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Phish 04/30/92
Barrymore Theatre, Madison, WI
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Entered by Matt Vernon
Checksums st5 , shn-md5
Disc Counts 1 / 1
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Source Summary Set 1 only; SBD > DAT(?) > Cass/2; Sony TC-KA3ES > Lucid AD 9624 A/D > REBA @24bit/48kHz (24>16bit, 48>44.1kHz) > SHNv3 
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Barrymore Theater
Madison, WI

Source: SBD > (possible DAT stage) > Cass/2

Transfer: Sony TC-KA3ES > Lucid AD 9624 A/D > REBA @ 24/48kHz

Mastering: REBA > Wavelab Stereo Montage > Crossfaded Tape flip > Editing > Rendered 24/48 No alterations.
24/48kHz waves > Waves Linear Braodband EQ > Waves RBass +2 @ 32Hz > Waves L1+ > 24/48kHz processed wave.
24/48Khz processed wave > 192kHz Resampler- 48/44.1 > L1 > reduced to 16bit w/TPDF via tc electronics Finalizer 96k > SHN V3
**24/48 FLAC archives of the unedited transfer are available**

-Set 1-

01. The Curtain >
02. Split Open and Melt
03. Fee >
04. Maze
05. Reba
06. /Uncle Pen
07. //Stash
08. Rift
09. Esther
10. Run Like an Antelope

- The tape flip (//) and the slight cut (/) before and after Uncle Pen were crossfaded as best as they could be.
- There are some dropouts here and there...They are very quick and not bothersome. They probably wouldn't be noticed if it wasn't for the fact the happen at key points.
* There are some spots of static eminating from the SBD at points in the show. They are present on the tape used for the transfer, and are not transfer related.

^Set 2 is missing...if it is found, it will be transfered.

Thanks to elseed for the tape to transfer!
Transfered, mastered, and shorten done by Marmar- [email protected]

Seeded to by Marmar
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6f0c4040dafe2afcd8586c4abcaca8d1 [shntool] ph1992-04-30t01.shn
910cc869bbb95a41aee175a37feb3d25 [shntool] ph1992-04-30t02.shn
965abe3d64bb0096ce9c4a30f6394b5e [shntool] ph1992-04-30t03.shn
c846bb1e5e5b4fa82d10b154c7050795 [shntool] ph1992-04-30t04.shn
01b05b9a4e0407e8b1d5b47bb2229a5e [shntool] ph1992-04-30t05.shn
9184d0b518fd199c2a3428b6ca1a0d5d [shntool] ph1992-04-30t06.shn
bf0330e8e6faeb9ca6d7cbc1c6f7b523 [shntool] ph1992-04-30t07.shn
2bb63ea1d4a040b9f01d656619f7fb89 [shntool] ph1992-04-30t08.shn
52ef7b09f11de509f0ed63071e6c0e69 [shntool] ph1992-04-30t09.shn
43a50ce5e7399e867438947f37fb123b [shntool] ph1992-04-30t10.shn
27c46eb6b5a40b043fc3d372264ce59a *ph1992-04-30t01.shn
a7fc0f6324127524145f6b01a740e6b9 *ph1992-04-30t02.shn
f26ef46fdb967f52d8d18ed2fc268f44 *ph1992-04-30t03.shn
26ea66c089f0268dd20d219cef803def *ph1992-04-30t04.shn
ca1b21d7c8394c9f9df5f3a182b27cdf *ph1992-04-30t05.shn
608af2ca9915bcf0879e922632917469 *ph1992-04-30t06.shn
326918a198288d00786eff3f3219c9f5 *ph1992-04-30t07.shn
805eba219292357e86e37cbeae604ad2 *ph1992-04-30t08.shn
c2680082da37b39b5b629c8eef23aca1 *ph1992-04-30t09.shn
ed58d318e48d4905808f0f43a1fd061c *ph1992-04-30t10.shn

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