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Drive-By Truckers 09/20/03
The Parish, Austin, TX
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Entered by Kyle pike
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Drive By Truckers

Austin, TX
The Mercury (or whatever they are calling it now)

sbd>sharp md>pc (via SoundForge6.0)>wav>shn (via mkw)

Special Thanks to Matt, the DBT soundman, and Chris, the babelicious Mercury house soundgirl.

Please do not encode this recording in mp3, except for personal use.
Disc One

01)Lookout Mountain
02)Where The Devil Don't Go
03)The Deeper In
04)Bulldozers and Dirt
05)The Day John Henry Died
06)Give Pretty Soon
08)Marry Me
09)Steve McQueen
10)Play It All Night Long
11)Zip City
13)My Sweet Annette
14)Dead Drunk and Naked
15)Guitar Man Upstairs
16)Let There Be Rock

Disc Two (encore)

01)Uncle Disney
02)Carl Perkins' Cadillac
03)Why Henry Drinks
04)Decoration Day
05)Shut Yer Mouth and Get Yer Ass On The Plane
06)People Who Have Died

Show Checksums
e2637ad3aba7427f50ef603855c851d7 *dbt9-20-2003d1t05.shn
063896734e99e8f01269989fd8788009 *dbt9-20-2003d1t02.shn
4024314a1093d494ade18131f2df9ef1 *dbt9-20-2003d1t03.shn
73606a822408e1ad1acbcd7953a0a630 *dbt9-20-2003d1t04.shn
5f266270558e6e68ab2b31b2af545b80 *dbt9-20-2003d1t01.shn
cb3a6da615d9d708f7dfd942b43abcb3 *dbt9-20-2003d1t06.shn
62197c831da7f3f30b4b48f3cc69ad79 *dbt9-20-2003d1t07.shn
a4537bf0550208b5fef57b0bb2823325 *dbt9-20-2003d1t08.shn
279ccab8f61c61ac30344579f48b82b3 *dbt9-20-2003d1t09.shn
599d6624a562e1dfabc7d24df593ccf1 *dbt9-20-2003d1t10.shn
e84fabe010b76b58d2fe34a38b642025 *dbt9-20-2003d1t11.shn
1aca75e1790d0a909fa76f193109a9f4 *dbt9-20-2003d1t12.shn
e30ca72ef3628512460a0d115b3de051 *dbt9-20-2003d1t13.shn
d66e0108da32f6dbbb16b7db8c4d388f *dbt9-20-2003d1t14.shn
11ecc2e16ef24b14b7721ef49819e553 *dbt9-20-2003d1t15.shn
03bdd7253dab247ef65b297b562fc141 *dbt9-20-2003d1t16.shn
279298373281866597313d794b084cef *dbt9-20-2003d2t04.shn
1454379464ae0f1815ef4e9823b35986 *dbt9-20-2003d2t02.shn
7aded789f35ccebb43f0f2fc3335dccd *dbt9-20-2003d2t03.shn
b9e786c2a20132acf40b1c4b06499af2 *dbt9-20-2003d2t01.shn
53d5ed4bdb16e6b1a27247798f9609b3 *dbt9-20-2003d2t05.shn
25e980e74fe5a1f069e5eb5e46151863 *dbt9-20-2003d2t06.shn

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