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Disco Biscuits 12/29/00
The Vanderbilt, Plainview, NY
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Source # 2303 Other Sources
Entered by Jon Goldberg
Checksums d1 , d2 , d3
Disc Counts 3 / 3
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Source Summary B+K 4022> LunatecV2> AD1000> M1 x'y (FOB); TASCAM DA-20MKII> Soundforge 4.5> CDwav> CDRwin> Plextor; Recorded, Transfered and Encoded By: Nick Michels  
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The Disco Biscuits
The Vanderbilt, Plainview, NY

Recorded By: Nick Michels
Source: B+K 4022> LunatecV2> AD1000> M1  x'y   (FOB)
Transfered By: Nick Michels
Source: TASCAM DA-20MKII> Soundforge 4.5> CDwav> CDRwin> Plextor

Disc 1
Set I
1. Morph Dusseldorf
2. The Very Moon>
3. Hope>
4. M.E.M.P.H.I.S*>
5. The Unspoken Rhyme

Disc 2
Set II
1. Aceetobee>
2. Spaga#
3. Home Again#>
4. I-Man#

Disc 3
1. Nughuffer>
2. Vassillios>
3. Nughuffer
4. Crowd
5. Wet
6. Stone>
7. Devils Waltz

* inverted
# with Erica Lynn Gruenberg on vocals
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40d679b35893f115d7e2d403d5fb73f0 *db00-12-29d104.shn
5950a80389b54f5e9a0a8653eb06dac9 *db00-12-29d102.shn
983a1a4ccd0fd8ae95a542b907feea7b *db00-12-29d103.shn
34655b1bdaaffa4b7f5e8f73baa65c71 *db00-12-29d101.shn
2850a97a2c6fab0135028c58d88c2bcd *db00-12-29d105.shn
d5b15a798bf60fd355fc577e5a4920fc *db00-12-29d203.shn
84e5fbd1528be7cf30af1ed0a7d42555 *db00-12-29d202.shn
431fd09a7086ed429c66915b26baef09 *db00-12-29d201.shn
b59e0c5135c641472d77a0d9fd818274 *db00-12-29d204.shn
dc354c241ded04644f14abd43ded66c0 *db00-12-29d306.shn
3373c1fc47fdd3bf34b018180c62aefe *db00-12-29d302.shn
17889692cb92cf29da769c0c7fe8a256 *db00-12-29d303.shn
a783a264ef3b9de5c38f6981cdf3c6b3 *db00-12-29d304.shn
8c2e7f6b1943f195d1abb1bc7921ffb0 *db00-12-29d305.shn
e78cbf282ea856d9a3977c3b3e05b013 *db00-12-29d301.shn
9415523a603274dbfb6f1117cd3731eb *db00-12-29d307.shn

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02/05/2001 Richard Cook Text file does not indicate, but disc #1 will need to be an 80 min. CD-R. You might be able to fit on 3 74 minute discs, but I did not try.