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Pearl Jam 07/11/95
Soldier Field, Chicago, IL
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Entered by Nate Roth
Checksums d1 , d2 , d3
Disc Counts 2 / 3
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Source Summary FLAC 2 Sources Mix: Monkey Wrench Mono FM + CS > D7 > 3 CD-R 
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1995-07-11 Pearl Jam: Soldier Field: Chigao, IL

2 Sources Mix: Monkey Wrench Mono FM + CS > D7 > 3 CD-R

Sound Rating: A+

Disc 1

01. Release 06:50
02. Go 03:06
03. Last Exit 02:38
04. Spin the Black Circle 02:42
05. Tremor Christ 04:18
06. Corduroy 07:08
07. Whipping 02:44
08. I God ID 05:11
09. Dissident 03:52
10. Even Flow 05:33
11. Improv 02:15
12. Deep 04:17
13. Jeremy 05:12
14. Glorified G 03:14

Disc 2

01. Daughter/This Boy/The Real Me/W.M.A./ABITW 08:05
02. Animal 04:28
03. Habit 05:15
04. Lukin 04:01
05. Not For You 06:07
06. Ed talks 03:10
07. Small Town 03:26
08. Immortality 06:10
09. Alive 05:28
10. Porch 07:53

Disc 3

01. Everyday People 04:02
02. Let My Love Open the Door 03:41
03. Betterman 04:14
04. Rearviewmirror 08:08
05. Black 06:04
06. Blood 08:18
07. Yellow Ledbetter 05:42

Notes from 5H:

First night Monkeywrench broadcast the show through the radio.
The crowd is pumped, with people crowdsurfing even during Otis Rush's set.
Cool 'Tommy' riff after 'Lukin.' 'Black' lyrics are altered from "sun" to "moon" and Ed gestures to the full moon above the stadium.
He jokes, "There's some fancy people in the skybox ... they're blinking to us, sending us a message up there."
The crowd boos and he tells them not to get angry: "... you know life has a way of working itself out, you know?
Think about this for a sec, right? These are the rich, fancy people, right? They got all the luxury, right?
Looks to me, like they're the farthest ones away from the stage and they're behind a fuckin' window ... you hang in the trenches long enough,
it pays off ..." Ed destroys his black Telecaster featuring the "skateboarding is not a crime" bumpersticker, smashing it against his mic stand.
Producer Brendan O'Brien joins the band on keyboard for a surprising 'Everyday People' (a Sly and the Family Stone song) and then 'Let My Love Open the Door.'
First lightning and later, fireworks, filled the sky this night. Amazing setlist and long performance with the pressure on in an intimidating venue.

Show Checksums
0631e85eb0d47d9c6e150f5d15ed6236 *pj1995-07-11d1t01.flac
82e21a7c9b465a7811d3b9302e2d7f2b *pj1995-07-11d1t02.flac
7e8731af8194337421ca62b09f83859e *pj1995-07-11d1t03.flac
bd2133b4de9a811f548f23ac8ae53db8 *pj1995-07-11d1t04.flac
71d8e758cb107c5e1fa685124d4a3af6 *pj1995-07-11d1t05.flac
dc938db1eb89f860dc04a1d1f903337f *pj1995-07-11d1t06.flac
dd5328c5d42472f1d6c611d7d8cf0ea6 *pj1995-07-11d1t07.flac
4ff0023cdb3e0f3c09bff6bbf4e765c4 *pj1995-07-11d1t08.flac
c3e5594b7a4826e4fcee6be77e8742fd *pj1995-07-11d1t09.flac
50c56e437b87e0a2a1ec8ae7a825e136 *pj1995-07-11d1t10.flac
22ed194f9a1fda929cad779f5cd1c80b *pj1995-07-11d1t11.flac
bae290f53e822f3614dd15c26f6705fe *pj1995-07-11d1t12.flac
69200a33a1717f0d1456d79f068e4c00 *pj1995-07-11d1t13.flac
546bd2d3f35b088ff08f92f3cd5c7e98 *pj1995-07-11d1t14.flac
7744492aed8f6087b63e90a4b3af1c93 *pj1995-07-11d2t01.flac
e8976a9b6942447c077f99e3d3f6036e *pj1995-07-11d2t02.flac
c3569798be93282d27e2b04e33dbf3e6 *pj1995-07-11d2t03.flac
a569d5888537300bcdc2fe46419b8e3e *pj1995-07-11d2t04.flac
dc78aa8d1f96c5fb1fc0005df72c6eed *pj1995-07-11d2t05.flac
2ae276f7cf3d8637c55227fcf7a98483 *pj1995-07-11d2t06.flac
1ff6b1fe6a3f9f4ce22448b58dff84fa *pj1995-07-11d2t07.flac
34118ad30ffaa06275a24a3be0f4e27a *pj1995-07-11d2t08.flac
53d9d9d90375e4106be31aef5f1084f6 *pj1995-07-11d2t09.flac
33165ea80e034be344a0347f78db9b8c *pj1995-07-11d2t10.flac
0b0200a8264a6903f48531b639b25fbd *pj1995-07-11d3t01.flac
3a7517217b87a39cbac86ff7438905e8 *pj1995-07-11d3t02.flac
451bb0e79d2112baa43ccbdcef118a67 *pj1995-07-11d3t03.flac
e989864303e4ca52f69316d46c9abe05 *pj1995-07-11d3t04.flac
0fb19c93686e56063928cf93050cc9c7 *pj1995-07-11d3t05.flac
a6fbca9139b79e5c679706dc001975df *pj1995-07-11d3t06.flac
70dd067c432ad284e3d3bea5782a5958 *pj1995-07-11d3t07.flac

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