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Drive-By Truckers 04/15/04
The Garage, London, England
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Entered by Kyle pike
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DBT 4/15/2004
The Garage, London, England
taping source: unknown for now

1. Sink Hole
2. Marry Me
3. Decoration Day
4. The Company I Keep
5. Hell No, I Ain't Happy
6. When the Pin Hits the Shell/My Sweet Anette
7. Goddamned Lonely Love
8. Give Pretty Soon
9. Sounds Better in the Song
10. Heathens (with sound problems)
11. Do It Yourself
12. Outfit
13. Ronnie and Neil
14. Never Gonna Change/Lookout Mountain (cuts)
15. Women Without Whiskey
16. Sandwiches for the Road
17. Guitar Man Upstairs
18. Rebels
19. Zip City
20. Let There Be Rock
21. Crowd
22. Uncle Disney
23. The Living Bubba
24. Shut Your Mouth and Get Your Ass on the Plane
25. Keep On Smilin'
26. People Who Died
27. Angels and Fuselage
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668b58365c4c7cf027844f26f2f02cd1 *dbt2004-04-15d2t11.shn
8f89fd903aa2b14033661b2e7fe9e521 *dbt2004-04-15d2t10.shn
e5044d52bb56a29227dce1833f2c0c51 *dbt2004-04-15d2t8.shn
5b445eba57e531b3095fe88a05d9e6f9 *dbt2004-04-15d2t9.shn
26a21c509a19f13fec168c497f09ee6b *dbt2004-04-15d2t7.shn
6c34998514efdfe5ccb2ed99aa0afc1a *dbt2004-04-15d2t6.shn
b5e10d86fdf52f8708dc291823a76987 *dbt2004-04-15d2t5.shn
a52432bd3a7b26bb9bf1db6050131c59 *dbt2004-04-15d2t4.shn
8512a339504c9f2c2ed89a035c938d5a *dbt2004-04-15d2t3.shn
86bc65d85c86607c2a4c5401f3447d2d *dbt2004-04-15d2t2.shn
20359854f145c2b78b6b651eefd8f316 *dbt2004-04-15d2t1.shn
e85f44814b3d20e9ed219bc22be7873d *dbt2004-04-15d1t14.shn
731156c1c41f90ef3b8d2ce56bbbc26b *dbt2004-04-15d1t13.shn
a4ba481dbc043eae287b0662b59e8399 *dbt2004-04-15d2t12.shn
4c14a71a27a23cd02e3502bde7a9a8a3 *dbt2004-04-15d1t12.shn
ace214ef495c08407bc570aefa0d05f1 *dbt2004-04-15d1t11.shn
7ed964aa2f072dbc6ad22c932e4a1258 *dbt2004-04-15d1t10.shn
169890e74b0327bd32b4f863da52bb2d *dbt2004-04-15d1t9.shn
3e30e92d3246ec43b05c9db7ea360a5b *dbt2004-04-15d1t8.shn
438bf1247b246596eba6d8bbd3bae7e1 *dbt2004-04-15d1t7.shn
8aa8a2b91e3db7498804e69c25c1609f *dbt2004-04-15d1t6.shn
e19ff250bc45ea4a9fca4ad9f6df326e *dbt2004-04-15d1t5.shn
d3729289b840fb45f01ff0218f45e8ea *dbt2004-04-15d1t4.shn
543d1830754dc1ff2d8acfa7bc747e85 *dbt2004-04-15d1t3.shn
ae55b0324d47864dc51135fc6a339f43 *dbt2004-04-15d1t2.shn
0ad08f9ccf85f57cdd1d20a2b41063be *dbt2004-04-15d1t1.shn

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