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Grateful Dead 08/28/82
Oregon Country Fair, Veneta, OR
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Entered by dr.unclear
Checksums shn-md5 , orig-shn-md5-sbefix , st5
Disc Counts 2 / 3
Media Size
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Source Summary sdb> cassette master> cassette> cdr; transfer by Mike Lai from Bruce Fried's seed; reportedly stemming from Rock Scully 
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Grateful Dead 8-28-82 Oregon State Fair Veneta, OR
sdb>>cassette master>>cassette>>cdr

set 1
new minglewood blues
tennessee jed
me & my uncle>>
big river
althea (cassette flip)
it's all over now
chinacat sunflower>>
i know you rider

set 2
ken babbs intro>>day job
man smart, women smarter
west la fadeaway
far from me
playin' in the band>>rythmn devils>> (cassette flip)

space>>the wheel>>
the other one>>
black peter>>playin' reprise
one more sat night
dupree's diamond blues

10th anniversary of kesey's farm.
this is from rock scully's collection.
any song help send to  [email protected]
thanks to Dr.B.Fried for lending me the masters.
conversion by mike lai
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35335eb1fe80a42e6493cecf6c490d48 *gd82-08-28d1t101.shn
e1b382f3b477be382b6cac3ad7b11c57 *gd82-08-28d1t102.shn
a85ed12d738dac3a1d772f31b175f85b *gd82-08-28d1t103.shn
364810b9b52a5dfcc2c050164a09d56f *gd82-08-28d1t104.shn
6b0d92c692cf433c849081d70358db9a *gd82-08-28d1t105.shn
5e2a12a9479f819b9df522601e8da685 *gd82-08-28d1t106.shn
8f660b8951c7bfe6361f230ae2c51cd7 *gd82-08-28d1t107.shn
c08041a58f2c67f6006da3ff925de343 *gd82-08-28d1t108.shn
58c3c9c2476914352aab8ac7b9ba17cd *gd82-08-28d1t109.shn
eec82caf410af6f10c04cf8d45fcc57f *gd82-08-28d2t201.shn
c8b60660ddb9c3b2d4434712430f3b73 *gd82-08-28d2t202.shn
8d85cd4d2fbb4cc3c63cf87f8ef7ce71 *gd82-08-28d2t203.shn
845c23528617c0a921a0c1187c0fc3f9 *gd82-08-28d2t204.shn
e63e9e17498e9ef272bd035ca5e5cc87 *gd82-08-28d2t205.shn
942670a74ca6fdbce187b78392f774c6 *gd82-08-28d3t301.shn
3cfc30fa89651c2827571d07137306ea *gd82-08-28d3t302.shn
04aa3affe8d58113edd5018de3e58abc *gd82-08-28d3t303.shn
a653476b34d3ee67ae26ee792ca09c15 *gd82-08-28d3t304.shn
4bf3f77e8fc4c6241b9defd456c6c127 *gd82-08-28d3t305.shn
288fe35d77433919f4ee81735dd84daf *gd82-08-28d3t306.shn
61ce1b481eb59b8c470cdbb2d8390a35 *gd82-08-28d1t101.shn
63ee120d267dffd292ff386e31996526 *gd82-08-28d1t102.shn
82ce314437d1b34f3ec0cae6c1bf3b8d *gd82-08-28d1t103.shn
ed7618260dcd40feef272ab825bd7435 *gd82-08-28d1t104.shn
3940e268e146e187bab856b90c465e9a *gd82-08-28d1t105.shn
906beece65616df1bce6540a977beb9e *gd82-08-28d1t106.shn
41663e7775c9c2c52d5a91035bc528fa *gd82-08-28d1t107.shn
8db495137ecf9e9bb1ab7a15644838b9 *gd82-08-28d1t108.shn
d01ee9d27ba5850f35f5dd562d8fa390 *gd82-08-28d1t109.shn
3e0d62f42c5ff7e04276bca3ec4aa8ee *gd82-08-28d2t201.shn
2bf4a69b6208829e706fa3155d3036bb *gd82-08-28d2t202.shn
834a065e0c2226395850d5ad745c95c0 *gd82-08-28d2t203.shn
d59f850bc70e992c6f332ff9161002df *gd82-08-28d2t204.shn
e6604c132275deabee8ac177f2867bfb *gd82-08-28d2t205.shn
3a5e5a522adda3ed09ebf87f23b4fefe *gd82-08-28d3t301.shn
6ac7a65773855a5bc3d53786f917e64e *gd82-08-28d3t302.shn
6ac4ed58a5f237022a1528395da5eb5b *gd82-08-28d3t303.shn
86722bb5ee4c0e44a86d87db14de2e4e *gd82-08-28d3t304.shn
4a1afd4df43b246bde54f26cd935f022 *gd82-08-28d3t305.shn
2f48277b0222ae482fe7e4d8e55f736b *gd82-08-28d3t306.shn
9d0837447b545323b23a7a20eeed0348 [shntool] gd82-08-28d1t101.shn
28d6d1e4828423a132f5b18d4ce097bd [shntool] gd82-08-28d1t102.shn
41978b1277e1e5da9a0ff0453a621412 [shntool] gd82-08-28d1t103.shn
895afe938faf37e79a547e5fa6ddf869 [shntool] gd82-08-28d1t104.shn
107451d4000a84672a38e80e3def7bcf [shntool] gd82-08-28d1t105.shn
a6f108e938186a8950b51b41839b9d97 [shntool] gd82-08-28d1t106.shn
fc75f51ddc28c771c7fa62ae50a51584 [shntool] gd82-08-28d1t107.shn
f9ad0235743e0005ee1c04ff23fd20ac [shntool] gd82-08-28d1t108.shn
f363a80aba2a9d9ad8b80e015aa0aaee [shntool] gd82-08-28d1t109.shn
99a6cb4af49b0bee57aca1d92c5321b6 [shntool] gd82-08-28d2t201.shn
c9ab2b2a8e692fb1d636b619de638265 [shntool] gd82-08-28d2t202.shn
a5b43bc77404afe2488edfb8d66f32dc [shntool] gd82-08-28d2t203.shn
917f54be5db1b7aa799078a0e8547e06 [shntool] gd82-08-28d2t204.shn
ccde9b122632b17b71aa74cd6b307723 [shntool] gd82-08-28d2t205.shn
9ea8efcd94eb37429bad63a4c9a1905c [shntool] gd82-08-28d3t301.shn
f80fd30cf2ca9a3331857e372eda1c82 [shntool] gd82-08-28d3t302.shn
8ce2931547ee2753bc8c89da875e0f44 [shntool] gd82-08-28d3t303.shn
b8ec02aeaca757ff3b563caad8b061d1 [shntool] gd82-08-28d3t304.shn
50c0d769cb521b2d172646b66a4b87b9 [shntool] gd82-08-28d3t305.shn
e1e6880a44f19cdedb7761d260507348 [shntool] gd82-08-28d3t306.shn

