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Phish 08/13/04
Newport State Airport, Coventry, VT
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Entered by Matt Vernon
Checksums shn-md5 , st5
Disc Counts 2 / 3
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Source Summary Coventry "From the Archives" #1; FM > DAT; DA-20mkII > Audiowerk2 > Soundforge4.5 > SHN; Transferred by Ian Stone 
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8/13/04 broadcast... from the archives w/ kevin shapiro.

disc 1
tracks 1>9

disc 2
tracks 10>19

radio banter is tracks:
1, 5, 7, 9, 11, 13, 15, 17, 19


Tweezer: 10/21/95
Moma Dance>Free: 6/17/04 Brooklyn
Scarlet>Fire: 12/2/83
Divided Sky: 6/18/94 UIC
Time: 11/2/98 Utah
No Regrets (trampled by lambs...)
Fast Enough For You: 8/17/93
Mound 11/8/96
Jam - early spring 2004 - the barn.
Slave: 11/4/94

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3681e3f93b053dbe567c13d8045b67fc *archives2004-08-13t01.shn
790026111f58b773ac01f1ac16f5bafc *archives2004-08-13t02.shn
fa0f14c6e2ed05386f57442ed98edec3 *archives2004-08-13t03.shn
702861c1393b632795640e730cfb0b3f *archives2004-08-13t04.shn
7dcdb0d5b00b39b2f1f8408240e4e74e *archives2004-08-13t05.shn
2a0ae7bf820839c802947ddac789be7b *archives2004-08-13t06.shn
172382612b27519b9fb3019c99e2f971 *archives2004-08-13t07.shn
3cef51f8ebc0c747117aa1e39b789a51 *archives2004-08-13t08.shn
dbf50589fe7c984a194c276f1159c004 *archives2004-08-13t09.shn
eb7ed94b9e09d38c40cb55be97304a55 *archives2004-08-13t10.shn
abf1a1ec9a537d3ccc6c45b00ddd9202 *archives2004-08-13t11.shn
083bc7d4563fb71f587b83814594b01a *archives2004-08-13t12.shn
0a5e236955db93be2ebaf986d3c2b235 *archives2004-08-13t13.shn
e2c89ad7b2ba0ce307a2884336e795d5 *archives2004-08-13t14.shn
a9e2ea735222464cc3b471199c3d2359 *archives2004-08-13t15.shn
8247528fd94aa427f26f79d8921b0c8b *archives2004-08-13t16.shn
143a97cb27f3a48faad2e870f74e257e *archives2004-08-13t17.shn
af2c7e192273814b2158bc2bdc4e2ffa *archives2004-08-13t18.shn
e97f08958c81168d6217097a8bbf6653 *archives2004-08-13t19.shn
60e3b9fbc66975dc3a981f04559eaa18 [shntool] archives2004-08-13t01.shn
22f3c899fd8007fa01782f33dcda7e54 [shntool] archives2004-08-13t02.shn
b12e4df60a1c01b59fa9914a8d0514be [shntool] archives2004-08-13t03.shn
e123604fb9d565d2f6a866a8fdfde1aa [shntool] archives2004-08-13t04.shn
7744d6918da41651cb4eb39fdb6f0267 [shntool] archives2004-08-13t05.shn
da459c8f110472ecb0536a90f99f77ec [shntool] archives2004-08-13t06.shn
5fc033404c0e9f5293734bb1f08200fc [shntool] archives2004-08-13t07.shn
459854a77686e971560b5d3d3e13bda6 [shntool] archives2004-08-13t08.shn
a4c239c665bcd91f31a6ec7161730a57 [shntool] archives2004-08-13t09.shn
6d4553e6a23f9ba0d47e14fc3ad7aca9 [shntool] archives2004-08-13t10.shn
a3dee093dc27e39b0aded6951c5dfa3f [shntool] archives2004-08-13t11.shn
c9ff3e33d46fb3ad94d7eba92f37dba6 [shntool] archives2004-08-13t12.shn
7fb140f4537696eb9b93c4dc3a60af98 [shntool] archives2004-08-13t13.shn
8d149fc7eaf25ae7f2c88bed995246e1 [shntool] archives2004-08-13t14.shn
8681937069a920b339faf14e8b317b62 [shntool] archives2004-08-13t15.shn
89137b250f9c5e2056602cc97b7a96ea [shntool] archives2004-08-13t16.shn
075fbbebc336f9e7cd470da4eb61f96a [shntool] archives2004-08-13t17.shn
a37304b2c54026de5607228a76048367 [shntool] archives2004-08-13t18.shn
454679cf4e8e35e005e991f109d00ac0 [shntool] archives2004-08-13t19.shn

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Coventry Soundcheck; SBD >... (0) LivePhish FLAC download;... (0)
Date User Comment
12/17/2004 heybatter First song(track 2) should be Tweezer Reprise
04/10/2006 Eric Here is sort of a re-formatted text file to hopefully make the track breakdowns clearer:

Coventry "From The Archives" #1
The Bunny 92.1 FM, with Kevin Shapiro
FM broadcast>Dat

Disc One:

01. "Shapiro/Bunny Introduction"
02. Tweezer Reprise 10/21/95
03. The Moma Dance >
04. Free 6/17/04
05. "No Rush/Keep it cool"
06. Scarlet Begonias > Fire On The Mountain 12/2/83
07. "Sub-sonics are good..."
08. Divided Sky 6/18/94
09. "Be good neighbors..."

Disc Two:

10. Time 11/2/98
11. "To Charlie & The House of Live Phish"
12. No Regrets ("Trampled By Lambs"), Fast Enough For You 8/17/93
13. "Traffic Announcements"
14. Mound 11/8/96
15. "Thanks to the band..."
16. Jam (One To Seven), Spring 2004 @ The Barn
17. "MLB Update"
18. Slave To The Traffic Light 11/4/94
19. "Thanks"