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Disco Biscuits 04/05/01
House of Blues, Chicago, IL
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Entered by Michael Pederson
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Disc Counts 3 / 4
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Source Summary source[KevinHughes] = Schoeps CCM4V > Lunatec V2 > Apogee AD500e
transfer[KevinHughes] = Sony DTC-D8 > VX Pocket > Samplitude>SF 4.5(fades) > CDWav > SHN 
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The Disco Biscuits
House Of Blues
Chicago, IL
April 5, 2001

Source:  Schoeps CCM4V>Lunatec V2>Apogee AD500e
Transfer:  Sony DTC-D8>VX Pocket>Samplitude>SF 4.5(fades)>
Taped and transferred by Kevin Hughes ([email protected])
Reviewed by Kevin Hughes and Steve Seamandel

Disc 1
Set 1
1. banter
2. M.E.M.P.H.I.S.>
3. Floes>
4. Run Like Hell>
5. Floes
6. Boulevard
7. Hope

Disc 2
Set 2
1. Confrontation
2. Magellan(1)
3. Crickets

Disc 3
Set 2 cont.
1. banter
2. Triumph>
3. Hot Air Balloon

Disc 4
Set 3
'The Pole Position set'
1. banter
2. Morph Dusseldorf
3. Helicopters
4. The Very Moon>
5. Mr. Don>
6. Run Like Hell

1 PA and monitor problems
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21cc85958c7b0f240807e10b5df2a10d *db2001-04-05d1t01.shn
775b1733ca11dfe3a2f17d2f485d0d73 *db2001-04-05d1t03.shn
1f4345560de5b8cbeda9de6ac2868100 *db2001-04-05d1t02.shn
4b8cbe6131981ffa7e978718931b6a82 *db2001-04-05d1t04.shn
4df9d616e9dda7b2815ae6f0a188588e *db2001-04-05d1t05.shn
1753e0bc9def7712b9d5d90522ddb7d1 *db2001-04-05d1t06.shn
c115e284c93f4007e0cb7d968f3ca7ec *db2001-04-05d1t07.shn

48657125b5a598cde989f5337ae5913f *db2001-04-05d2t01.shn
70a18f81ed7933d66b8e34bc68fb289d *db2001-04-05d2t02.shn
1546f8913302cc2a896e1eb3af70f9f0 *db2001-04-05d2t03.shn

efa8be0ca1c34e1edb25cb673938d864 *db2001-04-05d3t01.shn
76758d2f420a2816c705c143f3e1a333 *db2001-04-05d3t02.shn
64fdfb3f7af11853761623028f4cf04d *db2001-04-05d3t03.shn

525411d69e4b3cf7e205c7d06347f434 *db2001-04-05d4t01.shn
a227dfe32b0c8cefef7b29be00813f58 *db2001-04-05d4t02.shn
0f9e2832d2b047168d39d114913d98ca *db2001-04-05d4t03.shn
c359385dc559b4df6b374457f2125d43 *db2001-04-05d4t04.shn
309b66dd13193831b918c8a11d860a82 *db2001-04-05d4t05.shn
52dac1c5fcec02d168edc25247a1fa0d *db2001-04-05d4t06.shn

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