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Drive-By Truckers 12/19/03
Georgia Theatre, Athens, GA
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Entered by Kyle pike
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Source Summary Neumann KM-184 > Lunatec V2 > Sony SBM-1 (Sloan Simpson) 
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Patterson Hood & Friends - 12/19/03
Georgia Theatre - Athens, GA

Disc One:

01) Roses
02) Mrs. Claus' Kimono
03) Pay No Attention To Alice
04) Heathens
05) The Company I Keep
06) My Sweet Annette
07) When I Get Home For Christmas
08) Hell No I Ain't Happy
09) Dead Drunk And Naked
10) That's How I Got To Memphis
11) (Something's Got To) Give Pretty Soon
12) Don't Be In Love Around Me
13) Cookies & Whiskey Theme Song
14) 9 Bullets
15) {Fade Track}

Disc Two:

01) {Fade Track}
02) George Jones Talkin' Cell Phone Blues
03) Box Of Spiders
04) .45
05) Tornadoes
06) II:) Sands Of Iwo Jima
07) 'Walkin' Around Sense'
09) Let There Be Rock
10) E:) Lookout Mountain
11) The Living Bubba

{Remove Fade Tracks to reassemble seamlessly for longer media}

Patterson Hood - guitar, vocals
Brad 'The EZB' (The Artist Formerly Known As EZB) Morgan - snare drum
John 'Crystal' Neff - pedal steel guitar, vocals
William Tonks - stunt guitar, vocals

Clay Leverett - vocals
Todd McBride - guitar, vocals

Source: Neumann KM-184(DIN)> Lunatec V2> Sony SBM-1

Transfer: Tascam DA-P1> S/PDIF> Ego-Sys U2A> Cool Edit Pro(DSP)> shntool> CDWave> mkwACT

Taped and transferred by Sloan Simpson

Show Checksums
90bb432710dbd85a63f99ba11d0cb1cf *PH&F2003-12-19D2T11.shn
9548c7da8007ef86db850321edd80d17 *PH&F2003-12-19D1T01.shn
e01f11e7e32ceed7fd756a95bd779f91 *PH&F2003-12-19D1T02.shn
a5b27cf24d3776db1811fbbcfee2deb5 *PH&F2003-12-19D1T03.shn
a2ec0f23225b4e9c802614af04aa329d *PH&F2003-12-19D1T04.shn
9af601d3299beeedbb63d757da52e8e4 *PH&F2003-12-19D1T05.shn
5104b6eb21e083649185ced7564e8c0d *PH&F2003-12-19D1T06.shn
6419601ddaf1e5c27018eea6ddf51169 *PH&F2003-12-19D1T07.shn
a8126464c1afa4e0d5300fee4096e354 *PH&F2003-12-19D1T08.shn
a72f101ef8798c6e32f7bde5766b0f7e *PH&F2003-12-19D1T09.shn
4fdaf91e905b2d9a884bfbba45f2b618 *PH&F2003-12-19D1T10.shn
d69aabb74ee4caa90f4a04d0c5e45259 *PH&F2003-12-19D1T11.shn
1fd00bc77d6b352c3679cada8bb225b9 *PH&F2003-12-19D1T12.shn
d82844e063ba964738d278072c22af9e *PH&F2003-12-19D1T13.shn
9d1ae1f1f1956f3d75e56f8ef2cb0522 *PH&F2003-12-19D1T14.shn
1d786bfa60a04b63e9820e6d86feb90c *PH&F2003-12-19D1T15.shn
36abc7f6cc60ce0d54120e667b9a2ff0 *PH&F2003-12-19D2T01.shn
a92363d683512df8c4b7f3a760e53f62 *PH&F2003-12-19D2T02.shn
2914f83000ebc0f687cbe569ef476ed7 *PH&F2003-12-19D2T03.shn
067eefff5e8e5269ddfc325a7dfd7737 *PH&F2003-12-19D2T04.shn
2066546ff217b4415dc3d9402ae7b5aa *PH&F2003-12-19D2T05.shn
9a485707cd26eab2f6a8b2acee7dadd6 *PH&F2003-12-19D2T06.shn
55bb7e05d59d911f3f1a2bf4697c6040 *PH&F2003-12-19D2T07.shn
2da9d178cbc89075d0a6b7bf5e0dfe9b *PH&F2003-12-19D2T08.shn
9f1cce72238a147a1ea2a0d2557ea514 *PH&F2003-12-19D2T09.shn
d31a6d6faa815ceac8570fc2c8358876 *PH&F2003-12-19D2T10.shn

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