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Drive-By Truckers 09/27/03
Roxy Theatre, Atlanta, GA
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Entered by Kyle pike
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Source Summary KM-184 (xy)> Lunatec V2> Sony SBM-1 (Sloan Simpson) 
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Drive-By Truckers - 9/27/03
Roxy Theatre - Atlanta, GA

Disc One:

01) Tornadoes
02) Sink Hole
03) Where The Devil Don't Stay*
04) (Something's Got To) Give Pretty Soon
05) Decoration Day
06) The Living Bubba
07) Do It Yourself
08) Marry Me
09) My Sweet Annette
10) 18 Wheels Of Love
11) When The Pin Hits The Shell
12) Ronnie And Neil
13) Outfit
14) Steve McQueen
15) Play It All Night Long
16) {Fade Track}

Disc Two:

01) {Fade Track}
02) Careless
03) Don't Be In Love Around Me
04) Give My Love To Rose
05) Carl Perkins' Cadillac
06) Lookout Mountain
07) Zip City
08) Road Cases
09) Let There Be Rock
10) E:) Uncle Disney
11) The Boys From Alabama
12) Shut Up And Get On The Plane
13) Buttholeville**
14) People Who Died**

* w/ Shonna Isbell
** w/ Fran & Craig (The Tom Collins), Todd McBride (Dashboard Saviors)

{Remove Fade Tracks to reassemble seamlessly for longer media}

Source: Neumann KM-184 (xy)> Lunatec V2> Sony SBM-1

Transfer: Tascam DA-P1> S/PDIF> Ego-Sys U2A> Cool Edit Pro (DSP)> shntool> CDWave> mkwACT

Taped and transferred by Sloan Simpson
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700ed17c0ff0c0b1d14ea9f60944cb36 *DBT2003-09-27D2T14.shn
2c897b44200b1923c6fb148653edcffe *DBT2003-09-27D1T01.shn
6a157c1cc73bcfcca96126141fc27d2a *DBT2003-09-27D1T02.shn
4d92dd24f48f18fc9ceda89ae95d15d8 *DBT2003-09-27D1T03.shn
88f174118134ea40f24a537ca5ea4d87 *DBT2003-09-27D1T04.shn
a40bfe8f20a5fabc5635842b1764dd57 *DBT2003-09-27D1T05.shn
4de1858ab1ff979a98a5a219bb4a58d2 *DBT2003-09-27D1T06.shn
2dade6868042ce7b7c47b57eb00b0c4c *DBT2003-09-27D1T07.shn
ba2813d4d8f66590719c5b439071a24c *DBT2003-09-27D1T08.shn
c30b0987a8c05a50be84313018384672 *DBT2003-09-27D1T09.shn
31f29564b842132827bc6eaf80277303 *DBT2003-09-27D1T10.shn
9b314c9704623d6b2249f307de2f519a *DBT2003-09-27D1T11.shn
a1a417bc4c4a56156e75a61c228db5a1 *DBT2003-09-27D1T12.shn
47d7d2d907cafcc96d24b036eb019347 *DBT2003-09-27D1T13.shn
d27d4d890c4645f95c3b9cc4591388ee *DBT2003-09-27D1T14.shn
b0f8bc17f1abcfef7d22c7a16a0efd3b *DBT2003-09-27D1T15.shn
0c30b089b2c21858b5bfd240d1711cb5 *DBT2003-09-27D1T16.shn
8ce0f70ffb57ac83d2ac27a2714d7659 *DBT2003-09-27D2T01.shn
3f8b83f3f655ea7891cdf93e40a630c5 *DBT2003-09-27D2T02.shn
eea962a8bd44a7a95bb16ea74dd09e66 *DBT2003-09-27D2T03.shn
14c276360e353439e454865936947530 *DBT2003-09-27D2T04.shn
7d02cc366ebec8704a44d71d1d2f7774 *DBT2003-09-27D2T05.shn
4bd4fdb6161c92590cfccb8bd5dc90e8 *DBT2003-09-27D2T06.shn
621e67b603bafeaa0a259f02757b5f76 *DBT2003-09-27D2T07.shn
3f781f4f960be05142c4a56a58755e77 *DBT2003-09-27D2T08.shn
d9725da9588e2d924d804c5f7341b934 *DBT2003-09-27D2T09.shn
ff20016a5faab821a7e68e0e16c804d4 *DBT2003-09-27D2T10.shn
271a1735653b847c51092d6ba9c47e76 *DBT2003-09-27D2T11.shn
b4e1a179bad4cecced2ddb7ed4837d7b *DBT2003-09-27D2T12.shn
2403606a815540706b3f9d3b055d8110 *DBT2003-09-27D2T13.shn

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