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Phish 08/14/04
Newport State Airport, Coventry, VT
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Entered by Matt Vernon
Checksums shn-md5 , st5
Disc Counts 2 / 3
Media Size
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Source Summary Microtech Gefell m210 (DIN) > V2 > SBM-1 > D8 @48kHz; Tascam DA-20mkII > EgoSys Waveterminal U2A > Samplitude (48>44.1kHz)> CDWav > mkwACT; Taped and transferred by Scott Ratzmann 
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August 14, 2004
Coventry, VT

source: Microtech Gefell m210>V2>sbm-1>[email protected] (centered, directly behind SBD,DIN)
transfer: Tascam DA-20 MKII>EgoSys Waveterminal U2A>Samplitude(48>44.1)>cdwav>MKWact
Taped/Transfered by Scott Ratzmann ([email protected])

notes: I switched dats between set III and the encore, thanks to the guy behind me puking on me, I was late restarting my deck.  2.382 seconds of Hood and some crowd noise were missed. Hood was patched with the livephish source.  I eq'd it, adjusted the levels, and mixed in some crowd noise to try to make it flow a little more smoothly.

Disc One
Set I
1. Walls of the Cave
2. Runaway Jim
3. Gotta Jibboo
4. YEM*
5. Sample in a Jar
6. Axilla I
7. Poor Heart

Disc Two
1. Run Like an Antelope**
2. Fire
Set II
3. AC/DC Bag >
4. 46 Days
5. Halley's Comet >
6. Ya Mar***

Disc Three
1. David Bowie
2. Character Zero
3. Twist >
4. The Wedge

Disc Four
1. Stash
2. Free
3. Guyute

Disc Five
1. Drowned > Jam >
2. Friday
3. Harry Hood****

*Trey gives away the trampolines to the crowd.
**Guest appearance by Tom Marshall.
***Bass solo with interactive clapping.
****Trey and Mike move closer to the audience and play on the rocks in front of the stage.
Show Checksums
3d9477a329adef602f4d3d4c2ef010e4 *ph2004-08-14d01t01.shn
a244fe407df05f99aba274c611906e89 *ph2004-08-14d01t02.shn
084ba369565a4048b3662bd52daf4bcb *ph2004-08-14d01t03.shn
8c74cd3d5675fcd09b728cb4e16789e2 *ph2004-08-14d01t04.shn
07efc159446d81f7bc2be1a315d9cb3a *ph2004-08-14d01t05.shn
0a61fc688d0f7402485557aa790c768a *ph2004-08-14d01t06.shn
7544abe322a960250326b1a6425ed2b8 *ph2004-08-14d01t07.shn
d8904c4821cbbad13f5a41c443ce0835 *ph2004-08-14d02t01.shn
9d971952f25510a11c69ca00bde9822c *ph2004-08-14d02t02.shn
910d8e5946f2b9f64f1d9410d2f3e6ec *ph2004-08-14d02t03.shn
3897e23d25cfb2d78943e0d9144904e7 *ph2004-08-14d02t04.shn
ae17b93badedfc310064073623c403a0 *ph2004-08-14d02t05.shn
cc4c748be56e3599c88739e7cc7054fd *ph2004-08-14d02t06.shn
b54588e0a8ac3e0b7554134d10c8cc71 *ph2004-08-14d03t01.shn
e636679e2ad5d66cd2f540c5297c1627 *ph2004-08-14d03t02.shn
72b093d618b8768b503d8a034fea406d *ph2004-08-14d03t03.shn
3bd523744eee8cf685a756adc89e8d6e *ph2004-08-14d03t04.shn
c42d4fbe960f72311bbab275524bc37e *ph2004-08-14d04t01.shn
f436a699c702d34006926b7905a9faae *ph2004-08-14d04t02.shn
011d47d374f3c1a09e1466d6b19970d2 *ph2004-08-14d04t03.shn
cb176e987b2bfad1ae2becac6bc0cecb *ph2004-08-14d05t01.shn
c82d161ea7e4c37bf099f293d22ae173 *ph2004-08-14d05t02.shn
cd78415746e81108ad937a1ceec410c7 *ph2004-08-14d05t03.shn
290a9dd10f69878224981422a3265226 [shntool] ph2004-08-14d01t01.shn
76af7ce5d31867c205f2233dbe2d6ab3 [shntool] ph2004-08-14d01t02.shn
d863a68a12a1fec2a42ea2f607573191 [shntool] ph2004-08-14d01t03.shn
7f856e11fff2380c9069b18cd9c4535f [shntool] ph2004-08-14d01t04.shn
bd20d15bc99833090800c554cdb1cb66 [shntool] ph2004-08-14d01t05.shn
25484d1f1a08165838c8ac30b842e406 [shntool] ph2004-08-14d01t06.shn
d1e1052b7fa3dc2bdf09ffcbf45352cd [shntool] ph2004-08-14d01t07.shn
9d96b23533e037e27aa524286a4a6095 [shntool] ph2004-08-14d02t01.shn
138dc2c6f97bba2cf8a0bd543381f196 [shntool] ph2004-08-14d02t02.shn
dc5084bab2bae7384d2bc199ebe0d734 [shntool] ph2004-08-14d02t03.shn
6827f465dd208c30c68b74a25a7d84ce [shntool] ph2004-08-14d02t04.shn
213d8a166a068c519f824ceba8a2f2fd [shntool] ph2004-08-14d02t05.shn
73921f2b1ec51882e7239fe59a6b59c3 [shntool] ph2004-08-14d02t06.shn
69668d4802f956abef12f335d508804d [shntool] ph2004-08-14d03t01.shn
e9f857edc098f77e039dde551ddd6c0a [shntool] ph2004-08-14d03t02.shn
7bb6ed1a0282c48bc857901b3d9468d2 [shntool] ph2004-08-14d03t03.shn
7bf97ca2419e4a31c1abad385b91d16c [shntool] ph2004-08-14d03t04.shn
1c02464141e795615b13075dbee16f01 [shntool] ph2004-08-14d04t01.shn
bd061ab8f5ec47c0ae12696909a54a69 [shntool] ph2004-08-14d04t02.shn
9790afa4ec3757dcc06fed67b086f469 [shntool] ph2004-08-14d04t03.shn
de374e307375747979b41cdb47328733 [shntool] ph2004-08-14d05t01.shn
87680d6480c0867c81c668618d05d50f [shntool] ph2004-08-14d05t02.shn
0b486c5668d2963495127027392d53ec [shntool] ph2004-08-14d05t03.shn

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