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Ween 01/30/98
The Trocadero Theatre, Philadelphia, PA
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Entered by Greg Yurkovic
Checksums d1 , d2
Disc Counts 2 / 2
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Source Summary Sbd/Aud Matrix > ? > EAC > WAV > SHN; EAC > SHN by [email protected] 
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The Trocadero, Philadelphia, PA

Source: Sbd/Aud Matrix


Disc One:
1) Dancin' In the Show Tonight
2) Take Me Away
3) Don't Get 2 Close (2 My Fantasy)
4) What Deaner was Talking About
5) The Golden Eel
6) Waving My Dick in the Wind
7) Skethces of Winkle
8) Dr. Rock
9) Mister, Would You Please Help My Pony?
10) Buckingham Green
11) AIDS
12) Voodoo Lady
13) Frank
14) The Mollusk
15) Spinal Meningitis
16) Pumpin' 4 The Man
17) Nan
18) Puerto Rican Power

Disc Two:
1) Intro
2) I Can't Put My Finger on It
3) Tear For Eddie
4) Ocean Man
5) Tick
6) You Fucked Up
7) Mister Richard Smoker
8) Blarney Stone
9) Baby Bitch
10) Tender Situation
11) Buenos Tardes Amigo
12) Hot For Teacher

Ripped to EAC and transferred to SHN by [email protected]
Show Checksums
0a21f3ade0f28697bcb06433945465b4 *Ween98-01-30D1T09.shn
e90121ced91b8f38971e93aebc9a2907 *Ween98-01-30D1T10.shn
357039a1d8fa813ec21c0c1e25804e73 *Ween98-01-30D1T11.shn
d39e967bec8212c4866f4c7cdb82980d *Ween98-01-30D1T12.shn
caa2acf10aabafe1eddfc8d392718a73 *Ween98-01-30D1T13.shn
74ee915c517a0e2ab400ed3cf96c8188 *Ween98-01-30D1T14.shn
4f63285a34bd643e97a074771d699aa9 *Ween98-01-30D1T15.shn
e0cda4bcc7df9aad21a353d0c7cd0993 *Ween98-01-30D1T17.shn
8ef09f278ca8040bb045eeb1872398cf *Ween98-01-30D1T16.shn
cd944a230cde9643d38a66d768d39681 *Ween98-01-30D1T18.shn
2a4b9afbdb78b8ba91ab095ea5070867 *Ween98-01-30D1T01.shn
1773d7004928ceb4649347da28a5ed91 *Ween98-01-30D1T02.shn
e546ad077e7b2fa68bada18a292a9f58 *Ween98-01-30D1T03.shn
5c1941a8d69803de51083a8a4927a6fc *Ween98-01-30D1T04.shn
de5287988dff8325dcddf63e1a7f0a8d *Ween98-01-30D1T05.shn
cde55defb5d55c816cdfb8c5fafa5f5d *Ween98-01-30D1T06.shn
38617db0f8f222c0de975d7220cb1502 *Ween98-01-30D1T07.shn
2d2e8fe6f933e076a40c10b74a4eca84 *Ween98-01-30D1T08.shn

c7d27be9c75312a329e69901f19028b8 *Ween98-01-30D2T01.shn
4710b2bf16478b1c478c6c86eb85fca4 *Ween98-01-30D2T02.shn
78cfc66d769d72bc996305de9e592edb *Ween98-01-30D2T03.shn
8635a9776990529e146198f419dc0092 *Ween98-01-30D2T04.shn
bf9b90b0aad456471835c7929ea44578 *Ween98-01-30D2T05.shn
5caebca73d34e8f7368f28ed88cfb8d9 *Ween98-01-30D2T06.shn
88ec9983c63ff068d50491b098ada783 *Ween98-01-30D2T07.shn
9c2155320e9d6679b6c3e50f747e0233 *Ween98-01-30D2T08.shn
21649c7d42ab38c43e24f1c5cd6eee72 *Ween98-01-30D2T09.shn
acad877b82dcc70c3830923b5d94df0c *Ween98-01-30D2T10.shn
79c71dbca6dcd4818e5593ced06c0c44 *Ween98-01-30D2T11.shn
4b01d605afbbed4a6c2afd0838f214da *Ween98-01-30D2T12.shn

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