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Medeski Martin & Wood 11/09/96
The Intersection, Grand Rapids, MI
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Entered by Hamilton, Greg & Diana
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Disc Counts 2 / 2
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Source Summary AKG C1000?s > D7, Recorded by Joe Perona 
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The Intersection
Grand Rapids, MI

Disc 1 ? set 1:
1) Jam
2) Last Chance to Dance Trance (Perhaps)
3) Macha
4) Wiggly?s Way
5) Crosstown Traffic
End of set 2:
6) Chubb sub
7) Is There Anybody Here That Love My Jesus?

Disc 2 ? set 2:
1) Beeah
2) Think
3) Night Marchers
4) Jelly Belly
5) Lifeblood
6) Dracula
7) Bubblehouse
8) Chinoiserie

Source:  AKG C1000?s > D7

Recorded & uploaded to by Joe Perona ([email protected])

Comments:  This was a great little bar gig.  Like many bar gigs, the PA system had some
shortcomings.  The little clicks that occur in this recording during some of the loud parts is
the PA clipping, not the DAT.  Nothing too annoying really, & a great show!
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53552490f0640f37727218d5813692a2 *mmw1996-11-09d2t8.shn
de7e977f283a6d5f1b5cbbe93992fd3f *mmw1996-11-09d2t7.shn
f9385f2bdead1d397a91b6b5c2b2c254 *mmw1996-11-09d2t6.shn
be25e468b40cfe7eb15d591bdb43d2dc *mmw1996-11-09d2t5.shn
f461632d1412a0fa17362ec0a923b222 *mmw1996-11-09d2t4.shn
538bfeb7a219a8dd9d241204afb46cc9 *mmw1996-11-09d2t3.shn
ebdea1c0a5f5be672ac7d1ae30fed71f *mmw1996-11-09d2t2.shn
dc3ecb635b285c4bbeefba9c6e365464 *mmw1996-11-09d2t1.shn
f207782420eb7ed930c79d37f838bccb *mmw1996-11-09d1t7.shn
7ed0a47889745259ee9d5c2804147cd2 *mmw1996-11-09d1t6.shn
a959932de86ee575022b7966f2f17e87 *mmw1996-11-09d1t5.shn
d99f3dac53cc67f18a980b9a18c19eef *mmw1996-11-09d1t1.shn
0fcba14c53a9444345b5733b7f7bd225 *mmw1996-11-09d1t4.shn
b6df39c05c0d8b4aa668742b72a469a9 *mmw1996-11-09d1t3.shn
2a1a2ce29adfeb02fe789109c2ae4f91 *mmw1996-11-09d1t2.shn

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