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Wilco 04/21/99
Irving Plaza, New York, NY
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Entered by Tom Wilder
Checksums d1
Disc Counts 2 / 2
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Source Summary Digital Video Pro-Shot Master > VHS (0) > PC > Sony Vegas 5.0 (extract audio) > wav > SHN > CD Wave (tracking) > SHN 
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Irving Plaza    
New York, NY

Digital Video Pro-Shot Master > VHS (0) >  PC >
Sony Vegas 5.0 (extract audio) >  wav > SHN >
CD Wave (tracking) > SHN
thanks JHamm for extraction
Tracked shn file by danlynch 2004-07-23

This show was taped for broadcast on HBO's Reverb, but was
never aired.  This is the entire show from the raw unedited footage,
with audio from the soundboard.

01  I'm Always In Love  
02  Via Chicago  
03  How To Fight Loneliness  
04  Hotel Arizona  
05  Nothing'severgonnastandinmyway(again)  
06  Red Eyed and Blue
07  I Got You (At The End Of The Century)  
08  My Darling  
09  She's A Jar  
10  A Shot In The Arm  
11  We're Just Friends  
12  Hesitating Beauty  
13  Christ For President  
14  Passenger Side  
15  Can't Stand It  
16  Monday  
17  In A Future Age  
18  Summer Teeth  
19  When You Wake Up Feeling Old  
20  Forget The Flowers  
21  Far, Far Away  
22  California Stars
23  ELT  
24  Hoodoo Voodoo  
25  Casino Queen  
26  Outtasite (Outta Mind)
Show Checksums
deb6629be939e6c60a1c3f775042b2c8 *wilco1999-04-21t01.shn
f180a5e4a8a7f74f7c00c9de2a554fe3 *wilco1999-04-21t02.shn
85b621de963e812716d004f54510ec3f *wilco1999-04-21t03.shn
db6ab00c55327a2af786c46b52a887dc *wilco1999-04-21t04.shn
1d69adda09ad72d55512566722215ef5 *wilco1999-04-21t05.shn
eea541ed6af3ac45810a6f2d3e7e0b75 *wilco1999-04-21t06.shn
3b6b09a4c580f8c43aa2c100a67d62f6 *wilco1999-04-21t07.shn
4839d21f762c1b1f5531e31d3387a4a1 *wilco1999-04-21t08.shn
9bdafb34f9bbcaa7db93a925b19f157c *wilco1999-04-21t09.shn
c96e9c4c4ed0821199ff0fcd220ff63c *wilco1999-04-21t10.shn
4413e7a108b4b237bdadb6c86830e0ae *wilco1999-04-21t11.shn
1c0735045bf6608676b1ae7ca65f0013 *wilco1999-04-21t12.shn
4c2ea382e1a2e98ec496bc081d0cb3c7 *wilco1999-04-21t13.shn
7827c217207ac339e92c054c55696272 *wilco1999-04-21t14.shn
6c41f0bebac27edc4784abecb5bef8a5 *wilco1999-04-21t15.shn
b7faaf9141436ef1f55d0ffc776a01f3 *wilco1999-04-21t16.shn
287a219393c60aa73796cf1b27e61cb8 *wilco1999-04-21t17.shn
41d15fe4cb2df32bea2638d13c460bee *wilco1999-04-21t18.shn
f2fe38f83e416926ae900952afee1aef *wilco1999-04-21t19.shn
74f031ce6a063884ecfc108dac620742 *wilco1999-04-21t20.shn
8fb1d8973a6f35e4a567e783e5e4d5a6 *wilco1999-04-21t21.shn
e01a22ec300eacc6856d0b0038f083a4 *wilco1999-04-21t22.shn
a9f95c2ee32660a4aa426329afe60f65 *wilco1999-04-21t23.shn
637ba287be2ec6c2a4db94bf2fb82727 *wilco1999-04-21t24.shn
f9ecc856104b295b08f84118fa7c52e1 *wilco1999-04-21t25.shn
bcc41a77d3407252c71bed3ce2d254d3 *wilco1999-04-21t26.shn

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