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Drive-By Truckers 12/29/03
Cooley's House, Gardendale, AL
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Entered by Kyle pike
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Source Summary AKG 483> HHB PDR-1000 (Chris Pennington) 
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Drive-By Truckers (acoustic) - 12/29/03
Cooley's House - Gardendale, AL

Disc One:

01) Zip City
02) Lookout Mountain
03) Decoration Day
04) Winter Wonderland
05) Love Like This
06) Too Much Sex, Too Little Jesus
07) Outfit
08) Where The Devil Don't Stay

Disc Two:

01) Murdering Oscar
02) When The Pin Hits The Shell
03) Do It Yourself
04) Danko/Manuel
05) George Jones Talkin' Cellphone Blues
06) Uncle Frank
07) Goddamned Lonely Love
08) The Company I Keep
09) Little Pony And The Great Big Horse
10) Never Gonna Change
11) The Day John Henry Died
12) Tales Facing Up
13) Bulldozers And Dirt

[Private show for DBT family and friends]

Source: AKG 483> HHB PDR-1000

Transfer: Tascam DA-20mkII> S/PDIF> HHB CDR830> EAC> Cool Edit Pro(DSP)> shntool> CDWave> mkwACT

Taped and transferred by Chris Pennington
DSP by Sloan Simpson

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5e7ba0be751c58c8217c39e3c1accb34 *DBT2003-12-29D1T02.shn
4b666eff5577f071852207bbda8f80d5 *DBT2003-12-29D1T03.shn
5c8544c9fd2daae0dc75277e2e519aee *DBT2003-12-29D1T04.shn
c0ef94671622f79d95105401d3d7514f *DBT2003-12-29D1T05.shn
2d8becb37ec81d005e7244291235cd8b *DBT2003-12-29D1T06.shn
c139d53270211eae6a503c76f1a68707 *DBT2003-12-29D1T07.shn
7ea66bc5c78a1bf0a0fbeca8d1e3ddeb *DBT2003-12-29D1T08.shn
3eaca11a7a7add62202c71d52adf511e *DBT2003-12-29D2T01.shn
61c0fc33e1abf9acb3432c0d994b50c6 *DBT2003-12-29D2T02.shn
bc06b2cf4948ca0d4c1a12b5572080de *DBT2003-12-29D2T03.shn
f81035cc72aad65c5f90c400b85d1892 *DBT2003-12-29D2T04.shn
ce85da2d7d36a706320c0c229ee416be *DBT2003-12-29D2T05.shn
719e6cfb216d02ddb8e9c39c5a365d82 *DBT2003-12-29D2T06.shn
10531be735465bd66bb52c5be17b16aa *DBT2003-12-29D2T07.shn
6f733a1dfba840205b9789b97c7c7501 *DBT2003-12-29D2T08.shn
6c1b81732ebc7a273b93c80bb73959ac *DBT2003-12-29D2T09.shn
87eecfa0337ed7891f0ff00fc2ed6e3f *DBT2003-12-29D2T10.shn
4a61e609fb5161a0803ab774fe7d1f59 *DBT2003-12-29D2T11.shn
d0433d059c1b6d0679dcdb395bec0aed *DBT2003-12-29D2T12.shn
ef2a22e78b266bfa660087f065b15ff9 *DBT2003-12-29D2T13.shn
d7bb2621019416ce4f5730b91cfaa920 *DBT2003-12-29D1T01.shn

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