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Grateful Dead 08/??/73
Record Plant, Sausalito, CA
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Entered by dr.unclear
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Source Summary Wake of Flood outtakes; Betty Cantor reels > PCM > DAT > DIO 2448 > SHN; date(s) (including month) uncertain, this is best guess; via Dave F. 
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Grateful Dead - Wake of the Flood outtakes

Source: Betty Cantor reels > PCM > DAT
        DAT > DIO 2448 > SHN

1. Here Comes Sunshine
2. Here Comes Sunshine
3. Let Me Sing Your Blues Away
4. Let it Grow
5. Row Jimmy
6. Eyes of the World
7. WRS Prelude
8. WRS Prelude
9. WRS Part 1
10. Stella Blue
11. Stella Blue
12. Here Comes Sunshine
13. Here Comes Sunshine
14. Let Me Sing Your Blues Away
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82805a8e12f7d9c314366ee84b4da00c *wotf14.shn
3841e50de3683b5d9b79f3358b63371e *wotf02.shn
dab5882b7492a3704967ca141c805e8e *wotf03.shn
8cc4284e134068e8c02b408c10c067cd *wotf04.shn
c691ef91986efda02c3b8c6355e9a0cb *wotf05.shn
3f54e49b807033ba70d17a5b08e9eaee *wotf06.shn
67102795f960945ea9e5e53dedcc9f72 *wotf07.shn
f9ac2392ca149898585fcf54693d29d1 *wotf08.shn
72cce6d918a5d3f11a1fd23c774a3eb3 *wotf09.shn
8cf90a478628bcc8cd933c2b9f226454 *wotf10.shn
0e70568d9e950184f909cc6bd53aef94 *wotf11.shn
b964d3cc7ea57d85e42762ad54117f9a *wotf12.shn
7480f12dd0517aa5281f1d5fbb9629c4 *wotf13.shn
15fd1bd5cee51d48eb5d29994095fb67 *wotf01.shn
7c54426c93dc4e895910e3c081693806 [shntool] wotf01.shn
f3ab35049ee0fcabca4436c006b7ece9 [shntool] wotf02.shn
8f0db78aa67ba4228b12c25fa1c8d55f [shntool] wotf03.shn
3e75b32333391c192f8bff97966835df [shntool] wotf04.shn
32e8a2e0651b0ff85c79811e54e17c9b [shntool] wotf05.shn
3bc313dc15616f94567d3e97ae8251d1 [shntool] wotf06.shn
ca41d0d5b7775be86e4f1b707bde44c3 [shntool] wotf07.shn
18e2671dc4f7b468e16dc888eda762ce [shntool] wotf08.shn
a40ec660d673583bc50bf85392445ba6 [shntool] wotf09.shn
34dbecbce632166ba26ab6cb24d86747 [shntool] wotf10.shn
62dca9cd4acf8b6934d5908bbaac8079 [shntool] wotf11.shn
ad25b704dc1dc9455ac49789c8483241 [shntool] wotf12.shn
d16da924e3127dd603eef4d5fdda533e [shntool] wotf13.shn
a55ba8d27e730697e2c96a364a370a48 [shntool] wotf14.shn

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Date User Comment
01/23/2001 Diana Hamilton I asked around about a date estimate before creating this entry, since I'd seen both 8/73 and 9/73 listed. One correspondent noted they weren't touring in 8/73, but were touring a lot in 9/73. Note the session(s) could still have spanned multiple months.
01/23/2001 Diana Hamilton Here is a useful link. Important note: Flaws may or may not be identical on the etreed copy. More background info is here.
06/08/2002 Hamilton, Greg & Diana This entry stamped gray area at request of the server team.
05/12/2008 jimvanhouten

States The Following:
Recorded at Record Plant, Sausalito, CA, 8/6/73 - 8/15/73