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Garcia 06/08/79
Rio Theater, Rodeo, CA
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Entered by Joe Jupille
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Disc Counts 1 / 2
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Source Summary MSR > PCM > 2C > DAT > WAV > SHN, via Jim Powell and Chris Ladner. 
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Rheem Theater
Moraga, CA  

Cassette>DAT transfer by J.Powell:  Nakamichi DR-2 cassette deck>Tascam DA-30 Mk II.
DAT>WAV>SHN transfer by C.Ladner:  Sony PCM-R500 > coaxial S/PIDF > M Audio Audiophile 2496/P4 2.0 GHz > WAV recording and editing (Soundforge 6.0) > tracking (CDWave editor)>sector boundaries confirmed (shntool) > SHN (mkwact).  No noise reduction or selective frequency augmentation was performed.

Single set show that barely extends over onto a second disc (85 minutes).

Disc 1
01  Tellin' My Friends  [04:07]
02  That's What Love Will Make You Do  [09:05]
03  Welcome To The Basement  [11:04]
04  Make It Better  [06:37]
05  I'll Take A Melody  [11:21]
06  Lovely Night For Dancing  [13:27]
Total time:  55:43

Disc 2
01  Struggling Man  [06:15]
02  Fast Tone [16:42]
03  What You Won't Do For Love  [06:23]
Total time:  29:20

Comments:  Previously uncirculated SBD with minimal hiss (despite the lineage) and pauses between most tracks occasionally clipping the beginning of the track.

Excellent horny performance of TWLWMYD and some extended blazing soloing during I'll Take A Melody.

The total recording was about 85 minutes.  If you want you can fit the first 8 tracks on a single 80 minute disc and then just burn a single track disc 2 with filler.

Admin note added 8/25/2009: 2nd to last song changed from "Instrumental" to "Fast Tone".
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0eee353746bfdec87f9d5182850e6501 *reconstruction79-06-08d1t02.shn
c1cd9c4654818fdfac03ce090c55ee26 *reconstruction79-06-08d1t01.shn
7d19a4358844a85d2dd47319fb94f83c *reconstruction79-06-08d1t03.shn
eeba7090fc1142a5194fc2057cf0348b *reconstruction79-06-08d1t05.shn
2754945323f651156727882e59b713be *reconstruction79-06-08d1t04.shn
d937db222774979abc8b170cb5625e60 *reconstruction79-06-08d1t06.shn
4e6f35afc3e669a6bdc09c412be21f55 *reconstruction79-06-08d2t01.shn
f2c2bb8bc3472b83e8ddc0300450b5d9 *reconstruction79-06-08d2t02.shn
5c4466bc9e1e9507eb42651b37c2447f *reconstruction79-06-08d2t03.shn

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