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Disco Biscuits 11/17/00
Toad's Place, New Haven, CT
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Entered by Michael Pederson
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Disc Counts 2 / 3
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Source Summary source[NickMichels] = (FOB)Microtech Gefell m200 > Apogee AD1000 > DA-P1
transfer[NickMichels] = TASCAM DA-20MKII > Soundforge4.5 > CDwav > SHN
remaster[ChrisKillian] = WAV > Sound Forge 7.0 > CDwave > SHN 
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The Disco Biscuits
Toads Place
New Haven, CT

Source:  [FOB]Microtech Gefell m200> Apogee AD1000> DA-P1

Transfer:  TASCAM DA-20MKII> Soundforge4.5> CDwav> SHN> *WAV> Sound Forge 7.0> CDwave> SHN*

Taped and Transfered by Nick Michels
*Remastered, retracked, and re-encoded by Chris Killian  

Disc 1
     /Set 1/
01. The Very Moon>
02. Bernstein and Chasnoff
03. Voices Insane>
04. Humuhumunukunukuapua'a>
05. Voices Insane

Disc 2
01. Wet
02. Nughuffer
     /Set 2/
03. Helicopters>
04. Bernstein and Chasnoff>
05. Hope

Disc 3
01. Shem Rah Boo
02. Spaga>
03. Helicopters
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65c21f05ccf2fc3f29daee450a3f3646 *db2000-11-17d1t01.shn
920d04adeb4c76c744d2bed3f3684de7 *db2000-11-17d1t02.shn
6bbe3686cd5bbb2f45a7b1763382c219 *db2000-11-17d1t03.shn
c181ae2c4b215688851c97b7adfec11e *db2000-11-17d1t04.shn
805d28eff9675d89c1ca4819a7d4d347 *db2000-11-17d1t05.shn

076c1ddd73f6c7e539ac4b335c6f7480 *db2000-11-17d2t01.shn
e89014eaae6778bb1ddb05faa7b6e2ae *db2000-11-17d2t02.shn
40851fcb7a0ad0a0aab35e9470852bbb *db2000-11-17d2t03.shn
56727dd7fb2658a334625d1a32b191ca *db2000-11-17d2t04.shn
868e0c9e25d2beeab38a4a7aa65f89f3 *db2000-11-17d2t05.shn

b76f62b1b7a235ac6655a757bf22c1eb *db2000-11-17d3t01.shn
1566efd82af3644fad2ef995c7840ae6 *db2000-11-17d3t02.shn
0d22fac7eff2481ae264ca575a2fa3ab *db2000-11-17d3t03.shn

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