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Phish 06/19/04
Saratoga Performing Arts Center, Saratoga Springs, NY
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Entered by Matt Vernon
Checksums shn-md5 , st5
Disc Counts 2 / 3
Media Size
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Source Summary Neumann TLM170 (hypercardioid) > V2 > MiniMe > DA-P1 (DFC, OTS); DA-P1 > Prodif Plus > Samplitude > CDWav > mkwACT > SHN; Taped and transferred by Levi Hunt 
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6/19/04 - SPAC, Saratoga Springs, NY

1: Reba, Runaway Jim, NICU > Scents and Subtle Sounds, Wolfman's Brother, Walls of the Cave > David Bowie

2: A Song I Heard the Ocean Sing, Piper > Gotta Jibboo > Limb By Limb, Cavern

E: Wading in the Velvet Sea

Source: Neumann TLM170's(hyper's)> V2> MiniMe> DA-P1
dead center row 2 of tapers section
Conversion: DA-P1> Prodif Plus> Samplitude Profesional> CDWAV> MKW

Taped and Conversion: LEVI HUNT [email protected]

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dd9eee6146ad7f896687aa2944246c3d *ph2004-06-19d1t01.shn
566310ccde63b8f8ecdee8d35b7aff21 *ph2004-06-19d1t02.shn
318d5d3584735225970ce6cbd0965c2e *ph2004-06-19d1t03.shn
ef583572d11b4a7ed173129a9d8d5a07 *ph2004-06-19d1t04.shn
a7f9054cc86decd159d86f11bef43b0c *ph2004-06-19d1t05.shn
a80453223b2976736ccd1c646b4691c4 *ph2004-06-19d1t06.shn
5eed4483b1fb18170cbc6628837fa309 *ph2004-06-19d2t01.shn
0cc449ff543bd0f2c20f53da52114aff *ph2004-06-19d2t02.shn
9e96af3050e3637a98213c55ef9cb246 *ph2004-06-19d2t03.shn
914d5f204f7cc022583cda64a095f8ac *ph2004-06-19d2t04.shn
9670cb48d5a048376b583d2615d828b0 *ph2004-06-19d2t05.shn
d0d8013e4890b3e54b0fa465ff803ca2 *ph2004-06-19d3t01.shn
b8caada4a7d06c458284fecd8c8d8c61 *ph2004-06-19d3t02.shn
f7c8c06d6dc7ae5a3c4482ffd6c79a87 *ph2004-06-19d3t03.shn
ecedc788643a0c890f65b43b5c182fd3 *ph2004-06-19d3t04.shn
6bb6f1268deb0b984ec6db5a136593c4 [shntool] ph2004-06-19d1t01.shn
696cf07373b422f6bab388a5037925c8 [shntool] ph2004-06-19d1t02.shn
e8823cb57dd292d47d2d189f484e39a4 [shntool] ph2004-06-19d1t03.shn
6613504e9bc4df368a01fb38e3799137 [shntool] ph2004-06-19d1t04.shn
b2a0ae8f2ee18fafa7f948bd7b3712bc [shntool] ph2004-06-19d1t05.shn
239053899953a20ed709111e81acbddb [shntool] ph2004-06-19d1t06.shn
31a71853dcd33541bff0ca26b7562c9c [shntool] ph2004-06-19d2t01.shn
666471820c4111ab17cfc685302f8d3b [shntool] ph2004-06-19d2t02.shn
a3ea99ba2573b7765ebebe2bfe16eb78 [shntool] ph2004-06-19d2t03.shn
abe229ee187498c40ecf0fb36dfbe35c [shntool] ph2004-06-19d2t04.shn
44dd7a1b34c47cc661d8d8693757b42b [shntool] ph2004-06-19d2t05.shn
2d4eb01c8f8a463968371f056c7b952e [shntool] ph2004-06-19d3t01.shn
7dd8c39cb39080c9edb8a4eee6caa85a [shntool] ph2004-06-19d3t02.shn
15427cc3f0c7f34b20b5770c65237527 [shntool] ph2004-06-19d3t03.shn
b8c1355806c1f5772cb1460f2c80146e [shntool] ph2004-06-19d3t04.shn

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