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Grateful Dead 07/04/81
Manor Downs, Austin, TX
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Entered by dr.unclear
Checksums shn-md5 , st5
Disc Counts 0 / 3
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Source Summary Master FOB Audience Cassette: Nakamichi CM700 mics > Sony D5 > DAT > CDR; via Scott Clugston 
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Manor Downs
Austin, Texas

Master FOB Audience Cassette: Nakamichi CM700 mics > Sony D5 > DAT > CDR

EAC'ed/SHN'ed by Scott Clugston
Uploaded 11/00 by Scott Clugston

   Disc 1
   1st Set
1. Jack Straw
2. Peggy O
3. Me & MY Uncle>
4. Big River
5. Loser
6. Red Rooster
7. Tennessee Jed
8. Minglewood Blues
9. China Cat>

   Disc 2
   2nd Set
1. Stranger
2. Birdsong
3. Playin'>
4. Drums//

   Disc 3
1. //Space>
2. NFA>
3. Wharf Rat>
4. Sugar MAgnolia
Show Checksums
91708889299470774719e7398a451378 *gd81-7-4d1t01.shn
4e327ce7ecbb6856f95cf3f84f7cd91d *gd81-7-4d1t02.shn
b730a1eee3ad379106a7204c48882f47 *gd81-7-4d1t03.shn
182eec58f55bfd7376d340ffff338b51 *gd81-7-4d1t04.shn
d1a360067a5eb045845ace4f1b82e38c *gd81-7-4d1t05.shn
db186bac48f83772b9aedeecbba317bf *gd81-7-4d1t06.shn
44fcb7fe29092bc2390403e1f3db3ccb *gd81-7-4d1t07.shn
92c36d11dae16d4d9024dced502c7db1 *gd81-7-4d1t08.shn
7680b55beb6d3d360c4c481ff051524a *gd81-7-4d1t09.shn
630cbe53c7c2b70a7edc3a000468d56d *gd81-7-4d1t10.shn
467fe2030ab54c5d78a7fd7083c4918a *gd81-7-4d2t01.shn
8c611436e8ae44c07364e6f625d360ed *gd81-7-4d2t02.shn
b8aafb9821f2c09a1597318085643664 *gd81-7-4d2t03.shn
0d3fc2779db4c19d71b4ad0d03cebd32 *gd81-7-4d2t04.shn
7061b8a24cd84eb783652c93807aab15 *gd81-7-4d3t01.shn
ba15eb4cac33e164a5aab1f47c199d9a *gd81-7-4d3t02.shn
d64f86adecfe8c2a11e8d88d7a9497b6 *gd81-7-4d3t03.shn
d7356dd21be19362d91c28d33cb8f6e5 *gd81-7-4d3t04.shn
17c95362bc4e5ded281a4afc55155413 *gd81-7-4d3t05.shn
171e82302f5fa962a1800943b1375414 [shntool] gd81-7-4d1t01.shn
ee07ab4ee46d3cc950a966ad4e926bd1 [shntool] gd81-7-4d1t02.shn
ac341e0c63c8f80060b2da1b859f164b [shntool] gd81-7-4d1t03.shn
c880224c4780506dc5d30236737be523 [shntool] gd81-7-4d1t04.shn
f9d07675678d00fcedbac1e7e469cb65 [shntool] gd81-7-4d1t05.shn
c597d4ebca3a781da88630d9c3883b79 [shntool] gd81-7-4d1t06.shn
ab5e54559af89badafdddfe3f9c56fce [shntool] gd81-7-4d1t07.shn
83066ae54ce953df0cac38d3dab2100a [shntool] gd81-7-4d1t08.shn
d0e584b4ffd9d769573fcf52df3653cb [shntool] gd81-7-4d1t09.shn
075a29104d1960f8a269044ab3d98c14 [shntool] gd81-7-4d1t10.shn
b948d6764c283e6338fbcd15115f0483 [shntool] gd81-7-4d2t01.shn
7fba1332cd60a8258223c8367a9e3d07 [shntool] gd81-7-4d2t02.shn
6e7589eb6d4f57737a87ea29dee5126e [shntool] gd81-7-4d2t03.shn
fb5f11c36ae0eda01cef9a74f8f81f3b [shntool] gd81-7-4d2t04.shn
566a02607f3b8459ef00bd06a685a1be [shntool] gd81-7-4d3t01.shn
db473dee226dea49a9308e2dfb0118d3 [shntool] gd81-7-4d3t02.shn
15672910b26a609e3f25a9c4c81af1c3 [shntool] gd81-7-4d3t03.shn
74a099a5468799c4d796ae1a86a62929 [shntool] gd81-7-4d3t04.shn
8f34f599a311bdb774abf251740fa017 [shntool] gd81-7-4d3t05.shn

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Recording Info:SBD ->... (0) flac16; SBD ->... (0) flac16; Nakamichi... (0) flac16; Recording... (0) flac24; AUD: Unknown... (0) flac16; AUD: Unknown... (0) flac16/48kHz; Source... (0)
Date User Comment
01/04/2001 Bob Hundertmark Great sounding audience tape.

In a classic GD/Bob Weir example of fucking up
the big one, in the opening Jackstraw, this being July 4th, in Austin Texas, instead of singing "Leaving Texas, 4th day of Julyyyyyyy....."

Bobby sings "HEY" (to acknowledge a big moment coming)
and then.....
"T for Texas, T for......fourth day of Julyyyyy"

in the words of Bugs Bunny....

whatta maroon.... :-)