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Grateful Dead 04/04/91
The Omni, Atlanta, GA
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Entered by dr.unclear
Checksums st5 , shn-md5
Disc Counts 2 / 3
Media Size
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Source Summary patched shnID 15548, FOB> AKGc1000s>Sony Cassette D3 > cdr >Eac > cool edit > shntool > cdwav >shnv3 with patch of promised land with cassette master by cdipietro; source of patch: AT835's> D5ProII> master cassette crossfaded with soundforge 7.0 via Tol 
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Grateful Dead
The Omni
Atlanta, GA

FOB> AKGc1000s>Sony Cassette D3 > cdr
Eac > cool edit > shntool > cdwav >shnv3
Taped by Thomas Larson
Discs provided by Chris Adams
Eac >shn (secure with proper offsets) by Ernie Dodd

Disc One
Let the good times roll  
Feel Like a Stranger *    
They Love Each other %
Walkin Blues  #
Ramble On     +    
Memphis Blues
High Time >
Promised Land// ^

Disc Two
Set II
Help on the Way >
Slipknot! >
Franklins Tower >
Estimated Prophet >
He's Gone >   &
Jam>       @
Drums >  

Disc Three
Space >
Miracle >
Standing on the Moon >
Good Lovin

E: U.S. Blues

*  Phil bomb to start
%--TLEO 6:15  anomalie in right channel (RC) resulting in brief reduction
   in sound
#--Walkin Blues
  For all of these times listed, I pasted the left channel
  into the right channel to remove some heavy static which sounded like it
  was caused by a loose cord for the right channel mics. Some of the spans are
  so brief that it is hard to notice. Some are longer, and I debated whether
  the fixes helped. In the end, I felt mono was better than static blips.
  You can still hear static in the RC in some places to get an idea of
  what the blimishes were.
   4:24-4:27 then slight hiss in RC, 4:33, 4:49-4:50,
   4:57-4:58, 4:59-5:01, 5:02, 5:08-5:09, 5:10, 5:50-5:55, 6:15-6:46
+--Ramble on Rose 0:24-0:32, 4:09-4:10  (again, times are LC > RC paste)
^--Promised Land 0:51 (LC > RC paste)   <<1:19 NASTY CUT!!!>>
&--He's Gone 9:23  (LC > RC paste)
@--Jam 0:38 There is a nice jam coming out of He's Gone which has a small
   cut as it starts to pick up. It sounds like they just jump right in
   but there was clearly a little to the jam. They tease the other one a bit.

This is a nice show and sounds good except for the above noted flaws.

Another installment of The Music Never Stopped Project!!

1/03/04 patch of promised land with cassette master by cdipietro
sourced of patch: AT835's>D5ProII>master cassette crossfaded with soundforge 7.0
Show Checksums
162e48648f6d874a27cc38fb27f0655e [shntool] gd91-04-04d1t01.shn
977734b6888ace7c860714f1735a07a0 [shntool] gd91-04-04d1t02.shn
dfccb2d823b5bd1923fdd2ee4cd24f07 [shntool] gd91-04-04d1t03.shn
03efd50f292c38ed72e861735d0edc1f [shntool] gd91-04-04d1t04.shn
a109ada396c1f7fd14cc035fc4db5915 [shntool] gd91-04-04d1t05.shn
f42afd309f9a366f3d2972c75c05fb93 [shntool] gd91-04-04d1t06.shn
263909b41217e20e2c6f485f449b3e55 [shntool] gd91-04-04d1t07.shn
53b3b0cd66e8557b0dcba745dfc7c67f [shntool] gd91-04-04d1t08patch.shn
1e744ec828db96a6c1a29322c9bacaeb [shntool] gd91-04-04d2t01.shn
aec64d31e5f3767adc856e0f1e57636a [shntool] gd91-04-04d2t02.shn
8c577f9f9d24068aa5a6d739e78147b1 [shntool] gd91-04-04d2t03.shn
50f3dfa9e30427846eab72119f1787b2 [shntool] gd91-04-04d2t04.shn
1add463eaab38637f41ebb309ce9cc9d [shntool] gd91-04-04d2t05.shn
e9e7e6b4fb473e17b0de493b0f4d8f9e [shntool] gd91-04-04d2t06.shn
93704f44571ba392389e53b727fe07dd [shntool] gd91-04-04d2t07.shn
191faf41a2e79cad79518d0b79a1bca1 [shntool] gd91-04-04d3t01.shn
117b13f4704bbad052543bf50fe28fef [shntool] gd91-04-04d3t02.shn
446467247b646366f19a863fcffb6010 [shntool] gd91-04-04d3t03.shn
b754a5c3991a58ba7a83dc31509c520c [shntool] gd91-04-04d3t04.shn
e5eb4e6ec00d90b3796d8122bbd1c3b9 [shntool] gd91-04-04d3t05.shn
b0d2988a462e80ea10d8647d2dcc1418 *gd91-04-04d1t01.shn
24243cbbb7a2d8df614425dc574f6fdb *gd91-04-04d1t02.shn
55eb323ec64a234690d75d1e8987125f *gd91-04-04d1t03.shn
6d3c5ba72a1c01d96dec8dd987418827 *gd91-04-04d1t04.shn
31eb1729db2f61048c0545a86cc261a7 *gd91-04-04d1t05.shn
d6c97a701f08cfd0e92b24873b961d7d *gd91-04-04d1t06.shn
2a0ebe97d56dd83f8db172c69183447c *gd91-04-04d1t07.shn
05edd88511ea9e5902efea7eea47148d *gd91-04-04d1t08patch.shn
c5854e4b35170931343c3218c4f9a149 *gd91-04-04d2t01.shn
6aa35bb2ecbb7c906d08fde15bb447fe *gd91-04-04d2t02.shn
8b97de59b64cb6d03b373a30ae822ef8 *gd91-04-04d2t03.shn
d65b3c6ecfbaca83fd7b9663ab48e01f *gd91-04-04d2t04.shn
1492c19183e8ba88c74f146ca97895db *gd91-04-04d2t05.shn
c3d301e9ee7c85056ab4ff56f492a6a9 *gd91-04-04d2t06.shn
385f41c96b4b91ea0373928404ca80ac *gd91-04-04d2t07.shn
0ebc97abe465730604b247ac64d9e049 *gd91-04-04d3t01.shn
72d6179eb4937ccbca67d7dd35669f01 *gd91-04-04d3t02.shn
3bd422f1f2bd5728c4ed097660c1f763 *gd91-04-04d3t03.shn
73b3847c8517d38703a6baf41e33b398 *gd91-04-04d3t04.shn
a0e73e571fb6f74af3153a8f49ed2b22 *gd91-04-04d3t05.shn

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