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Grateful Dead 10/03/81
Rainbow Theater, London, England
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Entered by dr.unclear
Checksums shn-md5 , st5
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Source Summary complete; SBD> MC> DAT> CDR; EAC> SHN by Jeff M. 
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Grateful Dead
Rainbow Theater
London, England


The etree database only lists the 2nd set as being in circulation. I thought that to be a shame so here's the whole show:-) Enjoy---Jeff M.

Set One
1.   Alabama Getaway>
2.   Promised Land
3.   Peggy-O
4.   Me and My Uncle>
5.   Big River
6.   Tennessee Jed>
7.   Little Red Rooster
8.   Bird Song>
9.   Looks Like Rain

Set One cont...
1.   China Cat Sunflower>
2.   I Know You Rider
Set Two
3.   Feel Like a Stranger>
4.   Franklin's Tower>
5.   Estimated Prophet>
6.   Terrapin Station>

Disc Three
Set Two cont...
1.   Drums>
2.   Space>
3.   Not Fade Away>
4.   Morning Dew>
5.   Around and Around>
6.   One More Saturday Night
7.   Brokedown Palace

DAE(EAC) and SHN Encoding by Jeff M.
email: [email protected] or [email protected]
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e79a2be8f22e14770f618fa45425b98b *gd81-10-03d1t03.shn
e57465145a9777cf0f6d4eade4bce1a2 *gd81-10-03d1t04.shn
4c9024ed75da669a69103920e45f8ab8 *gd81-10-03d1t06.shn
ce7afbd0268679cea467301a18ead73f *gd81-10-03d1t07.shn
b284d2ad7187df55797c7a138feb439e *gd81-10-03d1t09.shn
5754b55027262b4631be249d8ddadedb *gd81-10-03d1t01.shn
65cb2c647c34ba6674cd8281c29a6448 *gd81-10-03d1t02.shn
aced9e1bac2ed6bc30d62387b8a7a72e *gd81-10-03d1t05.shn
8a50ad29aa3dcd60d99e1fe400b10cfb *gd81-10-03d1t08.shn
5ccb8acca058298afae9fcea05b052b6 *gd81-10-03d2t01.shn
ecd024ebab30f8f6778b21131ca15698 *gd81-10-03d2t02.shn
36676f56248ca7275a948bfef1ad5c9b *gd81-10-03d2t03.shn
39ba4dbaef54e54345667a348ab18c0b *gd81-10-03d2t04.shn
91e2141008758d215b5b22709a780a3c *gd81-10-03d2t05.shn
d3a7387bd9d0b61561158daca56352ff *gd81-10-03d2t06.shn
71c8d8168c9830046e5075651b53158b *gd81-10-03d3t01.shn
fc5865dfa287d6d01c4b3952e7dfcaab *gd81-10-03d3t02.shn
b4eda8a24c50af0fdf0809f39cb957b1 *gd81-10-03d3t03.shn
7ef603aa0097d4b4b27a13c4e846c2bd *gd81-10-03d3t04.shn
8462d0f0511699ad05627564ff18aa57 *gd81-10-03d3t05.shn
2b67f2981f5b03f3c120e7d31f3a02a2 *gd81-10-03d3t06.shn
aaaa6225b514ac601b55f8518cfb33db *gd81-10-03d3t07.shn
e6fa0e61abfa98661653bcdea335ce0f [shntool] gd81-10-03d1t01.shn
1c049e20780b2344e0df1632c33021b9 [shntool] gd81-10-03d1t02.shn
9dfb6b2f310be090d533aaa36d962823 [shntool] gd81-10-03d1t03.shn
234058362d04df02d053a0dcbdd5fa13 [shntool] gd81-10-03d1t04.shn
83e1fd2c8e3be5631a228757a4e1012d [shntool] gd81-10-03d1t05.shn
f0c05ba1f88b934fdcc4970656f40a5b [shntool] gd81-10-03d1t06.shn
c48ee2c4670aa40ef70330d5a08b8f8b [shntool] gd81-10-03d1t07.shn
d5e5f537b419b695aafe98643e8b6107 [shntool] gd81-10-03d1t08.shn
02eb0d6c09d1969fc42d60f8e7c356ae [shntool] gd81-10-03d1t09.shn
34f16f36be85a3e26c89e8ec9821be22 [shntool] gd81-10-03d2t01.shn
82abbf234847a8bea967860a82afc713 [shntool] gd81-10-03d2t02.shn
0ffe427e8a8524f7b9dcaef96fcd9f3b [shntool] gd81-10-03d2t03.shn
0f2aeabe8d39a30c96acb39592b0cf70 [shntool] gd81-10-03d2t04.shn
c714cb0c92da495855dbbf705c8da59d [shntool] gd81-10-03d2t05.shn
e0cb8e8eed44cf1996b13a3916fe3b3f [shntool] gd81-10-03d2t06.shn
d4fbc67a886ea4ea3ed23887be5a4270 [shntool] gd81-10-03d3t01.shn
bdc4098bd42e327ffefdc80a681fd6c0 [shntool] gd81-10-03d3t02.shn
22f7179991deb825602bf48a57a12bdd [shntool] gd81-10-03d3t03.shn
ca0de2bf5ee492245919f57153481f25 [shntool] gd81-10-03d3t04.shn
6e92279ce86273e7c1383f79406c67f1 [shntool] gd81-10-03d3t05.shn
129f67038c15c6e4782a42409abe59a7 [shntool] gd81-10-03d3t06.shn
5584c90accbd50a6d0f6d4aea5180547 [shntool] gd81-10-03d3t07.shn

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Other Sources (comments)
flac16; Recording... (2) flac16/48kHz; Master... (0)
Date User Comment
02/13/2001 Hap Day Very nice Jerry, Brent and drummer interplay on this soundboard.
10/03/2004 Murphmonster Anyone else have digi-skips on Bird Song and LL Rain? Mine has TONS ... otherwise this show sounds excellent
05/16/2005 Greg Yurkovic "Very nice Jerry, Brent and drummer interplay" is a nice way of saying that Bob and Phil's instruments are completely absent from the mix for most, if not all, of this show. This is also noted in Vol. II of the Taping Compendium so I guess these flaws are inherent to the show, not this particular source.

I did not notice any digiskips on Bird Song or LLR.

Small tape flip (?) around 3:10 on "Franklin's Tower."
Then, around 10:00, Franklin's fades down and back up, immediately prior to the transition into Estimated.

This is a good show, too bad we only get to hear some of the instruments.
11/07/2009 charlie miller Horrible digital noise reduction on this.
12/13/2009 charliemiller This has more than one cassette gen in it.