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Ween 04/28/99
The Saint, Ashbury, NY
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Entered by Greg Yurkovic
Checksums d1 , d2 , d3 , d4
Disc Counts 3 / 4
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Source Summary {Jimmy Wilson Group}; Unknown Source 
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Jimmy Wilson Group (Ween)
The Saint
Asbury Park, NJ

unknown source

Disc 1
01. The River
02. Comes A Time
03. She Wanted To Leave
04. Kansas City Star
05. Squelch the Weasel
06. She's Your Baby
07. The Stallion Pt. 4
08. In My Eyes
09. It's Gonna Be Alright
10. Mutilated Lips
11. Exactly Where I'm At
12. Broken Down Ragged Ford
13. Sorry Charlie
14. Piss Up a Rope
15. Jam
16. Jump Into the Fire

Disc 2
01. Raise the Roof
02. Albino Sunburned Girl
03. Never Squeal On The Pusher
04. Polka Dot Tail
05. Polka Dot Tail Outro
06. The Enabler
07. Red Hot Mama
08. The Rift

Disc 3
01. The Curious One (?)
02. Long-Legged Sally Was A No Neck Whore / They Like To Rock & Roll Medley Jam
03. The Blarney Stone
04. Fire On the Mountain
05. Gotta Hope
06. Leaf Of Fall
07. Leaf Of Fall continued (?)
08. North Pappy Flappy
09. Jazzy Jam > Sultans of Swing Jam

Disc 4
01. L.M.L.Y.P.
02. Circle Game
03. Where Do the Children Play?
04. Kansas City Star
05. First There Is a Mountain
06. Baby Bitch tease; Up On The Hill
07. Now I'm Freaking Out; Puffi Cloud; Mononucleosis; Little Birdy
08. Even If You Don't tease; Maybe I'm Amazed tease

1. This text file was not originally included with the SHNs.
2. All files on first two discs (other than d2t03) have non-canonical headers.  Fix with 'shntool strip' prior to burning audio discs.
3. I noticed a few blips here and there, esp. d3t06, but nothing too bad.
4. Track markers aren't always where they should be.
5. Diginoise on d4t02.
6. After "The Rift", lists The Curious One followed by Mountain Jam > First There Is A Mountain.  Not sure what exactly starts disc 3.
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e8ab2e6631dc5124760b69d615998aca *ween042899d1t01.shn
ace47cdf17bbd0ff34bdd7846a2a7754 *ween042899d1t04.shn
ba00844cc80716455f9cb5d8c6d7639b *ween042899d1t05.shn
d8c8a2b58bae22aaa34302d24f916bd6 *ween042899d1t06.shn
f20e5d45b08c6e53583247bc79d7ee9c *ween042899d1t07.shn
d53788b71829e11229db98cbff1d7527 *ween042899d1t08.shn
c5c20c684cedf7ac7ddefbfc8bf526fb *ween042899d1t09.shn
82fb46b1661bdd6f59f1e25dafb48a9c *ween042899d1t10.shn
59a6f1eb6445c804dc8cbc8dc9e1742e *ween042899d1t11.shn
e79ccd5865b6640197a7f9299b15d217 *ween042899d1t12.shn
3a598e70e22dd7d19219531e1c1f657c *ween042899d1t13.shn
807d4c346acd9183fa1638553d328cf4 *ween042899d1t14.shn
7ca9813f64383f09452985aa94afe451 *ween042899d1t15.shn
c430c5c2cbb8248097cf05769a15ddb6 *ween042899d1t16.shn
beafffa3c40380501b2e13cb64f9feac *ween042899d1t03.shn
df87aca1fe2e1ee39bf6c499ccdab0b1 *ween042899d1t02.shn
6f163eb85d6f9bf418a8fec77c43b634 *ween042899d2t02.shn
67fb9a12f320f20461596ba660937894 *ween042899d2t03.shn
7a22705e91fe29104514191af3807e8b *ween042899d2t04.shn
98e42a00e973b9207c41b65a7f64c843 *ween042899d2t05.shn
3fcbfafc832a17bd5702a947ec0a2738 *ween042899d2t06.shn
c4145767db5e64137cb4eeabe6f7a537 *ween042899d2t07.shn
d7482d82ae47524fb02b6db37f6115ad *ween042899d2t08.shn
696cc6eb32af0a4f82440308b85f79f7 *ween042899d2t01.shn
b1b9a57be742cc860a051af545b2c6bf *ween042899d3t03.shn
658a0ba6fdfef00b0794dc16f1ee0d3b *ween042899d3t04.shn
39aeb866f45a4477f996e473cdce48e8 *ween042899d3t05.shn
59b73cf0ee57ce1c76f5c648ffd596d7 *ween042899d3t06.shn
41ed672dd8ade423c64d6490267e3873 *ween042899d3t07.shn
1d212bea674e4f2a2cd76a037e78b688 *ween042899d3t08.shn
ee48f32f12c529cb7c2be7cf4c2cf43e *ween042899d3t09.shn
985a8e28bc3544c90c7afa20ba6fe3b8 *ween042899d3t02.shn
eec9075119aa17cce300bc68032e88ad *ween042899d3t01.shn
7df74f330438df3fe0e95499d963d781 *ween042899d4t02.shn
2b3068182c0bec488049f36970641713 *ween042899d4t03.shn
ee6d855134b8d6dbe2efd2490c8c0cd2 *ween042899d4t04.shn
092cbcbd894262da471fce079da45111 *ween042899d4t05.shn
bacda5efac7dc2b4fe43bc220aa58e38 *ween042899d4t06.shn
ede5adf260d46d7c7a6ec7eead6828aa *ween042899d4t07.shn
90391beffceafa38b28f305762c295cf *ween042899d4t08.shn
6499db9fe6ac81b63df7002c3bf68718 *ween042899d4t01.shn

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