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Disco Biscuits 11/04/00
Masquerade, Atlanta, GA
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Source # 24804 Other Sources
Entered by Michael Pederson
Checksums minidiscOrig , minidiscNoExtraChunks
Disc Counts 2 / 3
Media Size
Date Circulated
Date Added
Source Summary minidisc source despite being labelled with misinformation
source[unknown] = AKG480'ck61 > Lunatec V2 > G-P ADC20 > DAP1
transfer[unknown] = DAT > CDWav > SHN 
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The Disco Biscuits
The Masquerade
Atlanta, GA
November 04, 2000

** this is a minidisc source, despite the following misinformation **

digital audience, AKG 480/ck61> Lunatec V2>G-P ADC20>DAP1  (Dat. > CDwav. > Shorten32)

** this is a minidisc source, despite the above misinformation **

Disc 1 set 1
1. Cherub Rock
2. I-Man >
3. Pygmy Twylyte >
4. I-Man >
5. Humuhumunukuapua'a
6. Little Lai
Set 2
7. Bazaar Escape (1)
Disc 2
1. Floes
2. The Very Moon >
3. Munchkin Invasion
4. Little Shimmy in a Conga Line
Disc 3
1. Radiator
2. Confrontation
3. Mindless Dribble > The Big Happy > Mindless Dribble

(1) With Above The Wave's Tease
Show Checksums
25183a37caf704f8673d1da5fad8b490 *db00-04-11 d1t01.shn
98f40fe8cb439cbc3ef5a0e646e908a0 *db00-04-11 d1t02.shn
f8c7fab2ee74120bab3898a33efe22b7 *db00-04-11 d1t03.shn
2c4c312ede1442cb61c2f731a563e477 *db00-04-11 d1t04.shn
91fa24f8b160d9f1b85ce672c5aaaa9c *db00-04-11 d1t05.shn
ac1ee0ca706f4a24bdec52d35408cf18 *db00-04-11 d1t06.shn
df294538c6c39d60d7b5687285816243 *db00-04-11 d1t07.shn

bfcf0a1f2f23d4bebabfc90538f80c80 *db00-04-11 d2t01.shn
e3c84cd0a1557e621618e3e036eb9cb4 *db00-04-11 d2t02.shn
105c8804276bee628fa185a077f4ab38 *db00-04-11 d2t03.shn
eca32e47990bc2e98e9a800f384694b8 *db00-04-11 d2t04.shn

1ca1253d5ec7802d63cc3fc5d9268827 *db00-04-11 d3t01.shn
e218dfff5213a85213e3679060b5859e *db00-04-11 d3t02.shn
75d31aea673589fbb96f9480fcdd8a4b *db00-04-11 d3t03.shn
f8a74cf34e029c99f409835bad099900 *db2000-11-04d1t01.shn
e36690663011db7a1fd718ce122c087a *db2000-11-04d1t02.shn
c2797ded00b62c47571aa21380c170d3 *db2000-11-04d1t03.shn
f90ef2669c292d8744b4cdf383f74856 *db2000-11-04d1t04.shn
7e1feda48072d0b2f4bea9ca785ffbdd *db2000-11-04d1t05.shn
32fc5d946fbfbd8db225e09c3411e890 *db2000-11-04d1t06.shn
6a4bcc6a3427f2027386b1f83c6ff7cf *db2000-11-04d1t07.shn

b1d5b90c45b550adda86f1b875072e09 *db2000-11-04d2t01.shn
d49a935c41ab90c2db22f2b62819cdf0 *db2000-11-04d2t02.shn
4091343e09993367acdeeabf32861bf4 *db2000-11-04d2t03.shn
ccf985fc378a8a6b405fd6d711973a1c *db2000-11-04d2t04.shn

20e7e296f306da722b5c523817f04796 *db2000-11-04d3t01.shn
746eda49bfaf72296e725c29f1b6339f *db2000-11-04d3t02.shn
43f368438463d38b2dca2d90c70663e7 *db2000-11-04d3t03.shn

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Other Sources (comments)
Source: Microtech Gefell... (0) source[NickMichels]... (0)
Date User Comment
06/30/2004 Mike Pederson Source originally circulated with extraneous chunks in every track. These were removed and seek tables were appended for uploading to the LlaMA.
07/09/2004 Mike Pederson The extra chunks were removed but there are still hardcoded gaps of silence. 0.45-0.5 sec of pure silence at the end of each track, and sound slowly spiralling out of silence from the beginning of each track until the music kicks in at 0.0235 seconds, again, each track. I will fix these gaps and reupload.
07/09/2004 Mike Pederson Frequency analysis clearly shows this is a MINIDISC SOURCE, mislabelled as DAT-sourced. Frequency response drops out at about 16kHz.
07/12/2004 mike i have DATs that i got from tim d. (the taper) and i'd be glad to send them to you to transfer. email me at [email protected]