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Grateful Dead 12/05/66
Studio: 1st album outtakes, San Francisco, CA
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Entered by Matt Vernon
Checksums shn-md5 , st5
Disc Counts 1 / 1
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Source Summary Source: sbd>mc>cass>cd>eac>shn by Teri Kimbro. This is an sbefix of shnid 21295.  
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Grateful Dead
1st Album Outtakes - San Francisco CA
Studio Rehearsals

Source: sbd>mc>cass>cd>eac>shn

01. I Know Your Rider
02. Cold Rain and Snow
03. Cream Puff War
04. Sitting on Top of the World
05. The Same Thing
06. Stealin'
07. New Minglewood Blues
08. Your Sons and Daughters *
09. Fire in the City *

* Jon Hendricks and the Warlocks

EAC\SHN by Teri Kimbro (RamblinRose)
any problems contact me at [email protected]
Editing down with Cool Edit Pro
Retracked using CDwav
Sector Boundries confirmed with SHNtool
MKWact used to compress to SHN

Special thanks to my good friend and mentor Darryl Hinko for being
such a patient man and helping me through my first seeding experience.  
Also to my friend Jeff Linton for introducing me to the Grateful Dead.
To both, I am truly grateful.

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5f36d87f7d95e2162e8fa7a57e0ab65e *gd1966-12-05d1t01.shn
4d54988505f99ffcfb2b79fe03508c9b *gd1966-12-05d1t02-fixed.shn
49f01f2040828888aeaf399a304131d4 *gd1966-12-05d1t03-fixed.shn
164d757fb173b0f7394bc0beb20029d7 *gd1966-12-05d1t04-fixed.shn
9492624480695ab66a53de700cbd0e9a *gd1966-12-05d1t05-fixed.shn
9bf2fb6740e4a84a0bee49a1c63a7928 *gd1966-12-05d1t06-fixed.shn
4378dd85bab6ba7588530ba19fee5c95 *gd1966-12-05d1t07-fixed.shn
9b5bbcbfa9135da4611d1fa8af8c2310 *gd1966-12-05d1t08-fixed.shn
1eef419cfb1bb8055d58efcbb48c5b2d *gd1966-12-05d1t09-fixed.shn
673717f23fa3fc914063bfed6bd353fc [shntool] gd1966-12-05d1t01.shn
27a18bbbc9eee921f72646b8b8c8274c [shntool] gd1966-12-05d1t02-fixed.shn
a29ed9bfe2b534f759333b15d6fbc84b [shntool] gd1966-12-05d1t03-fixed.shn
09770fbea52eff5cbb4106e9b9725473 [shntool] gd1966-12-05d1t04-fixed.shn
6f133fd8b596c476892ffba4aa5a2718 [shntool] gd1966-12-05d1t05-fixed.shn
9910ff4b7c410bc6e1c26e54e750c7bb [shntool] gd1966-12-05d1t06-fixed.shn
3f412af5b0da3294267cf1d9d746f1fe [shntool] gd1966-12-05d1t07-fixed.shn
942844d0c425ffbcaeeca71e43003912 [shntool] gd1966-12-05d1t08-fixed.shn
a8514236e13b44641b22620f1e7ee67a [shntool] gd1966-12-05d1t09-fixed.shn

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