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flac16;... (1) flac16; Set 2 only -... (0) flac16; Recording... (1) flac16;Recording... (0) flac16;Recording... (0) flac16; Recording... (0) flac16; Source Info:... (0)
Date User Comment
09/04/2009 That's "Oregon Country Fair" and there was no connection with the state of Oregon.
09/04/2009 Zeb you mean "Oregon County Fair" as it's listed above as the venue.
09/04/2009 the venue is the Oregon Country Fairgrounds. This is the site where the Oregon Country Fair is held yearly. However, this show did not take place during the actual fair.
09/04/2009 The concert was at the site of the Oregon Country Fairgrounds although it did not occur during that year's fair. This is Kesey family property and the venue and the event have/had nothing to do with the State of Oregon nor the counties within it. The Oregon State Fairgrounds are in Salem. Doubters may wish to check the following link:
09/04/2009 mvernon to get from shnid 2333 to the sbefix that circulated do the following:
1. confirm you have 2333 by matching etree shn-md5
2. convert from shn -> wav
3. shntool fix -o shn *.wav (fixes sbe on last track by padding zeroes)
4. remove -fixed from d3t306-fixed track name
5. shntool conv -o shn *.wav (makes shn's seekable, 2333 was NOT seekable))
6. confirm match to orig-shn-md5-sbefix checksum (was checksum for shnid=24527 the sbefixed version)