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Phil Lesh & Friends 09/24/94
Berkeley Community Theater, Berkeley, CA
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Entered by Matt Vernon
Checksums shn-md5 , flac-md5
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Source Summary Recording information: Scheops CMC4>DAT>ZA2>WAV>SHN DAT>SHN transfer by Pat Volkerding uploaded to and, 12/00 by Chris Ladner  
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"Phil Lesh and Friends"
Phil Lesh, Jerry Garcia, Bob Weir, Vince Welnick
September 24, 1994
Berkeley Community Theater, Berkeley, CA
1. Bobby intro
2. Walkin' Blues
3. Lazy River Road
4. K.C. Moan
5. Dupree's Diamond Blues
6. Childhood's End
7. When I Paint My Masterpiece
8. Attics Of My Life
9. Cassidy
10. Birdsong
11. Throwin' Stones

Recording information:  Scheops CMC4>DAT>ZA2>WAV>SHN
DAT>SHN transfer by Pat Volkerding
uploaded to and, 12/00 by Chris Ladner

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7f278329afe43700a3a161332aaebe3d *p+f94-09-24d1t01.shn
6ed217a66621f80f80cdc187a8ae9055 *p+f94-09-24d1t02.shn
cf6236273316d4f17731c10af32f097e *p+f94-09-24d1t03.shn
19f010e5460086a7f6cfdf42642177d0 *p+f94-09-24d1t04.shn
f5778d63902010e004bae836c079d652 *p+f94-09-24d1t05.shn
1e192cef9c98898df25160707378389b *p+f94-09-24d1t06.shn
ac31eb18d772ae10fc267b6934097973 *p+f94-09-24d1t07.shn
3c2416145b66223ee78e6072b6270020 *p+f94-09-24d1t08.shn
e862dc803522bff38d4aa01844ff49f1 *p+f94-09-24d1t09.shn
a2ac7d340f89b2e87cc093b8106ad2b0 *p+f94-09-24d1t10.shn
08dc72b33423081619c14679320d44a6 *p+f94-09-24d1t11.shn
fbc0c1f9a5af7e073574d2eb26579aab *p+f94-09-24d1t01.flac
326c8ecb94979bca571b0378fb0eb560 *p+f94-09-24d1t02.flac
3f34f695ee6aa04ef2db28746a9743ce *p+f94-09-24d1t03.flac
2e72c8542ce2c62eeee4f1d8a160ef45 *p+f94-09-24d1t04.flac
348a7a95df7a1bbe68d736c5b530207c *p+f94-09-24d1t05.flac
73a6834fea0c09c9f6e40029eaa967c7 *p+f94-09-24d1t06.flac
2c90187808cbc2303c5bf0e3a961293b *p+f94-09-24d1t07.flac
89cb623afaad05d5fa3c753d85b65fd1 *p+f94-09-24d1t08.flac
37e397d1c1cd23f82dac22eda278363d *p+f94-09-24d1t09.flac
ee5f3bc79f21dd59ef1701dc380385b8 *p+f94-09-24d1t10.flac
33185397cc870271fde36a9e5fa88ba1 *p+f94-09-24d1t11.flac

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