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KVHW 12/07/99
Wetlands, New York, NY
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12/07/99 Wetlands Preserve - New York City, NY

Disc 1:
Set 1: It's Up to You, Five B4 Funk, Caz, High and Lonesome

Disc 2:
Shotgun House
Set 2: Tangled Hangers, Illinois Enema Bandit, Nefertiti, Whipping Post

Disc 3:
Rainbow?s Cadillac, Willie The Pimp*, Papago, Power Of Soul, Born Under A Bad Sign*, My Favorite Things, E: Teeny Weeny Bit
Comment: *one verse a capella
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3cb3b0e40de05a4bcbb212b1d25f7d51 *kvhw99-12-7D3T07.shn
a67938a2263099d1da0fafa4c8713201 *kvhw99-12-7D1T02.shn
5584979720f456f7237de469a3b5ed2b *kvhw99-12-7D1T03.shn
e39265e77bcd73ec1978275228e7b6ef *kvhw99-12-7D1T04.shn
1a88281771ecacce6983bdf2501c1528 *kvhw99-12-7D2T01.shn
02fe1e9d5e0770894b681978cfe1dc40 *kvhw99-12-7D2T02.shn
8873696eed170313a8573b02b3b448f3 *kvhw99-12-7D2T03.shn
483487bab7045f0771038aaee63297e7 *kvhw99-12-7D2T04.shn
f9e51f966b7c87170237cffabff2ffb2 *kvhw99-12-7D2T05.shn
90806d4180efd63c0e37f0537c6eea9c *kvhw99-12-7D3T01.shn
bf8f3a3951c4749b5a5fe45aeec3c437 *kvhw99-12-7D3T02.shn
62d997c564e63188f67ebe97e2ab076e *kvhw99-12-7D3T03.shn
0025385228ca2dac2f453389446f58e7 *kvhw99-12-7D3T04.shn
f5e9cc7d23291457c700e9aaf377c15c *kvhw99-12-7D3T05.shn
dddafad7e369c1ab8b7718d0cf278fee *kvhw99-12-7D3T06.shn
c4f07831d26e14aa48b19c1f3bf790c5 *kvhw99-12-7D1T01.shn

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