107.shn
1b8ee002dac3db018fe8f50237d1ca31 *DBT2003-11-26D108.shn
954c482c507f7791533472e47463c272 *DBT2003-11-26D109.shn
080256f6d2e6cb73692157845b43ca82 *DBT2003-11-26D110.shn
1da691f3adfc2e98cca2dde35379e031 *DBT2003-11-26D111.shn
a78f1e4a3f1e1503ce9e62d24d42a0a3 *DBT2003-11-26D112.shn
a3be39ad34edb3d84ba111c91e0b00f8 *DBT2003-11-26D113.shn
e35bd87efa154b5dd2976922db5f4d17 *DBT2003-11-26D114.shn
c2dd34b41428ec8b8e95321370f12730 *DBT2003-11-26D2T11.shn
740bb3e391fd9663cd30d1794ac80e12 *DBT2003-11-26D2T02.shn
147da64f13fe43caf9217c294ff307de *DBT2003-11-26D2T03.shn
668cbbc46f873a988226dfb5832405f4 *DBT2003-11-26D2T04.shn
84f1ea599f9c88ab95fb01ddabd3613b *DBT2003-11-26D2T05.shn
cdf39a6162977047f9113807543dc724 *DBT2003-11-26D2T06.shn
c24626884c8db276e00ab2e032519376 *DBT2003-11-26D2T07.shn
af307b9dcc4f17677c260bd45067d804 *DBT2003-11-26D2T08.shn
9d0f52eaf389a101637c25dc173e7157 *DBT2003-11-26D2T09.shn
4417154cdb769f59ee39a7df39d5e5e8 *DBT2003-11-26D2T10.shn
ab977637ec8ffc47c5daec6a391e10fc *DBT2003-11-26D2T01.shn
0d7a034f5d4a51ce7e9c547bbf009046 *DBT2003-11-26D2T12.shn
568f46135ff31427ce95afae0eff6eb9 *DBT2003-11-26D2T13.shn
784a7ff3c24c5fc60a9e1312aa14166a *DBT2003-11-26D2T14.shn

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