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Medeski Martin & Wood 07/23/00
Vinyl, Los Angeles, CA
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Entered by duggy
Checksums d1shn-md5 , d2shn-md5 , d2+fill-shn-m5
Disc Counts 0 / 2
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Source Summary shn; Neumann KM140 (FOB) > V2 > AD1000 > CD-R > EAC > SHN 
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Medeski Martin & Wood
Vinyl, Los Angeles, CA

Neumann KM140 (FOB) > V2 > AD1000 > CD-R > EAC > SHN

Disc 1:
1. Improv >
2. Improv >
3. "Vinyl Unknown"* >
4. Improv >
5. Improv >
6. Acht O'Clock Rock

Disc 2:
1. Shacklyn Knights >
2. Can't Get What You Want
3. Improv >
4. We Are Rolling >
5. Hey Joe

(filler: 5.3.95)
6. The Lover ->
7. Beeah
8. Caravan

* also played on 4/13/01 sandwiched between Felic & Third Stone From the Sun
Show Checksums
d19315353e0546c526989881a14fed17 *mmw00-07-23d1t05.shn
a13920231c7b18d7d358f1148693dc03 *mmw00-07-23d1t02.shn
b482f8700a9a5ce92107ecb253d70cfc *mmw00-07-23d1t03.shn
d61869cfa863c4434fdf9b10f0639552 *mmw00-07-23d1t04.shn
c5cd06cee39e38d0686ecaec13fb1901 *mmw00-07-23d1t01.shn
e3471069cf86e3d40146ff9a5acd2dd5 *mmw00-07-23d1t06.shn
8dd50f69938936f934584d8721c48b90 *mmw00-07-23d2t03.shn
5de28afff2ca6ebc51fc5e5f8a5f5ccc *mmw00-07-23d2t02.shn
d5dab4705d992b0339e627685910c312 *mmw00-07-23d2t01.shn
993aa8bc362872f53ef33212079a4f00 *mmw00-07-23d2t04.shn
1c248dc750d2e6abb0d659bf2a5b4c23 *mmw00-07-23d2t05.shn
3154230c14e7e1f2354297d6172a3c21 *mmw00-07-23d2t06.shn
5de28afff2ca6ebc51fc5e5f8a5f5ccc *mmw00-07-23d2t02.shn
8dd50f69938936f934584d8721c48b90 *mmw00-07-23d2t03.shn
993aa8bc362872f53ef33212079a4f00 *mmw00-07-23d2t04.shn
1c248dc750d2e6abb0d659bf2a5b4c23 *mmw00-07-23d2t05.shn
d5dab4705d992b0339e627685910c312 *mmw00-07-23d2t01.shn
655873407a096d82946403ea318253ac *mmw00-07-23d2t07.shn
7c5e96b129ec30da117620bd86bd98ff *mmw00-07-23d2t08.shn

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flac16; FOB XY... (2)
Date User Comment
01/29/2003 j howe the md5's need to be updated [d1 is listed twice]

8dd50f69938936f934584d8721c48b90 *mmw00-07-23d2t03.shn
5de28afff2ca6ebc51fc5e5f8a5f5ccc *mmw00-07-23d2t02.shn
d5dab4705d992b0339e627685910c312 *mmw00-07-23d2t01.shn
993aa8bc362872f53ef33212079a4f00 *mmw00-07-23d2t04.shn
1c248dc750d2e6abb0d659bf2a5b4c23 *mmw00-07-23d2t05.shn

is what i have for d2
01/29/2003 Diana Fixed now, thanks! You caught another of my most common db editing errors. :/
11/20/2004 Diana I've now added the d2.md5 version with the filler tracks.
10/14/2005 duggy I've filled in all the ?? in the text file with Improv because I think that's what they are...a couple come close to maybe being tunes, but I think they're just really good Improv....this show is incredible really...but if somebody does recognize any of those Improvs as actual tunes, please post here...
10/29/2005 Mike Vescovo i've edited d1t03 on the text file for this show as it's definitely more than just an improv. they also played this tune in the middle of a felic on the 4/13/01 show as well as during an 11/1999 show if i remember correctly. so if they've played it twice, then it fails the definition of an improv. i've been wondering what this song really is for years now. if anyone can put a title to it, please speak up.
01/17/2010 duggy Minor maintenance to setlist (updates, segues, typos, etc.)

Most significantly is changing d2t02 from Slow Blues For Fuzy's Mama to instead read Can't Get What You Want. My belief is that these are the same tunes, but the Slow Blues title was used circa '96 when David Fiuczynski played with them. MMW have only ever played the song with out Fuze a few times, and it wasn't until the re-release of their first album Notes From The Underground that we knew of this title since this song was a bonus track on that re-release.
12/09/2010 duggy I've noted track the unknown track 3 as "Vinyl Unknown", just to make it easier to track since it was performed on 4/13/2001 as well ... we think; I still want to double check that more closely, but for now I wanted to identify them more easily with a temporary name.

And as my updated note says, the tune was sandwiched between Felic & Third Stone From the Sun on 4/13/2001.

There is also a Nov '99 gig where they may have played this ...