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Grateful Dead 09/04/80
Providence Civic Center, Providence, RI
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Entered by dr.unclear
Checksums shn-md5 , st5
Disc Counts 2 / 2
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Source Summary Recording by Jim Wise: FOB Sony ECM-280s mounted on a stand > Sony TC-D5 > MAC > playback on Nakamichi Dragon (Dolby B decoded) > Sony PCM R-700 (A>D passthrough) > Zefiro ZA2 > WAV > CD (untracked) > EAC > WAV > CD Wave tracking > SHN or CD. Original recording, transfer and CD mastering by Jim Wise. Subsequent tracking and SHN encoding by Sean Cribbs. 
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Grateful Dead
Providence Civic Center
Glens Providence, RI

FOB Sony ECM-280s mounted on a stand > Sony TC-D5 > MAC > playback on Nakamichi Dragon (Dolby B decoded) > Sony PCM R-700 (A>D passthrough) > Zefiro ZA2 > WAV > CD (untracked) > EAC > WAV > CD Wave tracking > SHN or CD.  Original recording, transfer and CD mastering by Jim Wise.  Subsequent tracking and SHN encoding by Sean Cribbs.

Disc 1
Set 1
01 tuning
02 Feel Like A Stranger
03 Peggy-O
04 Cassidy
05 Dire Wolf
06 New Minglewood Blues
07 Althea
08 Looks Like Rain
09 Far From Me
10 China Cat Sunflower >
11 I Know You Rider
Set 2
12 tuning
13 Samson And Delilah
14 Ramble On Rose

Disc 2
01 Supplication Jam >
02 Estimated Prophet >
03 Eyes Of The World >
04 Drums// >
05 //Drums >
06 Space >
07 The Other One >
08 Wharf Rat >
09 Goin' Down The Road Feeling Bad >
10 Good Lovin'
11 U.S. Blues

Show Checksums
cdc9486ce0cdb67a4b6961dbd011e664 *gd1980-09-04d1t01.shn
cd72b0e88c371a90fc0fa3dfa24a36b0 *gd1980-09-04d1t02.shn
c808431cb127db42b3dbefe552e3e89c *gd1980-09-04d1t03.shn
7f0270d6256512c70c1bbb9b5cb895dd *gd1980-09-04d1t04.shn
183da35c3584143b6fd3d05d39dc75b8 *gd1980-09-04d1t05.shn
a985925ed6c0d6e53b48a274c46eb8ab *gd1980-09-04d1t06.shn
bdb6575476a5ffc90187121054fb0346 *gd1980-09-04d1t07.shn
246e015d1c0cc94fc8503dd1365817be *gd1980-09-04d1t08.shn
5e9b0fd469d59d58df6ae3b29accccfb *gd1980-09-04d1t09.shn
a675345e5edf4c6a06a1333f77d9e6b4 *gd1980-09-04d1t10.shn
427e3918040779c6963dbe01c86d68d6 *gd1980-09-04d1t11.shn
6f534da3f25b9eab2d4bfa05d2fc71f7 *gd1980-09-04d1t12.shn
419b8e41f6ac365e9169cfa9e4b73fac *gd1980-09-04d1t13.shn
b0c339405aeb00bcd52ddc85282b3045 *gd1980-09-04d1t14.shn
370ae9cf6c98badf83dd6af1d857e08d *gd1980-09-04d2t01.shn
388c5a4d74f3bb6ce9c52af064e48804 *gd1980-09-04d2t02.shn
f338bc02987ad4b108af005792711400 *gd1980-09-04d2t03.shn
d6ba8b8ef1346e22ba9c929cda0acd5a *gd1980-09-04d2t04.shn
d7c400efd75f69eaa3cce0a7c6842371 *gd1980-09-04d2t05.shn
beb9a0149637bd6de0fe3a3f4a1513b2 *gd1980-09-04d2t06.shn
651ad0c9d9c6e5deab3e67462a9dac2a *gd1980-09-04d2t07.shn
98a9b94ababc8258a6a2feb540686016 *gd1980-09-04d2t08.shn
cd7542e6c7455f2b9f22a41596b39732 *gd1980-09-04d2t09.shn
4522c525988df2c1d8ef04d7b5de34fa *gd1980-09-04d2t10.shn
4609adc1d6e14cfd69433a0013422cab *gd1980-09-04d2t11.shn
e9b517259d978dd7870ff7944b75d459 [shntool] gd1980-09-04d1t01.shn
0a750baecb07339c733507322daf8b18 [shntool] gd1980-09-04d1t02.shn
918dd162f4877fc8f9e6a131b23cb678 [shntool] gd1980-09-04d1t03.shn
47546da5e3cf643cb859526c84e2e5d8 [shntool] gd1980-09-04d1t04.shn
9e6354b227739a945d633b9985df5135 [shntool] gd1980-09-04d1t05.shn
a3d1d34e22da2bb919d401e249b660f8 [shntool] gd1980-09-04d1t06.shn
075eabcb1bb07b6de4ef14906bf59063 [shntool] gd1980-09-04d1t07.shn
3c50bd331b6252cb2c548a1a1336c1b5 [shntool] gd1980-09-04d1t08.shn
a1deeeb966b883cf831549b7513ad1d7 [shntool] gd1980-09-04d1t09.shn
14b87e7138929cc3ce09edba9ac27070 [shntool] gd1980-09-04d1t10.shn
ace28916e396a1a8d931fdfbc0e5a9f0 [shntool] gd1980-09-04d1t11.shn
f28596ce1da0656b7a9678dc7620a154 [shntool] gd1980-09-04d1t12.shn
0575db61fab426726634bce9ac0d2c0f [shntool] gd1980-09-04d1t13.shn
05ec71f7a4f46427fc03858cd49d5507 [shntool] gd1980-09-04d1t14.shn
d2951905c24c3ce9646c331c0647e833 [shntool] gd1980-09-04d2t01.shn
99aa4db3643386ca5ae2546c514b82a1 [shntool] gd1980-09-04d2t02.shn
6dd48aa83336768766c727af84ccfc37 [shntool] gd1980-09-04d2t03.shn
de44501cb574012b070cf0756794def4 [shntool] gd1980-09-04d2t04.shn
d5af30761ace7bc194a597fd1a12131d [shntool] gd1980-09-04d2t05.shn
3a54e3ccde195a9fbad6069c945dee83 [shntool] gd1980-09-04d2t06.shn
99573ba3d84b5802fa7b0718c287f791 [shntool] gd1980-09-04d2t07.shn
945ec2942b7174eb355c633a4d54f0a4 [shntool] gd1980-09-04d2t08.shn
962a3f01a82644ebcf721f9ada504489 [shntool] gd1980-09-04d2t09.shn
6a7284830f99327a914514719c080dce [shntool] gd1980-09-04d2t10.shn
6d552264cb5f7b89ed5d4efcbc980d38 [shntool] gd1980-09-04d2t11.shn

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