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Phish 11/09/98
UIC Pavilion, Chicago, IL
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Entered by Terry Watts
Checksums FLAC MD5
Disc Counts 2 / 3
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Source Summary flac16, 44kHz; B&K 4011's > Lunatec V2 > Apogee AD-1000 > patchbay > Sony PCM-M1 > DAT(m); DAT(m) > Fostex D5 > Standalone CDR burner > EAC > FLAC; Source by Mark Nutter; Patch Master by Greg Lance; Transfer by Greg Lance 
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11.9.98 UIC Pavilion, Chicago, IL

Taped & Seeded By:(6.04.04)
Greg Lance
[email protected]

Source: (*Gain @ 40db)
OTS/DFC > B&K 4011's >Audio Magic Cables > V2* > A/D 1000 > Patch Bay > M1

Transfer: (I don't have time to retransfer my masters, so I used EAC.)
Fostex D5 > Stand Alone Cdr > EAC > Flac

Disc 1/Set I
01 Llama
02 Horn
03 I Get A Kick Out Of You
04 The Divided Sky
05 Frankie Says
06 Dogs Stole Things
07 Poor Heart
08 Free
10 Bold As Love

Disc 2:IIa
01 Bathtub Gin
03 Avenu Malkenu >
05 The Momadance

Disc 3/Set IIb
01 Slave To The Traffic Light
02 You Enjoy Myself*
03 Frankenstein
04 Freebird

*Trey played the rift divided sky, while the continued YEM

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a6f42bd2e68f294f4c508a10143b859c *ph1998.11.09d1t01.flac
88b82ce1a0eba3529016a240478c11e3 *ph1998.11.09d1t02.flac
8d1bd0c9b0fe2a242b89d272c8a0cc6e *ph1998.11.09d1t03.flac
0f95d86d7d025e6713fefdc73f02062b *ph1998.11.09d1t04.flac
c79d7f8a2ad0dc893f2a60b201304370 *ph1998.11.09d1t05.flac
340f804d62da32adfd2b2f53a7140c5f *ph1998.11.09d1t06.flac
0e13d0157d179cec0d61319492877a6d *ph1998.11.09d1t07.flac
30a21a77b9c69e9f0f31fa92e17122f6 *ph1998.11.09d1t08.flac
c186f3c29bf6577258b6750c6fbb987d *ph1998.11.09d1t10.flac
aadd8433eb7cac3eac5f00bd86d05481 *ph1998.11.09d1t11.flac
9de3789501c72803d4c55022a3bd9f2b *ph1998.11.09d2t01.flac
37bb77e7d0b99d229662107d7b63439a *ph1998.11.09d2t02.flac
910afcad33ca72eb08ee344e71f54dea *ph1998.11.09d2t03.flac
8e2d54638345208f2466ab875948ed6d *ph1998.11.09d2t04.flac
d18d10c710503170454bd408ff3a3d23 *ph1998.11.09d2t05.flac
c56ee0b63e118334ebe8063637a59a54 *ph1998.11.09d3t01.flac
511848dd8023d82582f04759389da446 *ph1998.11.09d3t02.flac
fd4dd9a949865f461fd4170d28843123 *ph1998.11.09d3t03.flac
166ba0f9176f3ceb47b2e9773017f79d *ph1998.11.09d3t04.flac

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