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Phish 12/01/94
Salem Armory, Salem, OR
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Entered by Ben Mohr
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Disc Counts 2 / 2
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Source Summary Note: This source is a reseed to patch cuts in this existing source; Set 1: Nakamichi CM100 > Technics Pro > Tascam DA-P1; Set 2: AUD > DAT; Tascam DA-20 mkII > M-Audio Audiophile 24/96 > Soundforge 7.0 (48>44.1kHz) > CDWav > mkwACT > SHN; Transferred by Dan Marquardt; Patch Source: Sennheiser K3-U/ME-40 > Sony D7 @48kHz; Panasonic SV-3800 > Echo Mia > SF 4.5 (48>44.1kHz) > CDWav > mkwACT > SHN; Taped and transferred by Dean Grabski; Fixes (patch) by Greg Lance 
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Salem Armory, Salem, Or

*NOTE* 1/04/03
This is a reseed from the previously circulated incomplete copy. I patched in the missing end of
set II Golgi, plus the encore's sleeping monkey > tweezerprise with the sennheiser source. The
patched wav's were normalized with Sound Forge 6.0 then reshn'ed with mkw ACt v0.97. The original
source was converted to wav and reshned as well.
By Greg Lance [email protected]
Set I --> Nakamichi 100's-> Technics Pro-> Tascam DA-P1
Set II -> Unknown DAUD Source (Possibly Nuemann's or TOA's, but not SBD)

*Set I,II
Tascam DA-20 MkII-> Monster Coax-> M-Audio Audiophile 24/96->
Soundforge 7 (48KHz->44.1KHz at highest setting [4 of 4],
with anti-alias filter)-> CD Wave 1.91-> mkwACT v0.97-> Wav-> mkwACT v0.97
*Transferred by Dan Marquardt [email protected]

Comments: Set 2 provided by BathtubGin. All of the show was remastered.
Set 2a is a re-seed of the following source (with new MD5's):
Patch Info
End II+E-> Golgi, Encore: Sleeping Monkey,Tweezprise  
Sennheiser K3-U/ME-40 mics-> Sony D-7 (48kHz DAT master)

End II+E
Panasonic SV-3800 DAT-> Echo Mia -> SF 4.5-> CD Wave-> mkwACT v0.97-> Wav -> mkwACT v0.97
resampled from 48-44.1 kHz using SF 4.5
taped and transfered by Dean Grabski [email protected]

CD 1
Set I
01. Sample in a Jar
02. Uncle Pen
03. Fast Enough for You
04. Maze
05. Guyute
06. I Didn't Know->
07. Split Open and Melt
08. Sweet Adeline
Set IIa
09. Peaches en Regalia
10. Mound

Cd 2
Set IIb
01. Tweezer*->
02. Big Black Furry Creature From Mars->
03. Makisupa Policeman->
04. NICU >
05. Tweezer->
06. Jesus Just Left Chicago->
07. Harry Hood
08. Golgi Apparatus**
09. Sleeping Monkey**->
10. Tweezer Reprise**

*With "Norwegian Wood" jam.
**Sennheiser source patched in

Originally posted on in mkw format. Used shntool to convert to .wav and then to .shn.
Also fixed some sector boundary issues and renamed files to furthurnet specifications.
This work was done by nemski ([email protected])
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5ad81e24f51ccb32e3815e4491545eec *ph1994-12-01-d1t01.shn
a669a0da0ac1372f79cee17a79094501 *ph1994-12-01-d1t02.shn
6c8ff5ccc392293fcf63bd428c9b34be *ph1994-12-01-d1t03.shn
4e7861381bf46754a3a6eba8c8d57689 *ph1994-12-01-d1t04.shn
44a758429efdbbf8fa8434fbaaa5748c *ph1994-12-01-d1t05.shn
487be19f2dfbe5663abab6c4dbf275fc *ph1994-12-01-d1t06.shn
d5c400f58381d45da893ef0663969016 *ph1994-12-01-d1t07.shn
8c3b122bfdf8acba8121bc06edd6d4ee *ph1994-12-01-d1t08.shn
4318610ac125b2eb0433929ef8be18e8 *ph1994-12-01-d1t09.shn
dd8c5219776af5919afb16489b21d155 *ph1994-12-01-d1t10.shn
81c713bb875db469b8c7903a7d0c0476 *ph1994-12-01-d2t01.shn
8ffa6d07f2f3565e32dea07c88eb2d05 *ph1994-12-01-d2t02.shn
9429d696491d0f4be1af1f441fcb9266 *ph1994-12-01-d2t03.shn
1bb3d67031b1cc803ba623af386f1706 *ph1994-12-01-d2t04.shn
5528ac4889aaae9301ff3139725abb4b *ph1994-12-01-d2t05.shn
1fe355e2c9d97c38bbd14f56cd8d5066 *ph1994-12-01-d2t06.shn
e59423e8dfba5abc2de29c0c67c2204a *ph1994-12-01-d2t07.shn
5e2321bb88cc25710be3067d43051615 *ph1994-12-01-d2t08.shn
d18580f7b183b9dfcf963a3f1e2dcbed *ph1994-12-01-d2t09.shn
599e5db17e4ab7b850c5d0c8297a1d66 *ph1994-12-01-d2t10.shn

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unknown source; d/o in... (1) Set 2 only; SBD, unknown... (3) Set 1: Nakamichi CM100 >... (0) AKG 460B/ck61 > Custom... (1) Neumann KM140 > Oade >... (0)
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