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Disco Biscuits 11/08/02
The Rave, Milwaukee, WI
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Entered by Michael Pederson
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Disc Counts 2 / 3
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Source Summary source[NickColovos] = AKG480'ck61[NOS] > Lunatec V2 > SONIC AD2K+ > DA-P1
transfer[NickColovos] = Sony PCM-R500 > Prodif32 > RedRoaster > CD Wave > .shn
remaster[RichSteele] = .shn > .wav > WaveLab> CD Wave> .shn 
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The Disco Biscuits
The Rave
Milwaukee, WI

Source: AkG480'ck61 [NOS]> Lunatec V2  [rolloff (2) 25gain set I,  Set II 20gain]> SONIC AD2K [16nn3 gain(16)]> Dap1

Transfer: Sony PCM-R500> Prodif32> RedRoaster> CD Wave> .shn> .wav> WaveLab> CD Wave> .shn

Originally Taped, Tracked, and Encoded By Nick Colovos
Retracked, Remastered, and Reencoded by Rich Steele, March 2004

Disc 1
/Set 1/
01:  Banter
02:  Hot Air Balloon>
03:  Crickets*>
04:  Hot Air Balloon
05:  Above The Waves

01:  Kitchen Mitts>
02:  I Remember When
03:  Magellan**>
04:  Little Betty Boop***
05:  Crowd/Tuning
06:  Pygmy Twylyte>
07:  Rock Candy>
08:  Digital Buddda*>
09:  Rock Candy

01:  Save The Robots>
02:  King Of The World>
03:  Save The Robots
04:  Crowd
05:  Banter
06:  Morph Dusseldorf

*   Inverted version
**  Dyslexic completion of 11/7/02 version
*** Completes 11/7/02 version
Show Checksums
5f08d533acaf9ec18a7d82a41f59a86b *db2002-11-08RMd1t01.shn
3cd846ee502bcec8e47b2170decbf41f *db2002-11-08RMd1t02.shn
722c984e8fb5f5fa49bd0fc653ee7a87 *db2002-11-08RMd1t03.shn
9042e4ed24fb30e20807e9e3a893d9c2 *db2002-11-08RMd1t04.shn
fd8c21a1faa5c8e3aad3deed1421f5f9 *db2002-11-08RMd1t05.shn

eb4d30ce3f17416d9b41783fe3477330 *db2002-11-08RMd2t01.shn
954d72e846831f7c743bd00bbd6f085c *db2002-11-08RMd2t02.shn
71ccf48eb1c8ba45ec273ebfdef4631e *db2002-11-08RMd2t03.shn
b773cc022063bb420720fa03eb37da9c *db2002-11-08RMd2t04.shn
67740ccf8f2df098391cbd3099a60285 *db2002-11-08RMd2t05.shn
d3329558fc808259e84d09030c2caa61 *db2002-11-08RMd2t06.shn
f64e8af8f58057a759040be98b026297 *db2002-11-08RMd2t07.shn
50e611d0ff037e256eff8774184514fa *db2002-11-08RMd2t08.shn
d397427e660fd130bae98049524bd981 *db2002-11-08RMd2t09.shn

89541dd7178693e0708c82877df0311b *db2002-11-08RMd3t01.shn
a59f6adcfae6f3876592eec650a0e01c *db2002-11-08RMd3t02.shn
c268fcaf01d6d67f53e96ddcff22cd8f *db2002-11-08RMd3t03.shn
d1bb48d2ad0e95309492f4a6a2ec9f87 *db2002-11-08RMd3t04.shn
ff5d0a92eec4625bc9089c1f0e11b052 *db2002-11-08RMd3t05.shn
896824e4da698d8c92b77e2e16f5ebcd *db2002-11-08RMd3t06.shn

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