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Ween 05/09/93
First Avenue, Minneapolis, MN
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Entered by Greg Yurkovic
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5/9/1993 First Avenue
Mineapolis, MN

The Stallion Pt 3
Freedon of 76
Pork Roll
Capt Fantasy
Dont get 2 Close
Never Squeal
Puerto Rican Power
Cover it w/ Gas
Ode to Rene
Push the Little Daisies
You Fucked Up
Fat Lenny
Queen Cole
Reggae Junkie Jew
Marble Tulip
Buckingham Green
She Fucks Me
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85fb62db3ee5676e63d58f97446e1443 *ween1993-5-907.shn
32d7dd6e8d4da53dd195ce3e7587e8cc *ween1993-5-908.shn
b673e0f962a26a9bb35ab969adebc4ca *ween1993-5-909.shn
1e331e9717634f54765fd560cebed421 *ween1993-5-910.shn
c07f6251ef765abb88c7b675837bb55b *ween1993-5-911.shn
e7ac679e262ae2e75a0f609ab9dae4bf *ween1993-5-912.shn
dd20058e8f972d148a9fc130c4968fe0 *ween1993-5-913.shn
ff6e7642575e69f3e7f5e3f134edc729 *ween1993-5-914.shn
8020a400f99ce4838a6dc2e0050647a4 *ween1993-5-915.shn
79977d9b576528dbebbd562983e05677 *ween1993-5-916.shn
752aa14b35cf715fa9398386d6a0c63a *ween1993-5-917.shn
1cc0dbd59955d042b79adb4196cb8d69 *ween1993-5-918.shn
a6acf4b37f13d20b7359f6c984a66d3f *ween1993-5-919.shn
0338a92b9154003adcef37ab76dd69d9 *ween1993-5-901.shn
f4bf402e1356d6e1712ddeb6f4a0cb6b *ween1993-5-902.shn
f93471ac74187dcce8fb765690368d96 *ween1993-5-903.shn
caac72e83d71a4cf40251d895a41ae38 *ween1993-5-904.shn
d35693dde80f681dada9f7cfa4d98a52 *ween1993-5-905.shn
8ea8682f8747b3e0fa721020e47f0a81 *ween1993-5-906.shn

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02/24/2004 Greg Yurkovic Blips and pops abound on the first two tracks. A gap in between t2 and t3. This one stinks of bad CD extraction ... or worse. Not recommended.