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Drive-By Truckers 10/10/03
Cat's Cradle, Carrboro, NC
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Entered by Kyle pike
Checksums d1 , d2 , d3
Disc Counts 2 / 3
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Source Summary [MK4 > kc5 > CMC6 > V2] + sbd > Mackie 1202 vlz > minime > dap1 (Craig Davis/Carrington Crawford) 
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Drive By Truckers
Cat's Cradle, Carborro, NC

Source:Schoeps mk4(din/fob)>kc5>CMC6>V2 + sbd>Mackie 1202 vlz>minime>dap1
Recorded By Craig Davis and Carrington Crawford

Transfer: DA-20 -> Audiophile 2496 ->Soundforge 6.0(48->44.1) ->CDWAV->mkwACT->mkw
Transfer By Jay Morris([email protected])

Disc One:
1.Lookout Mountain
3.(Something's Got to) Give Pretty Soon
4.When The Pin Hits The Shell
5.Do It Yourself
6.Decoration Day
7.Sink Hole
8.Marry Me
9.Ronnie and Neil
10.Hell No I Ain't Happy
11.One Of These Days

Disc Two:
1.The Boys From Alabama
3.Where The Devil Don't Stay
4.Nine Bullets
5.18 Wheels of Love
6.The Living Bubba
7.Zip City
8.Road Cases
9.Let There Be Rock

Disc Three:
2.Uncle Disney                        
3.Bulldozers & Dirt                        
4.Shut Up and Get On The Plane        
5.Play It All Night Long                
6.Carl Perkins Caddilac                
7.The Day John Henry Died    
9.Why Henry Drinks                        
10.People Who Died                        

Show Checksums
fbe41ff9c6096fc0845bad18a120ee5c *DBT2003-10-10D1T01.mkw
7fa038ec1f641e29371ad25b68015ca5 *DBT2003-10-10D1T02.mkw
c5fdd538461e3ea177596fcf1b632088 *DBT2003-10-10D1T03.mkw
40ad5933ad4be16f9f62144b50bdf5a4 *DBT2003-10-10D1T04.mkw
1f2fb0732b27561541d834299d8b9226 *DBT2003-10-10D1T05.mkw
dadd7620eb9c095fa1a97f80a87a25e1 *DBT2003-10-10D1T06.mkw
da642fc4529f41026e0b068794e661ae *DBT2003-10-10D1T07.mkw
18bcfae40ec2e75d27fdb7e0cf195283 *DBT2003-10-10D1T08.mkw
2ad6b96de0c859277c543cf8331eb36a *DBT2003-10-10D1T09.mkw
40a7e3d21e087355ef7b64393b99362a *DBT2003-10-10D1T10.mkw
29ee74e822ee690e88ce552fb870b2b8 *DBT2003-10-10D1T11.mkw
9a41c5dca3193fdf06f91966ead89a4e *DBT2003-10-10D2T01.mkw
fd844287e3cfb91a927fb68167c38133 *DBT2003-10-10D2T02.mkw
efe6a2bb826663618869250972d52c62 *DBT2003-10-10D2T03.mkw
3f81bcf9f450dad3395e6b0e4b132307 *DBT2003-10-10D2T04.mkw
6866432c804a81769c9ab625296310f4 *DBT2003-10-10D2T05.mkw
0fa71184e0abd7b03f56f1d54779de58 *DBT2003-10-10D2T06.mkw
b9a86a7f15ca200314b6c35a4b926975 *DBT2003-10-10D2T07.mkw
b19ba730002dbcc518250911b2b9b1f6 *DBT2003-10-10D2T08.mkw
3ac45a325fe03027a9073c675b286392 *DBT2003-10-10D2T09.mkw
6fdb94a615c88be29790353e5ee9d796 *DBT2003-10-10D3T01.mkw
fed3077599adef14926877f0b9603068 *DBT2003-10-10D3T02.mkw
ad65abe0cad00f28c6f321a45bf6f943 *DBT2003-10-10D3T03.mkw
0c25ec9b2d2296fe2ad03f7c43f382a3 *DBT2003-10-10D3T04.mkw
23251ff146cc616548ac82076fb6f3ba *DBT2003-10-10D3T05.mkw
fd724dd0d3171a014f5752eb6cc2ae5e *DBT2003-10-10D3T06.mkw
b83704e3ceda7f1ea5ac68cbff8035ee *DBT2003-10-10D3T07.mkw
5e231e7b43a8b03bcaf0af46b41d5a85 *DBT2003-10-10D3T08.mkw
596bfc9c78da40cf68fc9c22c284b289 *DBT2003-10-10D3T09.mkw
6e298415a573d6478ededf77f8de737e *DBT2003-10-10D3T10.mkw

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