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Phish 10/17/95
State Palace Theatre, New Orleans, LA
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Entered by Ben Mohr
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Disc Counts 2 / 2
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Source Summary Neumann km140 > SBM-1 > D7; Note: this is a upgrade/fixed source by Brandon Johnston to this source. 
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10-17-95 State Palace Theatre, New Orleans, LA

Source: Neumann KM140>SBM-1>D7

Disc One
Set 1:
1 Sample in a Jar
2 Stash
3 Uncle Pen
4 AC/DC Bag
5 Maze
6 Glide
7 Sparkle
8 Free
9 Strange Design
10 Amazing Grace*

Disc Two
Set 2:
1 Mound->
2 Prince Caspian
3 Fog That Surrounds
4 Suzy Greenberg->
5 Keyboard Army->
6A-6E Jam**
7 crowd noise
8 E: My Long Journey Home
9 I'm Blue I'm Lonesome

Medeski, Martin & Wood opened.
*Sung first a capella by the band;
then again by Nathan, a gospel singer, with the audience
**Martin & Wood join in the jam after Keyboard Army
then Nathan does some scatting.

Additional Editing 4/6/04 by Brandon Johnston: There was a very small dropout at 0:58.321
of AC/DC Bag that I removed in soundforge. There was also some static on the left channel
at 1:10.8 of Maze that I fixed by pasting the right channel over the left channel. Also,
on the original shnset, a portion of the last song was missing. I decided to patch in the
entire encore from my dat which is apparently from the same source. I decided to crossfade
in my source during the crowd noise between set II and the encore rather than just patch
the end of the song due to differing sound levels between my dat and the existing shnset
and the difficulty that I had making a midsong swich sound smooth (not to mention
difficulty matching the levels due to the original shnset being 'louder' during loud parts
yet 'softer' during soft parts) . In the end I preferred a somewhat awkward change in level
during a period of crowd noise rather than during the middle of a song, as well as a more
consistant microphone level during the encore, although you may have to turn up the volume
to hear it due to no amplification on stage. Shntool was also run on each set to fix SBE's.
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94d4a5322e2ea1f7642edd78808dfd46 *PH95-10-17D1T01.shn
b191886bf835ca812190100d4417db2e *PH95-10-17D1T02.shn
cf69ea6719c3e14ea1bae63d67fe7930 *PH95-10-17D1T03.shn
18ee332dd0c211ee2262bf9de6936006 *PH95-10-17D1T04.shn
16f712430bd52d7bdcc9d368108d3554 *PH95-10-17D1T05.shn
fbc0161280c1cc780cdb30763be62781 *PH95-10-17D1T06.shn
9dc6d63b948f9885bf8190712408029c *PH95-10-17D1T07.shn
6449f8924bc647a87cb46eafc974a6e1 *PH95-10-17D1T08.shn
95d83b10abcec3fdb0db1da14fe46c4e *PH95-10-17D1T09.shn
4bd95d3484456829c2f10ae707c54b02 *PH95-10-17D1T10.shn
12855461e9646c490e765296b9ac33cb *PH95-10-17D2T01.shn
be9f5126ab3e564a6cbb3beac88afd98 *PH95-10-17D2T02.shn
71f9721e76ed92a121769c184a4e6844 *PH95-10-17D2T03.shn
d5520f585f30ac98f7ddea11a1e3b626 *PH95-10-17D2T04.shn
a8716954fcb4cdb22e8c778a4058c0d5 *PH95-10-17D2T05.shn
76ea0ca54c7fd7c34fe0003399825207 *PH95-10-17D2T06A.shn bef0a5c02e35cdc4accfd8b375426366 *PH95-10-17D2T06B.shn 562dd7e72e404107cf1666ee2703a520 *PH95-10-17D2T06C.shn d1946b66c633199d2d413350598908b5 *PH95-10-17D2T06D.shn e2e8d9c14332facfd0c2b5df6178797c *PH95-10-17D2T06E.shn 4d0b8b2acdbffc0785d803e8adf7bc05 *PH95-10-17D2T06F.shn a79112529bec7690564815dd13d945db *PH95-10-17D2T07.shn
e1bd5de70ba51297870c151a59262240 *PH95-10-17D2T08.shn
f732b84ec49c75efbb8d70c88899298c *PH95-10-17D2T09.shn

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