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Drive-By Truckers 12/31/03
Variety Playhouse, Atlanta, GA
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Entered by Kyle pike
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Source Summary Neumann KM-184 > Lunatec V2 > Sony SBM-1 & FM tuner> Ego-Sys U2A (Sloan Simpson) 
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Drive-By Truckers - 12/31/03
Variety Playhouse - Atlanta, GA

Disc One:

01) Where The Devil Don't Stay
02) Hell No I Ain't Happy
03) The Company I Keep
04) Danko/Manuel
05) Lookout Mountain
06) Marry Me (w/ Clay Leverett - vocals)
07) The Living Bubba
08) Play It All Night Long
09) Shut Up And Get On The Plane
10) Tales Facing Up
11) Decoration Day
12) {Fade Track}

Disc Two:

01) {Fade Track}
02) Love Like This
03) Heathens (w/ Scott Danborn - fiddle)
04) My Sweet Annette (w/ Scott, Clay)
05) Uncle Frank
06) (Something's Got To) Give Pretty Soon
07) Bulldozers And Dirt
08) Outfit (w/ Clay)
09) Sink Hole
10) {Fade Track}

Disc Three:

01) {Fade Track}
02) Zip City {aborted, Cooley smashes SG on stage}
03) 'Waitin' For Cooley Jam'
04) Let There Be Rock
05) 'Fuck George Bush'
06) Zip City
07) Too Much Sex, Too Little Jesus
08) Buttholeville (w/ Scott, Clay, Will Johnson - guitar, vocals)
09) People Who Died (w/ Scott, Clay, Will, various family & friends)

Bonus: 96 Rock WKLS - 12/31/03

10) {Interview w/ English Nick}
11) My Sweet Annette

{Remove Fade Tracks to reassemble seamlessly}

Source: Neumann KM-184(DIN)> Lunatec V2> Sony SBM-1 (Bonus Source: FM tuner> Ego-Sys U2A)

Transfer: Tascam DA-P1> S/PDIF> Ego-Sys U2A> Cool Edit Pro(DSP)> shntool> CDWave> mkwACT

Taped and transferred by Sloan Simpson
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7b9fa0241e05eadf2cb669169f062c79 *DBT2003-12-31D1T04.shn
7da11b02aad9ccefb4cbad87719d3536 *DBT2003-12-31D1T05.shn
11ff54f997264cc4ac58287e0a44c67b *DBT2003-12-31D1T06.shn
fb07492bab28268fcc6ff9bcfe4dfd20 *DBT2003-12-31D1T07.shn
2c5fe85caaff662aedbe5c675328bdd6 *DBT2003-12-31D1T08.shn
eddc214cb12e662411edd52d7380dc31 *DBT2003-12-31D1T09.shn
4e20eae7be0859d8bffc668e6125789e *DBT2003-12-31D1T10.shn
fc9136be63676ba001f6947138287355 *DBT2003-12-31D1T11.shn
6c60ba9f231cc603bf7ff977bf860d12 *DBT2003-12-31D1T12.shn
d4677c9e34f2d6bc908ddf6bb16c7c43 *DBT2003-12-31D2T01.shn
916adc8eb06a30bba77249d27d32cb58 *DBT2003-12-31D2T02.shn
a51ece8fa6e15a818c5b73ae3f1e1193 *DBT2003-12-31D2T03.shn
b27575a6dfd4b7a7c3df755ab39ddee2 *DBT2003-12-31D2T04.shn
ba4230204ad84dd54a26ddf0b1596185 *DBT2003-12-31D2T05.shn
abe1ff0cc2324fcbd5616404d6a4b50a *DBT2003-12-31D2T06.shn
a1b14c1c427416be8b0ddc8aa1f699a8 *DBT2003-12-31D2T07.shn
2bb26632769871b79b1dcbdcee1389f7 *DBT2003-12-31D2T08.shn
e66bff008ef8d602d7d1adc8dfa1a040 *DBT2003-12-31D2T09.shn
7b460be6b93ad02f21871a7e9b70d7ab *DBT2003-12-31D2T10.shn
9ec94bce79a1a13e097acf86cca5ca03 *DBT2003-12-31D3T01.shn
5a1f63a06f03fd78ccc36be49da7b8af *DBT2003-12-31D3T02.shn
edf9f2f82994d5e0967134ac81947230 *DBT2003-12-31D3T03.shn
505f275b6b29395fe40487bead1402f4 *DBT2003-12-31D3T04.shn
f661231aff9513075e290be70c36be56 *DBT2003-12-31D3T05.shn
0d65084d6b7b96bc80406937ddf10336 *DBT2003-12-31D3T06.shn
f0d43e7fc98a770854e791ac3e449466 *DBT2003-12-31D3T07.shn
b8803034022a34d638c50b3d14fb2d13 *DBT2003-12-31D3T08.shn
8c846718c916ac8dec059ddf604bc851 *DBT2003-12-31D3T09.shn
bdc3a6188ccbbe9c35590d6876db887d *DBT2003-12-31D3T10.shn
39d355c3e501e9bc405d52380fb73b65 *DBT2003-12-31D3T11.shn
71bd0b2b210758aadd0de083a222ccf6 *DBT2003-12-31D1T01.shn
d940460c399ce0baca8669864a284707 *DBT2003-12-31D1T02.shn
c70a51406dc6d35079a3fd4557bf1047 *DBT2003-12-31D1T03.shn

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