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Radiohead 01/23/98
Akasaka Blitz, Tokyo, Japan
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Entered by Ron Broman
Checksums d1 , d1wav , d2 , d2wav
Disc Counts 1 / 2
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Source Summary Source: Sonic Studios (DSM-6S) > Sony TCD-D100 > Clone 1 > Sony PCM-R500 > Sony Pro CDW 33 > CDR > CDwav > Flac Frontend > Flac (500mb) 
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Akasaka Blitz, Tokyo, Japan

Source: Sonic Studios (DSM-6S) > Sony TCD-D100 > Clone 1> Sony PCM-R500
>Sony Pro CDW 33 > CDR > CDwav > Flac Frontend > Flac

### DO NOT Encode to any Lossy, EVER AGAIN, Please ###  

Disc 1
1.) airbag
2.) talk show host
3.) exit music #
4.) climbing up the walls
5.) just
6.) karma police
7.) fake plastic trees
8.) pearly*
9.) killer cars (acoustic)
10.) paranoid android

Disc 2.
1.) lurgee
2.) black star
3.) no surprises
4.) my iron lung
5.) lucky
6.) nude $
7.) subterranean homesick alien
8.) the bends
9.) street spirit

# Small cut in the crowd right before the song. Either the taper turned
  the machine off, or it went through an edit. The song is 100% intact.
$ first performance of Nude/Big Ideas (Don't Get Any)...Acoustic, even!

Transfer, Encoded, & Seeded to /
[email protected]
Art by: Fordspeak
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3fa70f5ce3415932d6d657247395f4f2 *rh1998-01-23d1t01.flac
0927787067ce9ee58d1237ecef474652 *rh1998-01-23d1t02.flac
b47568cda1a483635844ab9a05aef49c *rh1998-01-23d1t03.flac
8ba68acfb8c12e21953399f3fd288ede *rh1998-01-23d1t04.flac
bc06363104b769b6baaf65bdeb91f43d *rh1998-01-23d1t05.flac
0acc3ed8c0bcbbb3bc741363ffa3968f *rh1998-01-23d1t06.flac
86d69fe745e0700a0f18c1a5deaf1eff *rh1998-01-23d1t07.flac
db03fe2431b27f3063140acd7cbf2d2b *rh1998-01-23d1t08.flac
d5ef2bf181c44de096e3824b9c4e139a *rh1998-01-23d1t09.flac
abc4562495daf6d474b6b28fdfb7817d *rh1998-01-23d1t10.flac
ce19a44e4efdbe5dd32089c4d9e8574f *rh1998-01-23d1t01.wav
68eeb20e5ae3c5070fc14512fd1a8833 *rh1998-01-23d1t02.wav
bfe032b65adbb2e9a4aec2fda5e9cca1 *rh1998-01-23d1t03.wav
01d502c8c3c9c77797495f5facde9c69 *rh1998-01-23d1t04.wav
e3d790132b3b7ed9cce99d193d4d9a0a *rh1998-01-23d1t05.wav
4af9dd6d7b11230cb9b859f6cd52fc10 *rh1998-01-23d1t06.wav
c48f2875d57d47ad561404ca32ef99b3 *rh1998-01-23d1t07.wav
b3b2666df9dfcd9d8e255deeda4d39f8 *rh1998-01-23d1t08.wav
cf7e2aa6c4b61669996a7434814b2dff *rh1998-01-23d1t09.wav
478bf2950b75d7119a23d8487d0ce53e *rh1998-01-23d1t10.wav
b4fba7f9f2b2de2595c365aea509d182 *rh1998-01-23d2t01.flac
0e9b9def7db68a8adbae97b68179cbc5 *rh1998-01-23d2t02.flac
905beee96f3f5d8fda4ac17b737ac197 *rh1998-01-23d2t03.flac
ba6e50a3ff8c1dfe8c922f53951dbe7c *rh1998-01-23d2t04.flac
472528fb1d04aa702980965d48c906b9 *rh1998-01-23d2t05.flac
241c7ad5e4745f4ab778097020af7067 *rh1998-01-23d2t06.flac
e04f6b32a836c5cf8efdacb0e773edd0 *rh1998-01-23d2t07.flac
cb0221fbca4fffaaebf35731afeb0acf *rh1998-01-23d2t08.flac
468744228add188d3fc4cc60f5e762a3 *rh1998-01-23d2t09.flac
d2a8ed45872a9832517c43d7e5c3b4f3 *rh1998-01-23d2t01.wav
a34661cfe5c9e1ddccbffc7a3b91c73e *rh1998-01-23d2t02.wav
ab44a3c1af42ae666cba96b93f7edeb4 *rh1998-01-23d2t03.wav
6180163c1cffb6f3179381820e22669c *rh1998-01-23d2t04.wav
3e3420975264f87b81223449596db44d *rh1998-01-23d2t05.wav
9537357d5c1e41bc7f6e1792b44047e3 *rh1998-01-23d2t06.wav
4ad95bd2c87f442d87ce8a5856862a38 *rh1998-01-23d2t07.wav
2a4a35e22602858afe4f2bfde634802a *rh1998-01-23d2t08.wav
e8b03b566dc297ee291e64ee064765cd *rh1998-01-23d2t09.wav

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