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Drive-By Truckers 02/12/04
Tractor Tavern, Ballard, WA
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Entered by Kyle pike
Checksums d1 , d2 , d3
Disc Counts 2 / 3
Media Size
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Source Summary MBHO603/KA200N > V3 > DA-P1 > HHB830 > EAC > MKW > SHN (Eric Foelske) 
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Drive-By Truckers
Tractor Tavern
Ballard, WA
MBHO603/KA200N > V3 > P1 > HHB830 > EAC > MKW > SHN

Disc I:
Set I:
Lookout Mountain
Ain't Never Gonna Change
Pin Hits the Shell
Do It Yourself
Hell No I Aint Happy
Marry Me
Sands of Iwo Jima
Daddy's Cup
The Day John Henry Died
Boys from Alabama

Disc II:
Decoration Day> Play It All Night Long

Set II:
The Night G.G. Allin Came To Town
Where The Devil Don't Stay
Goddamned Lonely Love
18 Wheels Of Love
Zip City
Let There Be Rock
Keep On Smilin'

Disc III:
Shut Up And Get On The Plane
People Who Died
Angels And Fuselage

Filler: Soundcheck:
Sands Of Iwo Jima
We're Never Gonna Change
Panties In Your Purse
Show Checksums
e04594f1e10c566fe64b1f3c2cdf5fd1 *DBT02-12-2004S1CD1T10.shn
ac68a822bf5352aef980eb51e8c8334e *DBT02-12-2004S1CD1T01.shn
7698d17a3c68d28805ac725f31c7ad8e *DBT02-12-2004S1CD1T02.shn
d4272a479a5576fbc93080734b91897b *DBT02-12-2004S1CD1T03.shn
6d3ba18d1a8bd7f6e3434261ed5d6473 *DBT02-12-2004S1CD1T04.shn
a382fef59cd11a048264e67ba229d0d5 *DBT02-12-2004S1CD1T05.shn
ffd7508a5ac43996a78dfe0cd3c3c7c8 *DBT02-12-2004S1CD1T06.shn
d2eea882ae6700a8f6f8a24592b6f91c *DBT02-12-2004S1CD1T07.shn
5aab4121e8d618cdd9718a442e62e9ba *DBT02-12-2004S1CD1T08.shn
4cd31f1545dae015d0518a5771fde1bb *DBT02-12-2004S1CD1T09.shn
f4ca114b00d3b8171691fce40a460015 *DBT02-12-2004S2CD2T08.shn
bee5c2358aac87802c1cf2d3d142553b *DBT02-12-2004S1CD2T11.shn
23182c5a6cbbedce62fa2f76e586cd89 *DBT02-12-2004S1CD2T12.shn
924392739e59a9da87934b27810d56b7 *DBT02-12-2004S2CD2T01.shn
9c07c0c9c06d82377d2bdebfdc84ae83 *DBT02-12-2004S2CD2T02.shn
916507ca15bf5a326ec493d66ed2110e *DBT02-12-2004S2CD2T03.shn
9fb3b140a6d10e6c0d77aaafa3b0cb60 *DBT02-12-2004S2CD2T04.shn
7edea294d48a6c0779f69b3f9dbb3934 *DBT02-12-2004S2CD2T05.shn
47868cee7c5b396b3487f88245f6b559 *DBT02-12-2004S2CD2T06.shn
ac5a9eaceff70c06095ec65f7f4bc831 *DBT02-12-2004S2CD2T07.shn
511b2c42741af1b44f6f84d5c1733d60 *DBT02-12-2004S2CD3T09.shn
72e5ea871ec761c97b161147d0010103 *DBT02-12-2004S2CD3T10.shn
f6a1f0c64bb991336d8ac7f37fe6eef6 *DBT02-12-2004S2CD3T11.shn
654bf15d0f5d52f95363801f19ff5b17 *DBT02-12-2004CD3SCT01.shn
6586a7085799a48ea4699070583cea21 *DBT02-12-2004CD3SCT02.shn
78d5d6e96337b8596e7cce223dd89bd1 *DBT02-12-2004CD3SCT03.shn
2a45c4cd32c6344d449255c10811aed8 *DBT02-12-2004CD3SCT04.shn

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